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Netflix creates $100 million fund to support hourly workers during production shutdowns

If you still needed any evidence that proved the Coronavirus is out to ruin good entertainment, consider the fact that Netflix has gone out of its way to create a $100 million fund to support all of the people that are out of work, thanks to the virus shutting down film and TV production across the board.
Black Widow Movie

The Coronavirus Epidemic has Delayed the Black Widow Movie

Coronavirus is everywhere in the news, mostly in regards to how many things are being cancelled or limited because of it. Unfortunately, that list of affected things just keeps on growing, as it turns out that even Marvel’s Black Widow movie has been delayed due to the virus, and it won’t be coming out in May.
Is DC Comics Doomed with Co-Publisher Dan DiDio Out

Is DC Comics Doomed with Co-Publisher Dan DiDio Out?

The comic book community is facing an infinite crisis of its own as the future of DC Comics hangs in the balance before our eyes. This all has to do with recent internal schisms and drastic business changes within the DC Comics publishing team, as well as their parent company AT&T. The concern is with whether or not the old school comic book publisher will be able to push out quality, profitable comics, especially since longtime publisher Dan DiDio has been confirmed to have officially left DC Comics.
What are the most anticipated films coming out in March?

What are the most anticipated films coming out in March?

Bloodshot on March 13, Onward on March 6, A Quiet Place: Part II on March 20 and Mulan on March 27. See overview, trailer and more.
Tom Holland at the World premiere of 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' held at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, USA on June 28, 2017. - Credit: Shutterstock

Has Tom Holland left Instagram for good?

The Instagram community and social media users at-large joined in a collective freakout when it appeared that the popular Spider-Man actor Tom Holland disappeared from Instagram, with no trace of his account to be found on the platform. Well, Tom Holland has come out to discuss why he intentionally shut down his account, and the reasons are far too close to home for many regular social media users.
Health Concerns Lead Ozzy Osbourne to Cancel 2020 North America Tour

Health Concerns Lead Ozzy Osbourne to Cancel 2020 North America Tour

The prince of darkness seems to be encountering some dark times of his own it seems. According to the popular music site Loudwire, singer and artist Ozzy Osbourne has officially had to cancel his 2020 North America tour due to health concerns which were getting out of hand over the past year specifically. “I’m so thankful that everyone has been patient because I’ve had a [censored] year,” Osbourne stated, continuing that “Unfortunately, I won’t be able to get to Switzerland for treatment until April and the treatment takes six-eight weeks. I don’t want to start a tour and then cancel shows at the last minute, as it’s just not fair to the fans. I’d rather they get a refund now and when I do the North American tour down the road, everyone who bought a ticket for these shows will be the first ones in line to purchase tickets at that time.”
What ‘The Witcher’ Mania Means in the Streaming Wars

What ‘The Witcher’ Mania Means in the Streaming Wars

Whether you were a long term, die-hard fan of the books or you were a convert to the popular cult classic video game series, it’s hard to find someone who isn’t absolutely obsessed with the Netflix original series starring Henry Calvill, The Witcher. A recent Business Insider article reports that despite a declining U.S. audience (the series streamed in full back a few months back), it is still “the most in-demand TV series across all platforms globally, according to data firm Parrot Analytics.” Reporter Travis Clark writes that The Witcher, as well as the Disney+ original series The Mandalorian, “have been locked in a battle for audience demand since the former premiered in December (the latter debuted in November), and it’s a preview of what’s to come in the streaming wars. Both shows exhibit qualities that make a streaming series a hit… including sci-fi and fantasy themes inspired by popular source material.”
Are you ready for Star Wars the Clone Wars’ final season

Are you ready for Star Wars: the Clone Wars’ final season?

After buyouts, multiple streaming deals, studio switches, and many years in between, the fan favorite animated series Star Wars: the Clone Wars is finally set to premier its monumental final season exclusively on Disney Plus. For many longtime fans who haven’t freshened up on the Clone Wars in a while and for the many thousands of new fans who were brought in by the beloved franchise’s other numerous properties who are excited to jump straight first into this season, Disney has officially revealed the episodes you need to go back and watch in order to get all caught up instead of cramming every single previous Clone Wars episode!
What is Disney Hinting at with Project Luminous

What is Disney Hinting at with Project Luminous?

While fans spend hours and hours of time debating the controversial Skywalker saga and catching up on season one of the Mandalorian, the creative team at Disney is already cooking up their next major Star Wars adventures, the mysteriously named multi-media initiative known as Project Luminous. According to the team over at Screenrant​, this new phase in Disney’s expansion of the Star Wars universe with the creative minds over at Lucasfilm will set up the next several years of Star Wars stories, potentially something so big it will impact the full multi-media landscape ranging from the popular Star Wars comic series by Marvel, their award winning video games, and most definitely on their recently launched streaming service.
Disney Allegedly has National Treasure 3 in its Sights

Disney Allegedly has National Treasure 3 in its Sights

While it has been 13 years since the National Treasure franchise put out a film for everyone to enjoy, it seems the patience of its fans is finally being rewarded with a National Treasure 3, script writing courtesy of Bad Boys 4 screenwriter Chris Bremner. We know this because a report from THR regarding Bad Boys 4 outright confirmed that Chris Bremner was working on the screenplay for this third National Treasure movie; Jerry Bruckheimer was also said to be involved.
The Dark Tower TV Series Has Been Cancelled

The Dark Tower TV Series Has Been Cancelled

Amazon has recently revealed that they no longer plan to go through with the TV adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. In fact, Amazon Studios no longer plans to even film the pilot episode of the series. The showrunner was Glen Mazzara of Walking Dead fame, working alongside production company MRC, which has worked on things like Ted, House of Cards, and Ozark. But since Amazon has decided not to run with the series at all, MRC is now meeting with other networks to discuss getting The Dark Tower TV series running. Who those networks are is being kept secret for now.

