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TheDealExperts retail news category contains news articles discussing breaking and trending news about the largest retail shopping destinations. This includes deal news about retailer brands. Ensure you don’t miss out on deal news by checking back for new articles daily.

Apple Provides Details On Their Plan To Safely Reopen Their Physical Retail Stores

This week, at least 25 physical retail stores for Apple will be reopened. Head of Retail, Deidre O’Brien, released a letter on the company’s website, which covers the details of how Apple plans to safely reopen their stores. Back in March, Apple closed down all of its physical stores outside of those in Greater China. Most Chinese stores have reopened already, though Apple is still in the process of laying out their plan for opening others in other areas.

Are We About To See A Food Shortage In The United States?

Crude oil is cheaper than most items on a McDonald’s dollar menu. Airlines are flying empty planes in order to maintain hanger privileges. And now people are starting to realize that hoarding toilet paper may not have been such a good idea since the stores keep managing to stock shelves on a daily basis. However, as we hit month two of a nation under lockdown, we as a nation might soon begin to encounter the true impact of this pandemic as supply lines and providers worry of a potential food shortage coming to a neighborhood near you in the near future.

The cruel action some Instacart customers are guilty of

During this pandemic, thousands of stories of Americans coming together to help one another, to be an example of goodness and good citizenship, going out of their way to perform extreme acts of kindness, have made the newscycle a little more lighthearted in the midst of all this fear and anxiety. However, some of our neighbors may be part of a large series of unethical behavior that is leaving essential employees stuck with enough work being lied to and abused.

The Coronavirus Has Cancelled Switch Shipments In Japan

Nintendo just recently halted all shipments of both the Switch and Switch Lite in Japan. According to a report from Nikkei, they just can’t keep up with the demand for the console, which is steadily growing due to the Coronavirus and the fact that everyone is staying home to play games. Of course, COVID-19 is also making it much more difficult to manufacture Switches, so the core of the problem lies there.

What’s going on with Facebook and hand sanitizer ads?

Among the recent trends of facemasks, people hoarding toilet paper, and the social distancing we’ve all had to embrace as of late, one thing you may have noticed online are the strange amount of advertisements for hand sanitizer, or maybe the lack of them appearing on the most popular social media platform in the world- Facebook.

GameStop Will Close More Than 300 Stores In 2020

GameStop has claimed that it will close down more than 300 stores this year. However, the game retailer made sure to note that this has nothing to do with COVID-19: this plan was in motion before the pandemic. This announcement was made by Chief Financial Officer Jim Bell during the most recent fiscal earnings call.

The Nintendo Switch is sold out all over the place, making prices more expensive...

With COVID-19 impacting nearly every industry around the world, shipping and supply chains have been hit particularly hard. Fact of the matter is, the retail stock of the Nintendo Switch is practically nonexistent right now, and there’s no word as to when they may be restocked. That being the case, getting your hands on a Switch right now would cost you a whole lot more than usual. Naturally, you’d be hard-pressed to find some recent Switch releases, like Doom Eternal or the new Animal Crossing.

Toilet Paper, Clorox and Purell: Here’s how you might still be able to still...

Having trouble finding home essentials like toilet paper or hand sanitizer or cleansing wipes? Have you found it online but are not willing to pay the ridiculous asking prices? Here's what you should do.

How badly is the Coronavirus affecting retail and the market as a whole?

The World Health Organization called it a global pandemic, China isn’t being very open about where it may have actually came from, and to make matters so much worse, media spins and stock market dumps have everyone wondering whether the effects of the Coronavirus will have deep, long term effects on the global market in general (especially since China is the global hub of most of the world’s manufacturing).
Pier 1’s Bankruptcy Makes Way For an Unclear Future

Pier 1’s Bankruptcy Makes Way For an Unclear Future

Bankruptcy is never fun, but filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy for a company is a different type of financial and emotional strain, one that the retail chain Pier 1 is about to learn all too well. On February 17th, it became official that Pier 1, a home furnishing retailer with it’s headquarters located in Fort Worth, Texas, issued a press release to Business Insider that they will be “pursuing a ‘orderly sale process’ by filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.”

Can simple protective masks protect you from the Coronavirus?

With the recent health crisis originating in Wuhan, China, now spreading across the world as a global health epidemic has been declared by the World Health Organization (WHO), residents in the United States are taking extra precautions to avoid catching this deadly virus. One immediate outcome as a result of Coronavirus hysteria has been stores throughout the nation reporting that they are running out of simple protective masks.

Starbucks Opens New Roastery in Chicago

The Starbucks Roastery Reserve will feature an assortment of Starbucks Reserve specialty coffee, boutique Milanses Princi bakery and Arriviamo Bar that features coffee cocktails. Additionally the reserve will pay tribute to Chicago artists and feature locally inspired cocktails available for purchase. This is the sixth reserve roastery the company has opened with other locations in Seattle, Shanghai, Milan, New York and Tokyo.

Walmart Adds Siri Shortcut To Online Grocery Shopping App

Now, shoppers can create a voice order to add items to their cart through Siri. The Siri Shortcut for Online Grocery allows customers with iOS devices to ask digital voice assistant Siri to add items to their cart by saying “Add to Walmart.” The new feature works for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, HomePod or CarPlay.

Walmart Allows Alcoholic Beverage Grocery Pickup

Walmart, the Bentonville, Arkansas-based grocery chain announced online that customers could choose from a variety of wine and beers — in accordance with state and local regulations — and pick them up with no hassle.

Target Rolls Out New Rewards Program

In February of this year, Target Circle was launched in six pilot markets - Dallas, Charlotte, Denver, Indianapolis, Kansas City and Phoenix. Now, the company is spreading the savings nationwide. The company rolled out its new program Oct. 6, offering incentives to provide help to local nonprofits nationwide.

Forever 21 files for bankruptcy, announces plans to close more than 350 locations

After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy at the end of September, clothing store Forever 21 announced its plans to close more than 350 location Oct. 31. The Los Angeles-based retailer, founded in 1984, had some financial woes before it filed for bankruptcy.

Nintendo Switch Sales Surpasses 15 Million Units

The console that was introduced in 2017 has hit another sales milestone, surpassing 15 million units in North America alone since its release, according to NPD group, which tracks video game sales. Nintendo Switch has even hit a bigger success: being the top selling console for 10 consecutive months.

Whole Foods Market Experts Predict 2020 Top 10 Food Trends

After Amazon acquired Whole Foods, the company has been promoting its products and services as well as deals available through Amazon Prime. Recently, Amazon got Whole Foods Market experts to predict some new food trends coming up for the new decade. The experts include a range of Whole Foods team members, buyers for Whole Foods, and others. As the world moves into 2020, here’s some of the food trends Whole Foods predicts will take hold of consumers.

Walgreens, Kroger Stop Sales of Vapes

On Oct. 7, Walmart and Kroger announced that they would no longer sell e-cigarette products. Recent concerns over vaping come after the CDC linked approximately 1,299 cases of lung injury associated with e-cigarette or vaping products in the U.S. Additionally, the CDC found that 26 deaths occurred across 21 states with patients reporting a history of using e-cigarettes or vaping products.

GameStop Retailer will Close Down 200 Stores Soon

It seems that GameStop will soon go the way of Blockbuster: no one needs physical copies of their entertainment anymore. Digital purchases and downloads are simply more convenient and more efficient. GameStop has a slight advantage in the fact that they sell things you do need physical copies of, like controllers and consoles themselves. But there’s no denying that video games were the main source of income for GameStop, and they just aren’t making that money like they used to.