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New Nintendo Switch Model, Designated OLED, Coming Soon

Nintendo recently announced that they will be releasing the Nintendo Switch OLED model, a new version of the Switch we all know and love. This new hardware revision will include a larger screen, an ethernet port, 64 gigabits of storage, and improved audio performance. The launch date for this new OLED Switch is set for October 8th which is also the release date for Metroid: Dread. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that there will be a Metroid-themed model, but that also doesn’t mean it isn’t a possibility...

Nintendo Switch Update 11.0.0 Adds Many New Features

Update 11.0.0 for the Nintendo Switch is here, and with it come a great many notable additions that change some of the ways the Switch is used, or at least what it can offer as far as user comfort and convenience is concerned. The most notable of these changes is the addition of a Nintendo Switch Online hub on the main page of home, but that’s far from the only thing worth mentioning. Don’t worry, we’ll cover all of it here. Switch Online Hub Button The new “Nintendo Switch Online” hub button appears on the home screen right next to the News tab. Its purpose is to essentially put all of the services offered by Nintendo Switch Online into one place for easy access. This includes a pretty big list of things, including smartphone apps, online games, current tournaments, an archive of NES and SNES titles arranged by year, your save data in the cloud, and member offers. Needless to say, it’s mostly there to improve convenience for all players. Cloud Data Furthermore, Cloud data will now be automatically downloaded on multiple systems if they are all attached to the same account. While this isn’t a huge deal for anyone that is only playing with one Switch, for those who are perhaps using a Switch and a Switch Lite together, the ability to have their saves immediately shared between both devices will probably be a huge boon for them.

Apex Legends For The Nintendo Switch Has Been Delayed Until 2021

Electronic Arts has recently provided the gaming community with updates regarding Apex Legends for both the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, confirming for us when the game will launch on both platforms. Unfortunately, it’s not all good news for people awaiting the release. But, it’s not all bad either. As of right now, Apex Legends will still become available for PC via Steam on November 4th. Origin players, in particular, will be able to switch back and forth between Origin and Steam, with their progression being kept between the two platforms.

The Nintendo Switch Lite Is In Stock Once Again At Particular Stores

If you’ve been keeping up with the Nintendo Switch situation, then you probably know that finding one over the past few months has been quite an ordeal. With the pandemic going on, people starting staying home far more than they were used to, and the boredom of such a thing set in quite quickly. Just like that, folks were looking for new ways to entertain themselves, and so the Nintendo Switch became absurdly popular very quickly. In no time at all, it was almost impossible to find the console at any storefront, and the ones you could find online were generally sold at exorbitant prices.

Nintendo Switch Is Still Rare, But The Lite Has Been Restocked To Some Extent

It’s not news at this point: the Nintendo Switch and its handheld-only variant, the Lite, have been running out of stock in physical retailers across the country. With everyone being contained to their homes these past few weeks, the console has been in high demand. Increased demand for this $300 console and its cousin is understandable, but lots of people have been unable to get their hands on one considering just how high that demand is.

The Coronavirus Has Cancelled Switch Shipments In Japan

Nintendo just recently halted all shipments of both the Switch and Switch Lite in Japan. According to a report from Nikkei, they just can’t keep up with the demand for the console, which is steadily growing due to the Coronavirus and the fact that everyone is staying home to play games. Of course, COVID-19 is also making it much more difficult to manufacture Switches, so the core of the problem lies there.

Four new Nintendo Switch games have been released

Without much of an announcement at all, four brand new games have been added to the Nintendo Switch eShop. The again, Nintendo’s Direct Mini presentation was also a surprise, so it is two for two. Within the many announcements put forward by that presentation is the aforementioned four games that you can buy right this very second, if so inclined.

The Nintendo Switch is sold out all over the place, making prices more expensive...

With COVID-19 impacting nearly every industry around the world, shipping and supply chains have been hit particularly hard. Fact of the matter is, the retail stock of the Nintendo Switch is practically nonexistent right now, and there’s no word as to when they may be restocked. That being the case, getting your hands on a Switch right now would cost you a whole lot more than usual. Naturally, you’d be hard-pressed to find some recent Switch releases, like Doom Eternal or the new Animal Crossing.

Overwatch 2 will be Coming to the Nintendo Switch

The sequel to the immensely popular shooter Overwatch was announced much earlier this year at the BlizzCon Expo, so we as gamers have known about it for quite some time. We’ve learned a good bit of information about it, such as the intent to add a single player campaign mode to the game, a major deviation to it’s almost entirely PvP multiplayer focus.

