The Nintendo Switch is sold out all over the place, making prices more expensive than usual

If there’s one thing that can keep people entertained during quarantine, it’s video games.

Nintendo Switch

You may have noticed that Nintendo Switch pricing seems to be significantly higher than normal. It’s been like this for a while and may continue for the foreseeable future.

So, why is Nintendo Switch so expensive right now?

The short answer is that there is little to no supply available for US retailers. This is causing the supply that is available to be marked up, mostly by third-party sellers or resellers. Nintendo of America is aware of the shortage and has stated that ‘there is more supply on the way’. The vagueness of this answer is a bit frustrating as it doesn’t state how long this supply shortage will last.

The long answer:

With COVID-19 impacting nearly every industry around the world, shipping and supply chains have been hit particularly hard. Fact of the matter is, the retail stock of the Nintendo Switch is practically nonexistent right now, and there’s no word as to when they may be restocked. That being the case, getting your hands on a Switch right now would cost you a whole lot more than usual. Naturally, you’d be hard-pressed to find some recent Switch releases, like Doom Eternal or the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

It’s becoming very difficult to find a Nintendo Switch at is normal retail price, that being $300. The situation is the same across nearly every channel, which includes eBay, Amazon and Best Buy. The Nintendo Switch Lite, which has a retail price of $200, is not quite as rare as the regular model, but it is still sold out on Amazon, so it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows if you were willing to settle for a Lite.

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Nintendo of America is fully aware of the supply shortage, and they are hoping to rectify the situation as soon as possible. Of course, it’s almost impossible to really say when that may be.

A Nintendo spokesperson provided comment to Hollywood Reporter saying,  “Nintendo Switch hardware is selling out at various retail locations in the U.S., but more systems are on the way. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

If you absolutely need a Switch, you can still find them online, but with the situation being so dire, you will be paying exorbitant prices. The cheapest Switch you can find on Amazon right now is more than $400, and the cheapest Lite is $230. Those won’t be able to be shipped for weeks. If you were to pay for either model to be delivered ASAP, you would have to pay approximately $480 or $299 respectively.

The situation on eBay is almost identical. There are plenty of used Switch consoles on sale there, but most of them are being sold at retail prices. And if you wanted to get a brand-new Switch from eBay, expect to pay $400 or $250 for a Lite.

Making matters worse is the fact that no one has any idea when this stock situation will get better. With the COVID-19 outbreak actually worsening in some countries, shipping and supply concerns could get much worse before they get better, which means it could be a pretty long time before Switches hit the shelves at local retail stores at a normal price.

Frankly, if you don’t have a Switch right now, you’re probably better off doing without until the situation calms down and returns to normal, even if that might be awhile. After all, paying upwards of $150 extra for a new Switch is kind of ridiculous. Unless you have plenty of disposable income to throw around and literally no other way to entertain yourself, we’d recommend steering clear of a Switch in the current market.

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