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Perky-Pet 1.5 lb. Red Metal Tube Wild Bird Feeder

The customer feedback on the bird feeder shows a mix of opinions and experiences. Some customers found the feeder attractive, easy to fill and clean, and it held a good amount of seed. However, other customers found the feeder to be problematic in terms of attracting birds, cleaning, and maintenance.

Perky-Pet Diamond Wine Top-Fill Glass Hummingbird Feeder

The Perky-Pet 9102-1SR Purple Diamond Wine Top Fill Glass Hummingbird Feeder has received mixed reviews from its customers. Some customers love the feeder and think it's the best one they've ever purchased, while others think it could be improved with a few modifications.

Perky-Pet C00322 Red Cardinal Wild Bird Feeder

The Perky-Pet c00322 Cardinal Bird Feeder has been receiving mixed reviews from customers. Some customers have reported that the birds love the feeder, and it attracted birds right away. They found it suitable for small and large birds, with one reviewer mentioning that they filled it with sunflower seed with no spillage on the ground.

Perky-Pet 50178 Hanging Tray Bird Feeder

The Perky-Pet 50178 Hanging Tray Bird Feeder is a well-loved bird feeder that has received positive feedback from customers. One of its key features is its mesh bottom that allows seeds to dry quickly after rain or dew, reducing seed loss. This has made it a popular choice for bird enthusiasts.

Perky-Pet 3261 Sierra Wild Bird and Finch Feeder

The Perky-Pet 3261 Sierra Wild Bird and Finch Feeder is an affordable and easy-to-use bird feeder that can last several seasons before breaking or wearing out. However, it may not be the best choice for everyone due to its small capacity and difficulty to clean.
Perky Pet 385 2 Navy 2 in 1 Tube Wild Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet 385-2 Navy 2-in-1 Tube Wild Bird Feeder

The Perky-Pet 385-2 Navy 2-in-1 Tube Wild Bird Feeder is a mixed bag when it comes to customer feedback. Some customers love it, others are less than impressed.
Perky Pet 325C 2 Tier Copper Panorama Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet 325C 2-Tier Copper Panorama Bird Feeder

The Perky-Pet 325C 2-Tier Copper Panorama Bird Feeder is a popular choice for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers. The feeder is designed with a 360-degree view to make it easy for the user to monitor and fill with food, and is made with a beautiful brushed copper color that adds to its aesthetic appeal.
Perky Pet 312B Sparkle Panorama Feeder

Perky-Pet 312B Blue Sparkle Panorama Bird Feeder

The Perky-Pet 312B Blue Sparkle Panorama Bird Feeder is a solid and functional bird feeder that is well received by customers. It has a blue enamel paint finish that adds to its aesthetic appeal and helps to prevent rust. The circular perch around the perimeter provides a place for birds to stand while eating and protects them from the wind. The cylinder continuously feeds the tray and the roof protects the seed from rain and squirrels.

Perky-Pet 203CPBN Pinch Waist Glass Hummingbird Feeder

The Perky-Pet 203CPBN Pinch Waist Glass Hummingbird Feeder is a popular choice among hummingbird enthusiasts. The clear glass jar and built-in ant moat make it an attractive option for those looking for a functional and aesthetically pleasing feeder.

Used Generators for Sale – Find The Best Deal

Electricity revolutionized civilization. No longer was humanity dependent on water and steam to power its industry. The darkness of the world no longer needed to be kept at bay with greasy oils, dangerous gases, and the puny light of candles. So much of the digital age is based around electricity that it can be difficult to understand a world without such power. Of course, it took time for humanity to understand and harness the power of electricity. What started as an idle curiosity swelled into an age of advancements, developments, and revolutionary industry that provided the foundations for modern society and civilization itself. Of course, electricity is not merely harnessed from lightening. It must be created, stored, and transported. All of this has become an industry into self, and, municipal sources being somewhat unreliable in certain areas, sometimes it pays to have a backup handy.

5 Things to Consider When Shopping for an Air Vent Filter

If you're like most homeowners, you probably don't think too much about your air vent filters. However, if you're looking to improve your home's air...

7 Types of Air (Vent) Filters – What Each One Does & What It’s...

There are a variety of air vent filters available on the market and choosing the right one for your home can be a bit confusing. See below for some clarity on which filter is best. Most Common Types of Air Vent Filters for your Home We’ve put together a list of the most common types of HVAC & furnace vent filters as well as some filters made for air purifiers so help you make an informed decision when replacing your current air filters.

How to Replace Supply & Return Air Vent Filters in Your Home HVAC System

Replacing air vent filter is not difficult and most replacements can be done with no tools by just unlatching the vent. Some vent types do require you to unscrew the vent using a screwdriver or wrench. When replacing your air vent filters, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure you know the size of your air vent filter. You can usually find this information on the side of the filter itself. Second, make sure you buy the right type of air vent filter for your system. There are a variety of air filters on the market, so it's important to choose one that is compatible with your HVAC system. Third, when you replace the air vent filter, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. This will help to ensure that the air quality in your home is not compromised.