Nintendo Switch Sales Surpasses 15 Million Units

The console that was introduced in 2017 has hit another sales milestone, surpassing 15 million units in North America alone since its release, according to NPD group, which tracks video game sales. Nintendo Switch has even hit a bigger success: being the top selling console for 10 consecutive months.

Microsoft States that it has no Plans to Introduce more Xbox Exclusive Titles to...

It came as a major surprise when Nintendo thanked Microsoft for allowing Cuphead, originally an Xbox Exclusive, to be made available on the Switch. As you may imagine, major companies usually don’t let their exclusive titles appear on their competitor’s platforms, but Microsoft even announced that they would even publish Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition on the Nintendo Switch as well. We’ve known for a while that Microsoft and Nintendo were aiming to promote cross-platform play together, but this was unexpected. Unfortunately, it seems that we won’t see any other Xbox exclusive titles coming to other platforms in the foreseeable future. We know this due to a statement made by a Microsoft spokesperson.

Our Top Picks of New Games to be Released on Switch This Week

There’s a lot of good games in general coming out this week, and for most platforms, but Switch owners are undoubtedly getting it the best this time around. From a remastered release of Castle Crashers to the remae of Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, there’s lots of great titles to get invested in from September 15th to September 21st. Here are some of those games, along with a few others that are releasing on different platforms.

The First Three Games in the Dragon Quest Series will soon be on the...

For fans of the ever popular Dragon Quest series, there’s good new to be had, provided you own a Nintendo Switch. Of course there’s the release of Dragon Quest 11 to look forward to later this month, but we aren’t referring to that alone. Square Enix has announced that the first three games in the series will also be released on Nintendo Switch on September 27th. The three of them will be sold individually on the Nintendo eShop, though it’s unclear if they will also get a physical copy release at some point.

Two More Assassin’s Creed Games may be Coming to the Switch

While it still feels a little odd for a Nintendo gaming platform to have some not very kid-friendly titles made available for it, it’s pretty clear at this point that we can expect it to become the norm. After all, now that Bulletstorm of all games is getting a Switch release, is there anything too uncouth for the Nintendo Switch? Either way, there was a brief listing on The Console Club recently, which offered a preorder for an Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, and Assassin’s Creed: Rogue Bundle. The bundle was listed for the rough equivalent of about $42.00, but it has been removed since then.

New Games will no Longer be Added to Nintendo Switch Online Each Month

Nintendo has just recently made a pretty significant announcement: Super Nintendo games will now be added to the classic library of Nintendo Switch Online at no additional cost, as opposed to the current $20 USD a year. At the same time as this announcement, a lot of Super Nintendo games were added to the library, about 20 total. This brought the total number of NES and SNES titles available on the Switch to more than 60.

A New Switch Update Fixes Many Bugs While Adding A Few Features As Well

Version 9.0 of Nintendo Switch firmware is now out, as of September 9th. With it comes many tweaks, bug fixes, and changes, as well as a few minor features. Most of these are just small improvements, so nothing too incredible, but they do ultimately make everything a little better. Version 9.0 has introduced a new search feature for the News Channel, a QR Code option to sign into your Nintendo Account, as well as new touch screen sensitivity settings. The update also includes the ability to stop the Switch from recognizing inputs from the console buttons, with the exception of the Home and Capture buttons. However, that last bit is only relevant to the Switch Lite.

You Can Get A Full Year Of Nintendo Switch Online Free

Nintendo Switch Online includes all sorts of nice benefits, and those benefits got even better lately with the recent update to their retro games library. Now there are over 60 NES and SNES games available with Nintendo Switch Online, including popular classics like Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Super Mario World. Certainly not bad old school games to revisit at any rate. Normally you’d have to pay $20 USD for a full year of Nintendo Switch Online, which is, quite frankly, very affordable. That said, even though $20 USD is cheap, you know what’s even cheaper? Free. If you have Amazon Prime right now, you can get a full year of Nintendo Switch Online for Free.

The Free NES August Games for Nintendo Switch are Approaching, and One of them...

The Nintendo Switch Online service offers many free games to its players, often once a month. These titles are usually NES, giving players a retro throwback to the old days of gaming. The new NES titles coming to the service on August 21st promise to be good, as one of them is quite rare; it’s never officially been re-released prior to now.

Nintendo Switch Mini Rumors Swirl

The highly successful Nintendo Switch system may be getting a less expensive counterpart as hinted by NintendoLife, yet the rumors have not been officially verified by Nintendo. The system, which has posted $958 million in profits, bolstered Nintendo’s overall profits by 500 percent.