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TheDealExperts product reviews are our top picks on various consumer goods including the best of the best in appliances, electronics, home decor and more. See our top reviews and buying guides below.

Best Instant Pots: Duo Plus 80, DuoNova60, LUX60, Duo60 & Ultra 60

Everyone has to eat, right? Eating out is expensive and traditional cooking is time consuming. With Instant Pot, cooking time decreases, recipe variety increases and happiness (plus a full stomach) ensues. Sounds pretty good, I know. For those that are unaware, Instant Pot is a brand, as well as a product. They produce electronic multicookers that offer anywhere between six to ten different functions. Among the most common uses for these products are as a Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer and Yogurt Maker. While these are the most frequently seen, it is just the top of the iceberg for the variety of cooking an Instant Pot can handle. All-in-all, Instant Pot combines the two main steps of putting food on the table, preparation and cooking, into a single step using the same kitchen appliance.

Best High-Quality, Cheap Gaming Keyboards to Take Your Gaming to the Next Level

Gaming computers: often touted as the superior way to play video games, bar none. There’s no denying that a computer designed for gaming can achieve better graphics, framerates, control and responsiveness than any other gaming platform. But despite all of these noteworthy advantages, there is one major drawback to a gaming PC compared to a console of any other nature: there’s a lot more required to help it reach its full potential.

Best Kerosene Space Heaters for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Today, we’re taking an in-depth look at what makes a good kerosene space heater, why kerosene is a great alternative to central heat systems and what you need to know to make a purchase that will serve all of your needs. Most traditional kerosene heaters rely on a literal wick being lit at the center of the apparatus. The wick is mounted above the kerosene tank and when lit, burns the gas and turns it into heat. On each heater, there is a means of adjusting the height of the wick which controls output burning more kerosene and increasing heat output, or moving the wick in the opposite direction with contrasting effects. When you are done using the heater, the flame can be extinguished by fully retracting the wick into a chamber, which in a loose comparison is similar to placing a top on a candle to extinguish its flame. In part because of better technology, stronger kerosene space heaters do not rely on an open flame, but instead use electricity and convection to safely burn kerosene and other gases to provide heat. Instead of raising and lowering a flame, these advanced heaters have interfaces, sometimes digital, that easily allow users to control their space heater. A kerosene space heater is a mobile and affordable heating option. As anyone who lives in a cold climate knows, heating can get expensive in the winter. With a kerosene space heater, you are able to heat just a single room, rather than paying to heat an entire house at all times. Additionally, since the heater is mobile, output is concentrated in a small area meaning you’ll feel the effects almost immediately.

Reviews of the Best Affordable, CARB-Compliant WEN Generators for Sale

WEN generators tend to be some of the more affordable generators available. Finding the right WEN generator for you shouldn't be a pain in the neck. That's why we put together this guide on the best WEN generators including information on price, features, where to buy and power. In this guide, you'll find reviews of the best WEN generators. Our focus when choosing the top WEN generators was on 5 points: price, power, environmental standard compliance, portability and features. Here are the best WEN generators: 1. Best Value for the Money: WEN 56203i Super Quiet Ultra Lightweight 2000 Watt Portable Inverter CARB Compliant Generator w/Fuel Shut Off 2. Best for Camping: WEN 56200i 2000 Watt Gas-Powered Portable Inverter CARB-Compliant Generator 3. Best for RVs: WEN 56380i Super Quiet 3800 Watt Portable Inverter Electric Start Generator with Fuel Shut-Off 4. Best Dual Fuel: WEN DF475T 4750 Watt Dual-Fuel 120V / 240V Portable Electric Start CARB Compliant Generator - Transfer Switch Ready 5. Best for Home Backup: WEN 56475 4750 Watt Portable Electric Start Generator with Wheel Kit 6. Lowest Price: WEN 56155 1550 Watt 4-Stroke 98cc Portable Power CARB Compliant Generator Scroll down for reviews of each.

Best Air Vent Filters for Dust, Allergens & Insects

Allergens, dust, mold, and insects can be tough but air vent filters can help!  Air vent filters are the last stop protection for cleaner air in your home.  Air vent filters can promote cleaner air by stopping pet hair, dust, mold, dander, allergens, and can even protect an older home against insect invasion.  

Best Carpet Cleaner Shampoo Solutions Available Right Now

Spills and messes happen all the time and saving the integrity and beauty of your carpet in your home depends on how you deal with the mess or spill and which cleaning product you choose. That is why the versatility and multifaceted use of a carpet cleaner is the best value for your money.

Best Over-Ear & In-Ear Wired Headphones

Gone are days of gramophones and record players projecting music for all to hear. Since leaving these antiquated instruments in the dust, we as a collective society have underwent a rapid and drastic transformation in the way we consume music over the last 30 or so years. From cassettes, to Walkman’s, to CD players, to iPods and now our cell phones, the one consistent with these devices are the use of headphones. Headphones have become as essential to one’s daily wardrobe as a watch or belt. For some, headphones are part of their identity, for others, the music that they are able to hear anywhere they go provides the ability to focus, pass time, or escape. Besides these marvelous benefits, the one that is most commonly overlooked is that when the earbuds are in, it acts as the international indicator for “don’t bother me”—regardless of whether music is playing or not.

Best Corded & Cordless Electric Drills for Home Use

How many of us have a tool box with nothing useful in it? Far too many, I’m sure. For those of you that do not frequent hardware stores, or even the home improvement section of Amazon, I’m happy to let you know that the power tools of today are affordable, intuitive and safe. The specific tool that we’re here to talk about today is the power drill. While it is not a jack of all trades, it is an essential contributor to nearly any building project that goes on in and around the home. I take definitions from Wikipedia, there’s no denying it. They provide information accurately and concisely. If you’re looking up information on an obscure political event or a once-famous person, you may want to check other sources, but for something like a power tool, it’s pretty safe. So, by definition, “a drill is a tool primarily used for making round holes or driving fasteners. It is fitted with a bit, either a drill or driver, depending on application, secured by a chuck. Drills vary widely in speed, power, and size.”

