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Netflix and CD Projekt Red Have Revealed the WitcherCon Schedule

On July 9, we will be getting the first-ever all virtual Witcher event, and while it is still some ways off, Netflix has gone ahead and provided expectant fans with a breakdown of sorts regarding the virtual show’s schedule. WitcherCon will be streaming on both YouTube and Twitch via Netflix’s channels at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET, to be hosted by television presenter Julia Hardy...

Disney Has Created A “Working” Star Wars Lightsaber

Since the day after Star Wars shook the world and changed cinema forever, enthusiasts and scientists alike have pondered what it would be like to own a real lightsaber. Sure, the plastic, telescopic light up version you can find in the toy section are one thing, but they fall short in many ways. Apart from those, you’ve got the expensive metal replicas that, while pretty cool, are often beyond the casual fan’s financial means. Even scientists forayed into the topic of creating a real lightsaber. Considering how popular Star Wars is and how iconic lightsabers are, it’s always been disappointing that they were purely fantasy.

The New Ghostbusters Movie and the Uncharted Movie Have Both Been Delayed

Delays are hardly anything new right now, considering that the pandemic that still holds its grip over the world has forced many forms of media to be delayed from their initial release date. Unfortunately, we’re not quite out of the woods yet, and so even more films have been delayed: this time, it’s both Ghostbusters: Afterlife and Uncharted movie that’s been in development since before 2020.

According to Kevin Feige, Streaming Is The Future Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Don’t worry about the headline to this article: there are still a ton of MCU movies in our future. Even so, it seems that those movies are actually secondary in Marvel’s bug upcoming plans, as much of the focus right now is actually on the rather high number of Marvel shows slated for Disney+, of which the first will be WandaVision coming next month. Marvel Boss Kevin Feige has spoken about the future of Marvel and its big plans for streaming.

Marvel Announces Another Disney+ Show, Called Marvel Studios Legends

The recent Disney Investor Day has confirmed that there's quite a large and noteworthy variety of Marvel shows planned to debut on Disney+ over the course of the next few years. However, apparently not every show actually made the cut for the presentation, as Marvel has revealed that a show titled Marvel Studio: Legends will premiere on Disney+ next month. This show was not mentioned at all during Disney Investor Day, though we’re not sure why.

James Bond: No Time To Die Has Been Delayed To 2021

Well, what’s new? It probably comes as no great surprise considering how many movies have suffered the same fate even since COVID-19 hit the country, but yet another upcoming cinema release has been delayed to a later debut. This time, it’s James Bond: No Time to Die.

Upcoming Marvel Movies, Including Black Widow, Suffer More Debut Delays

Likely due to the climate of the world at large, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has suffered even more setbacks: most notably the Black Widow film, which will now not be in theaters until 2021. This is probably also thanks to the fact that many movie theaters across the globe are still closed, leading Disney to do quite a bit of radical schedule restructuring.

Resident Evil Is Getting A TV Series On Netflix

The Resident Evil Franchise is mostly known for its video games, but it has dabbled in television and movies from time to time. However, most of them weren’t extremely popular. Fans have a pretty polarized view of the movies even if they sold decently over time, but either way, it seems that Netflix is going to give it another shot, green lighting a Resident Evil show that has a director from Breaking Bad attached to it.

The Movie Tenet Has Been Indefinitely Delayed Due To Covid-19

If there’s one thing that has been very commonplace since COVID-19 came into play, it is the constant delay or cancellation of media: be it games, TV shows or movies. Unfortunately, no movie is spared from this reality, regardless of the anticipation for them or the director that is behind them. That’s why yet another movie has been delayed, and not just for a brief time either.

M. Night Shyamalan’s New Movie Gets A Release Date And Actors

Let’s be honest: you either think M. Night is a genius or a total screwup. Probably depends on which of his movies you have seen. Generally, people tend to like The Sixth Sense. Without fail everyone despises The Last Airbender (Movie? What Movie?). Either way, it’s been a while since the notorious director has put a movie out, and whether you are expecting it or dreading it, that movie isn’t all that far off now. A bit more information about it has come to light, though it’s admittedly not that much.

Marvel’s “New Mutants” fans will finally get to see the unlucky film

If there ever was a film beaten to a bloody pulp by studio acquisitions, feuding directors, and a constant trampling of repeated delays, reshoots,...

The Florida Theme Parks of Universal Studios Orlando will Open on June 5th

According to a press release, it seems that all three parks on the property, which includes the titular Universal Studios, the Volcano Bay Water Park and Islands of Adventure will be open on June 5th. However, while they will all be open, there’s no specific details on which restaurants, attractions and rides within those parks will be open to the public.

It’s Official: Bob Dylan Has Canceled His U.S. Tour

As if the entertainment industry hasn’t been hit enough, now music fans of the legendary Bob Dylan are now hit with another disappointment since the singer has decided to cancel his American tour due to the roaming threat of COVID-19. In a report from The Washington Times’ Andrew Blake, “Bob Dylan called off his upcoming U.S. tour on Tuesday, making the legendary musician among the latest major artists to cancel shows because of the coronavirus pandemic.”

Will Movie Theaters Open Back Up In Georgia Amid Political Arm Wrestling?

Just this past week, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp issued a statement that his state would slowly start allowing non-essential businesses to begin opening their doors and servicing customers again while the rest of the nation stands timid as tax payers struggle between choosing what is currently worse- the health scare or the economic crisis? While many industries have suffered, very few have been hit as hard as movie theaters, who would jump at the first opportunity to open up especially with the governor’s blessing.

What Should Movie Theaters Look Like After The Pandemic?

There is one thing I can promise you that is going to happen after this pandemic, and you don’t even need to trust me to know its true, just trust history; industries that were struggling before this situation will have businesses die, or have businesses thrive like never before. Americans want to go out and do things again, they will want to travel by train and by air, there will be cruises to schedule, and if you’re like me- you’re looking forward to getting to go back to your local movie theater.

The Uncharted Movie Has Been Delayed Once More, This Time Until 2021

Unfortunately, Sony Pictures has confirmed that the live action Uncharted movie has been delayed yet again, getting pushed back a whole three months from its December 2020 release date. Naturally, that means we won’t be seeing it until 2021, which is undoubtedly a crushing blow for Uncharted fans. The release date has been pushed all the way back until March 5th of 2021, which is just another mark on the record of a movie that has been fluttering in and out of development since as early as 2008.

Will Disney Plus Win the Streaming Wars?

If any silver linings have come out of this global pandemic, its the sudden increase in attention and innovation put towards high-speed internet, telecommunication capabilities, (with products such as Zoom winning new customers over for commercial and personal use), and new and improved streaming services ranging from Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. However, like in all things, there is always a leading frontrunner, and Disney Plus seems keen to take that notorious streaming wars throne.

A Robin Hood Remake Is On The Way, According To Disney

Disney has been on a remake kick lately, feeling the need to redo just about every movie they produced in the past. There’s something to be said about a lack of creativity in rehashing things that have already been done, and while one may argue that remakes bring the content to a new generation, you could also argue that the new generation should just watch the originals.

The New Mortal Kombat Animated Movie Is Out Of This World

Fans have waited years for a new feature containing their favorite video game characters, and now the new traile​r for Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s...

Sonic wins race to win ‘best opening ever’ for a video game film

The Sonic the Hedgehog film began with controversy over the design of the character, delays also hit its marketing, and now critics and audience reviews are mixed at best. However, there is one big achievement the team behind this speedy film can claim loudly and boldly- according to CNN Business, this mighty Sega movie has now achieved the status of holding the best opening weekend record for a video game film, ever!