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Sony PS5

Sony Will Apparently Reveal The Launch Titles For PS5 ‘Soon’

‘Soon’ is a word not many gamers like to hear. What is soon anyway? A week? A month? Corporations always seem to be as vague as possible when using this word, but at least it is better than getting no indication at all. It was during a corporate strategy meeting that Sony stated they would be revealing the lineup of games for the PS5 ‘soon.’
Video Game Sales

The United States has Hit a New Quarterly Record for Video Game Sales

With just $10.9 billion spent on video games in the first quarter of 2020, the United States has hit a brand-new record for quarterly video game sales. This new record is 9% higher than it was last year, which is a pretty significant increase. That quarter covered January to March, with the current quarter ending on June 30th. It is very likely that video game spending will be up even higher this quarter.
Microsoft XBOX E3 Digital Event

Xbox Launches Monthly Event For 2020 To Compensate For E3’s Cancellation

With E3 being one of, if not the biggest game show every year, it was a huge letdown to learn that it was going to be canceled for 2020. Of course, with the whole COVID-19 outbreak, it was absolutely the right call, unfortunate though it may have been. Of course, E3 was a big chance for Microsoft to showcase all the new Xbox related goodies, so in the absence of that opportunity, they’ve settled on digital events, similar to Nintendo Direct videos. They’re calling this video series Xbox 20/20. These monthly videos will lead up to the holidays, when the Xbox Series X is to release.
XBOX Game Pass May

New Games Being Added To Xbox Game Pass For The Month Of May

Game Pass is constantly adding new games to its repertoire, though some get removed every once in a while. As for May though, Game Pass is getting a pretty solid number of games added to the list, with both Red Dead Redemption 2 and DayZ already available.

Xbox Games With Gold For May 2020 Have Been Revealed

Microsoft has recently revealed the four games that Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be able get for free in the month of May. Like months before it, the titles are pretty heavily focused on sports and racing, but there are two RPG titles as well. As always, the four titles are split between two Xbox One titles and two Xbox 360 titles. The first of these many games will be available on May 1st, though they will not all become available at the same time.
Nintendo Switch Sold Out

Nintendo Switch Is Still Rare, But The Lite Has Been Restocked To Some Extent

It’s not news at this point: the Nintendo Switch and its handheld-only variant, the Lite, have been running out of stock in physical retailers across the country. With everyone being contained to their homes these past few weeks, the console has been in high demand. Increased demand for this $300 console and its cousin is understandable, but lots of people have been unable to get their hands on one considering just how high that demand is.
Playstation 4 PS4 Games

Another PS4 Sale Offers Excellent Discounts On Major Franchises, Such As Resident Evil And...

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to worsen: it really seems like we’ll be stuck in quarantine for several more weeks, which isn’t too welcome. That said, social distancing and confinement is a perfect time to need more new games to play, and thanks to another great sale on the PS4, new games are available for those who don’t have them, and at pretty good prices. The discounts are mostly for games developed by Japanese companies, such as Dark Souls, Megaman, Final Fantasy and much more.
Uncharted Movie

The Uncharted Movie Has Been Delayed Once More, This Time Until 2021

Unfortunately, Sony Pictures has confirmed that the live action Uncharted movie has been delayed yet again, getting pushed back a whole three months from its December 2020 release date. Naturally, that means we won’t be seeing it until 2021, which is undoubtedly a crushing blow for Uncharted fans. The release date has been pushed all the way back until March 5th of 2021, which is just another mark on the record of a movie that has been fluttering in and out of development since as early as 2008.
XCOM Chimera Squad Game

XCOM Is Getting A Spin-Off Title, And It Is Coming Soon At A Great...

Fans of the legendary XCOM series have gone quite some time since the last major content for the franchise, the War of the Chosen expansion for XCOM 2, which is several years old. And yet, the Firaxis franchise is very suddenly getting a spin-off title. What is even more surprising is that it is right around the corner.
Stadia Games

Stadia Is Getting 3 More Games

Considering that Stadia’s greatest weakness is the relative lack of games available to it, it’s always good news to hear that it will be getting a few more. That said, Stadia will be getting three more games added to its arsenal soon enough, those three games being Republique, West of Loathing, and Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. These three games will add an extra title to the line art comedy, sci-fi stealth, and 2D platformer genres. Even better, these three games are all spoken about in relatively high regard.
Cyberpunk 2077 Video Game

Cyberpunk 2077 will get at least 2 DLC Expansions, both of which will be...