Best Instant Pots: Duo Plus 80, DuoNova60, LUX60, Duo60 & Ultra 60

Everyone has to eat, right? Eating out is expensive and traditional cooking is time consuming. With Instant Pot, cooking time decreases, recipe variety increases and happiness (plus a full stomach) ensues. Sounds pretty good, I know. For those that are unaware, Instant Pot is a brand, as well as a product. They produce electronic multicookers that offer anywhere between six to ten different functions. Among the most common uses for these products are as a Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer and Yogurt Maker. While these are the most frequently seen, it is just the top of the iceberg for the variety of cooking an Instant Pot can handle. All-in-all, Instant Pot combines the two main steps of putting food on the table, preparation and cooking, into a single step using the same kitchen appliance.

Best High-Quality, Cheap Gaming Keyboards to Take Your Gaming to the Next Level

Gaming computers: often touted as the superior way to play video games, bar none. There’s no denying that a computer designed for gaming can achieve better graphics, framerates, control and responsiveness than any other gaming platform. But despite all of these noteworthy advantages, there is one major drawback to a gaming PC compared to a console of any other nature: there’s a lot more required to help it reach its full potential.

Best Kerosene Space Heaters for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Today, we’re taking an in-depth look at what makes a good kerosene space heater, why kerosene is a great alternative to central heat systems and what you need to know to make a purchase that will serve all of your needs. Most traditional kerosene heaters rely on a literal wick being lit at the center of the apparatus. The wick is mounted above the kerosene tank and when lit, burns the gas and turns it into heat. On each heater, there is a means of adjusting the height of the wick which controls output burning more kerosene and increasing heat output, or moving the wick in the opposite direction with contrasting effects. When you are done using the heater, the flame can be extinguished by fully retracting the wick into a chamber, which in a loose comparison is similar to placing a top on a candle to extinguish its flame. In part because of better technology, stronger kerosene space heaters do not rely on an open flame, but instead use electricity and convection to safely burn kerosene and other gases to provide heat. Instead of raising and lowering a flame, these advanced heaters have interfaces, sometimes digital, that easily allow users to control their space heater. A kerosene space heater is a mobile and affordable heating option. As anyone who lives in a cold climate knows, heating can get expensive in the winter. With a kerosene space heater, you are able to heat just a single room, rather than paying to heat an entire house at all times. Additionally, since the heater is mobile, output is concentrated in a small area meaning you’ll feel the effects almost immediately.

Are WEN Generators Any Good? Reviews on Wen Generators for Sale

WEN generators tend to be some of the more affordable generators available. Finding the right WEN generator for you shouldn't be a pain in the neck. That's why we put together this guide on the best WEN generators including information on price, features, where to buy and power. In this guide, you'll find reviews of the best WEN generators. Our focus when choosing the top WEN generators was on 5 points: price, power, environmental standard compliance, portability and features. Here are the best WEN generators: 1. Best Value for the Money: WEN 56203i Super Quiet Ultra Lightweight 2000 Watt Portable Inverter CARB Compliant Generator w/Fuel Shut Off 2. Best for Camping: WEN 56200i 2000 Watt Gas-Powered Portable Inverter CARB-Compliant Generator 3. Best for RVs: WEN 56380i Super Quiet 3800 Watt Portable Inverter Electric Start Generator with Fuel Shut-Off 4. Best Dual Fuel: WEN DF475T 4750 Watt Dual-Fuel 120V / 240V Portable Electric Start CARB Compliant Generator - Transfer Switch Ready 5. Best for Home Backup: WEN 56475 4750 Watt Portable Electric Start Generator with Wheel Kit 6. Lowest Price: WEN 56155 1550 Watt 4-Stroke 98cc Portable Power CARB Compliant Generator Scroll down for reviews of each.

Best Air Vent Covers & Filters for Dust, Allergens & Insects

Allergens, dust, mold, and insects can be tough but air vent filters can help!  Air vent filters are the last stop protection for cleaner air in your home.  Air vent filters can promote cleaner air by stopping pet hair, dust, mold, dander, allergens, and can even protect an older home against insect invasion.  

Best Carpet Cleaner Shampoo Solutions Available Right Now

Spills and messes happen all the time and saving the integrity and beauty of your carpet in your home depends on how you deal with the mess or spill and which cleaning product you choose. That is why the versatility and multifaceted use of a carpet cleaner is the best value for your money.

Best Over-Ear & In-Ear Wired Headphones

Gone are days of gramophones and record players projecting music for all to hear. Since leaving these antiquated instruments in the dust, we as a collective society have underwent a rapid and drastic transformation in the way we consume music over the last 30 or so years. From cassettes, to Walkman’s, to CD players, to iPods and now our cell phones, the one consistent with these devices are the use of headphones. Headphones have become as essential to one’s daily wardrobe as a watch or belt. For some, headphones are part of their identity, for others, the music that they are able to hear anywhere they go provides the ability to focus, pass time, or escape. Besides these marvelous benefits, the one that is most commonly overlooked is that when the earbuds are in, it acts as the international indicator for “don’t bother me”—regardless of whether music is playing or not.