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Ocean Plastic Pollution Recycling

Adidas Is Making New Fabrics From Recycled Ocean Plastic

As part of their effort to use the millions of pounds of plastic trash floating in the ocean in order to make something useful of it, Adidas has announced the launch of brand new polyester fabrics line made out of ocean plastic.
Counterfeit Money Crime

Criminals attempt to use toy money for a moronic crime

You know sometimes, you have to really, really ask how far some stupid people are willing to accomplish incredibly stupid things. Case in point, three Jacksonville natives attempted to dupe local stores with “funny money” according to news4jax.com:
Yusaku​ Maezawa

Japanese Businessman Ends Search for Love in Space

Finding love can be a difficult challenge we all face at some point but finding that one true love willing to go where no lover has been before is something one man has discovered might be a lightyear too far from becoming a reality. Think I’m joking? Well, for billionaire tech fashion Yusako Maezawa, he's learned this hard truth about finding someone to keep warm in the cold depths of space the hard way. According to BBC, this wasn’t for a lack of trying on Maezawa’s part. “Fashion mogul Yusaku​ Maezawa invited single women over the age of 20 to apply for a ‘match-making event’. Almost 28,000 applied, but on Thursday he said he was experiencing ‘mixed feelings’ and pulled out of the search.” Ouch, 28,000 applicants and Maezawa still couldn’t find that elusive “one.”
What is the future of the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

What is the future of the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich?

The chicken sensation that impacted communities across the nation, the Popeyes chicken sandwich is bringing with it a future full of excitement, as well as some unforeseen problems. New York Post reporter Michael Hollan recently published an articl​e warning lovers of the exclusive and elusive chicken sandwich that the unexpected popularity of the meal may have recently caused a minor, however highly surprising, shortage of smaller chickens that were the primary source of meat for the meal. Hollan reported after picking up the initial story from Bloomberg News ​ that “the shortage of these smaller chickens played a role in Popeyes​ struggles to keep their sandwiches in stock.”
We will soon be Blessed by a KFC Published Colonel Sanders Dating Simulator

We will soon be Blessed by a KFC Published Colonel Sanders Dating Simulator

You may be inclined to believe that the title of this article indicates an April Fools’ Joke; but you’ll probably notice very quickly that it’s not April. Granted, this could still just be an extremely early joke for April Fools’ 2020, but as of right now, we have no reason to believe this isn’t real, other than the very questionable nature of the entire scenario.
$10 Buys You in USA

What $10 Can Buy You Around The World: USA

From transportation and food to merchandise and attractions, each city around the world is quite different in terms of its costs. Here we give you an idea of what $10 can buy you in different countries.
Popeyes Launches First-Ever Chicken Sandwich

Popeyes Launches First-Ever Chicken Sandwich

The great chicken sandwich war of 2019 started when Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen announced it would start selling chicken sandwiches based on an observation that a popular restaurant in Long Beach, California tried to pass off Popeyes Chicken as its own.