It has been confirmed that Cyberpunk 2077 will get DLC expansions after it launches, and naturally, they will be quite large. Moreover, one of them will be a multiplayer mode. It was during a recent investor call regarding the most recent financial quarter that CD Projekt President Adam Kiciński revealed additional details about all of this DLC, including how long it may be and its announcement window.

The Last Of Us 2 Has Been Delayed Indefinitely Due To The Coronavirus

As one would probably expect by now, yet another video game title has been delayed due to the massive worldwide outbreak of the Coronavirus. This time, Sony has pushed back the release date of the highly anticipated The Last of Us 2. The bad news is that no new release date has been set, meaning this delay has pushed back the debut of the title indefinitely. Sony’s explanation for this delay is that the Coronavirus would prevent “the launch that the players deserve.”
Nintendo Switch Deliveries Cancelled

The Coronavirus Has Cancelled Switch Shipments In Japan

Nintendo just recently halted all shipments of both the Switch and Switch Lite in Japan. According to a report from Nikkei, they just can’t keep up with the demand for the console, which is steadily growing due to the Coronavirus and the fact that everyone is staying home to play games. Of course, COVID-19 is also making it much more difficult to manufacture Switches, so the core of the problem lies there.
Nintendo Switch Game Sale

Lots of Games are on Sale for the Nintendo Switch Right Now

The world might reeling, but some things never change: spring is the time of video game sales, and the Nintendo Switch is no exception. GameStop is having a sale for both new and used games for the console, including many first-party titles like Breath of the Wild and Splatoon 2. Third-party titles like Octopath Traveler and Civilization VI are available as well. Nearly all titles are $39.99 at the most, and a vast number of them are even cheaper.
A Saints Row 3 Remastered

A Saints Row 3 Remaster has been Announced

Technically the last decade is over, but it was a good ten years for game remakes, reboots and remasters. 2020 has been going pretty poorly thus far, but that doesn’t mean there’s no good news to be had. In fact, the much-beloved open-world crime and comedy adventure Saints Row 3 is getting a remaster for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Seeing as how it has been nine years since the game’s release, an upgrade in graphics is a welcome one.
Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic wins race to win ‘best opening ever’ for a video game film

The Sonic the Hedgehog film began with controversy over the design of the character, delays also hit its marketing, and now critics and audience reviews are mixed at best. However, there is one big achievement the team behind this speedy film can claim loudly and boldly- according to CNN Business, this mighty Sega movie has now achieved the status of holding the best opening weekend record for a video game film, ever!
Sony Playstation 5

Sony says the PS5 Release Date shouldn’t be Affected by the Coronavirus

With seemingly everything society cares about being affected by the Coronavirus, it’s nice to hear that someone is confident their investments won’t be. According to Sony, the COVID-19 pandemic won’t affect the release date of the PS5: or rather, it shouldn’t, at any rate. Sony still expects the console to launch during 2020’s holiday season.
Nintendo Mario Bros

For Super Mario Bros 35th Anniversary, Nintendo is Allegedly Planning Mario Game Remasters

In order to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros, Nintendo is allegedly planning a number of things, one of which is the plan to “re-release most of Super Mario’s 35 year back catalogue.” In other words, they may be looking to remaster a whole lot of old Mario games, something that should be welcome news to the franchise’s many fans. Reports of a new Paper Mario game coming to the Switch in 2020 has also been confirmed, though exact details on that are pretty scarce.
GameStop Store

GameStop Will Close More Than 300 Stores In 2020

GameStop has claimed that it will close down more than 300 stores this year. However, the game retailer made sure to note that this has nothing to do with COVID-19: this plan was in motion before the pandemic. This announcement was made by Chief Financial Officer Jim Bell during the most recent fiscal earnings call.
The Call Of Duty Remastered Game

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Allegedly Launches Tomorrow

It was only recently that a leak tipped society off to the upcoming release of the Modern Warfare 2 Remastered title, and yet Eurogamer announced that the listing for the PlayStation 4 is accurate, and despite that listing being removed, the Remastered campaign for the game is launching on March 31st: that’s tomorrow, of course.