Best Coffee Machines with Grinder

Kids take their vitamins. Adults take their coffee. You don’t ever age out of needing essential nutrients and vitamins, but you certainly age into coffee being a necessity to function. As Americans, we thrive on convenience. As hard as you try to convince yourself (and validate your ways), the most cost and time effective way to get your morning caffeine fix is by brewing a pot in your home. When you buy a coffee maker that includes a grinder, you’re putting two appliances into one. Not only does it provide two critical functions for fresh coffee consumption, but it conserves counterspace, something we can never get enough of. When your coffee maker and grinder are one, freshly ground coffee beans are always on the table. Other than being able to tell your coworkers you only drink the freshest coffee, there are plenty of other benefits. The most important is taste. While there is nothing wrong with buying pre-ground coffee, grinding it right before it goes into your mug lets you channel every bit of flavor and oil into what you’re drinking.

Best Conair Hair Dryers Available Right Now

A hairdryer, or blow dryer, is a device that produces cold or hot air and is designed to dry human hair, and in doing so, help to style said hair. While hair dryers provide temporary styling, the effects are just that, temporary, as the hydrogen bonds created by using a dryer on damp hair are broken once they come into contact with humidity or water—i.e. showering, swimming, etc.

Best Organic Soy & Beeswax, All-Natural, Non-Toxic Candles

Burning candles around your home can be a wonderful way to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere once you are home from work after a long day or just coming back from a big event on the weekend. But if being environmentally conscious is important to you, then burning candles that use artificial ingredients for the wax and the wick may not be worth it.

Best Sony PlayStation Headsets

Not all headphones are built the same (especially for gaming). You’ve got your basic gas station headphones that make it so you don’t have to use your TV’s speakers when playing video games. The next step up is your Skullcandy’s and Apple iPhone headphones. These are the first tier of headphones where you’ll have a microphone to communicate and an easy solution for the casual gamer. When you want to take your gaming to the next level, you get a pair of PlayStaion gaming headphones, headsets made specifically for PlayStation gamers.

Best Plastic Cereal Storage Containers

On the hunt for cereal containers so you don’t have to keep a bunch of different sized cereal boxes in your pantry? Then you have come to the right place. With many options available on today’s market, it can get a bit overwhelming to decide on a high-quality item. Especially when you are shopping online, there are so many options that are just a click away, you could be in option overload. 

Best Indoor Safe Propane Heaters + 1 Top Outdoor Pick – Mr. Heater, Dyna-Glo...

If you’re looking for easy and affordable heating, a propane space heater could be the perfect solution. With several different types, some for indoors, others for outdoors, there is sure to be a propane heater that fits all of your needs. By taking a look at a few different options and providing some education on the topic, we hope that we can help you find the heater for you.

Best Baby Strollers for Sale Right Now

Are you looking for a new baby stroller? Not sure which stroller best suits your needs and situation? We've reviewed the best strollers out there and have posted the results here. Take a look at the Stroller Buying Guide below as well. Merriam-Webster tells us that a stroller is “a small carriage with four wheels that a baby or small child can ride in while someone pushes it.” Well, we know that their definition is loosely correct, any parent will tell you that a stroller is so much more than that. It can make or break a vacation, it can make your life miserable or it can improve your quality of life dramatically.

Best Antminers for Sale & Where To Buy Them

With the introduction of cryptocurrencies into the market of today, there has been a huge boom in the demand for devices such as the Bitcoin miner. The problem arises for the newcomers in this field, as they are unaware of the best deals on these Antminers and where to buy them from.

Best Gas Chainsaws to Tackle the Toughest Jobs

Are you looking for the best gas-powered chainsaw? Unsure where to start looking? We've reviewed all of the best options out there and reviewed the top picks below. For additional guidance, please see our chainsaw buying guide below.

Best Home Air Purifier Systems for Allergies Smoke & Pets

Do you spend more time indoors than you do outdoors? Probably—and because of this, you need to be conscious of the air you are breathing, air which you can control the quality of. With a bevy of potential pollutants such as dust, pet dander, smoke (fireplace or personal use), cooking emissions, mold, pollen and plenty of others, the air in your home can be more harmful than you think. Digging deeper, these hidden horrors stay in your home, trapped by windows, walls and general stagnation. Thanks to modern technology and increased awareness of what’s happening in the environment around us, a market for air purification has developed. While at first glance, everything might seem fantastic with every air purifier, it is buyer beware as not all systems have the same, or even adequate capabilities.

Best Ceiling Fan Light Kits – Hunter, Harbor Breeze and More

As the weather is getting hotter and no one wants to pay to have an air conditioning unit installed, let alone the thousands that a central air conditioning system costs, why not try the customizable designs that so many ceiling fans offer. Ceiling fans are part of your home that add beauty as well as function and can even save you money in the long run when compared to air conditioning units or even when used with them to spread the cool air throughout your house. A ceiling fan is definitely something that can be done yourself and do-it-yourselfers will need to weigh the different designs and functions of the ceiling fan kits that are available to make sure that the air circulation and size are appropriate for their home project.

Best Gaming Headsets – Wired, Wireless, with Mic and More

Gaming: the longer it exists, the more hardware you need to fully enjoy it and everything it has to offer. You need consoles, the games themselves, controllers, charging stations, and of course, headphones. There’s no game that sounds better without headphones than it does with them, so finding a pair with awesome audio fidelity is something nearly every gamer wants to do at some point, mostly when they’re willing to splurge a little bit.