The Fast and Furious Movie Franchise gets a Video Game in May – “Fast...

The Game Awards 201 naturally included a great deal of announcements, with many of them being, as you may have guessed, about games. However, one title no one may have been expecting was that of a Fast and Furious video game based on the movie franchise. Dubbed Fast and Furious: Crossroads, the trailer makes it seem as though we’ll get everything one expects out of such a franchise; cars, drama, action, and insane thrills. Many of the characters we saw resemble characters from the films, so get ready to see Vin Diesel on your consoles. Of course, all we really got about the game was a trailer, so frankly we don’t know all that much about it. But we do know which platforms the game will release on, as well as who is developing the game and who is publishing it. The game will be released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, in May of 2020. It’s being published by Bandai Namco, and developed by Slightly Mad Studios, which also worked on a few Need for Speed games, as well as the Project Cars series.
We Finally have Release Dates for 'The Flash' Movie and 'Matrix 4'

We Finally have Release Dates for ‘The Flash’ Movie and ‘Matrix 4’

It’s been a mystery until now, but Warner Bros. has finally revealed the release dates for two major movies; The Matrix 4 and The Flash. It seems that one day these properties will come back to the big screen of cinema, but don’t get too excited; it won’t be soon by any stretch. It seems we won’t be seeing The Flash until July 1st of 2022, and for the currently untitled fourth Matrix movie, we won’t be seeing that until May 21st of 2021, which is, oddly enough, the same day John Wick 4 hits the theaters. Does Keanu Reeves ever rest? As for why these movies are so far off, it’s debatable. The Flash had serious trouble getting started from the very beginning, with two directors being lost in 2017 over creative differences. The movie was supposed to come out in 2021, but then it got delayed, with another director leaving earlier this year. Right now, the director of ‘It’, Andy Muschietti, is set to take command, though that isn’t set in stone just yet.
Your Disney+ Account may have Already been Hacked

Your Disney+ Account may have Already been Hacked

Disney+ is still in its opening week, but it has been plagued with problems small and large. The most recent one is pretty serious; it seems that thousands of accounts for the new streaming service have already been hacked. Some have even been found getting sold online, meaning it might be a good idea to change your password if you are a subscriber.
Facebook Starts Its Own Online Journalism Function ‘Facebook News’

Facebook Starts Its Own Online Journalism Function ‘Facebook News’

In the world of social media “fake news” and shared posts, it can be difficult to believe or understand half of the posts shared on social media. Facebook has decided to step into the ring of journalism by providing its own platform service, Facebook News, for “underserved communities with a small amount of local news providers.”
New report shows Facebook usage dropped 26 percent

New Report Shows Facebook Usage Dropped 26 Percent

Maybe it’s the security issues that Facebook has experienced in the past several years or people are just getting tired of arguing online, but the Media Outlook 2020 study by Activate Consulting states Facebook usage is declining.
BET Launches Streaming Service

BET Launches Streaming Service

Partnered with Tyler Perry Studios, BET announced its streaming service June 24 and that it would be available this fall. More than 1,000 hours of premium content are available on BET+. The new app, available for Apple and Android devices, allows viewers to watch content from their mobile devices on the go.
Apple Arcade - Gaming Subscription

Apple Launches Gaming Subscription

Users can get unlimited access to hundreds of games that are playable across multiple Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Apple TV. Additionally, Apple users can get a one-month free trial to try out the subscription service. The Arcade games can be played offline and six family members can use one subscription. Apple states that more than 100 games will fill the catalog in the next few weeks and will be available Sept. 30 for iPadOS 13 and tvOS 13 and in October on macOS Catalina.
‘Hustlers’ Dancers who worked at NYC strip club were not paid while club was shut down for filmingvideo

‘Hustlers’: Dancers who worked at NYC strip club were not paid while club was...

The film casts a diverse set of actors including Cardi B, Lizzo, Julia Stiles and Constance Wu and focuses on former strip club workers reclaiming their power to “turn the tables on their Wall Street clients” as IMBD states.
There will likely be a Pilot Episode for the new Game of Thrones Prequel

There will likely be a Pilot Episode for the new Game of Thrones Prequel

Game of Thrones may have finished airing in May, but this is far from the last we’ve seen of it. In fact, a pilot episode of a prequel series based on Fire & Blood is well on its way. To clarify, this is not the same prequel that has been dubbed Bloodmoon, starring Naomi Watts. This prequel series is based on the supplementary Fire & Blood novel from Martin, and takes place 300 years prior to the events of the main Game of Thrones series.