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Yakuza 3, 4 And 5 Remastered Is Now Available On PC And Xbox, Making...

Everyone knows about console exclusive games and series. Sometimes, there are video games you can only play if you do so on a certain platform. It’s terrible for people that want to play and don’t have that console, and one of the most lamentable cases was that of the legendary Yakuza series. Yakuza is an action-adventure video game developed by Sega that was originally released on the PlayStation 2 in 2005

There Are Five Games with Gold on Xbox for February 2021, Including Gears 5

Usually, there’s only four free games with an Xbox Live Gold subscription per month. However, this time Xbox is being awfully generous, with five games instead, one of which is a pretty major title. For all the Xbox gamers that have a Gold subscription, the five games they will get for free in February are Resident Evil, Dandara: Trial of Fears Edition, Lost Planet 2, Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb, and Gears 5, by far the most noteworthy of the bunch. As always, the games remain freely accessible and playable so long as you have a valid Xbox Live Gold subscription, which, thankfully, Microsoft decided to keep at its usual price after considering an increase. They’re all playable on both the Xbox One and the new Series X/S.

Xbox Has Reversed Their Decision to Increase the Price of Xbox Live Gold Subscriptions,...

People that have been keeping tabs on the online Xbox community may have been aware that Microsoft was looking to change the price of Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. This change in pricing was originally going to be an extra dollar for one month of Gold ($11) and an extra five dollars for three months of Gold ($30). Needless to say, a lot of the Xbox community was unhappy about this, and they made sure to let Microsoft know. The good news is that Microsoft actually listened!

The New Ghostbusters Movie and the Uncharted Movie Have Both Been Delayed

Delays are hardly anything new right now, considering that the pandemic that still holds its grip over the world has forced many forms of media to be delayed from their initial release date. Unfortunately, we’re not quite out of the woods yet, and so even more films have been delayed: this time, it’s both Ghostbusters: Afterlife and Uncharted movie that’s been in development since before 2020.

Ubisoft Is Developing A New Open-World Star Wars Game

2020 was a rough year for media, even the ever-popular Star Wars series. But thankfully for fans, Ubisoft has kicked off 2021 by announcing their partnership with Lucasfilm Games and Disney in order to produce a brand-new Star Wars game. The development team in charge will be led by Julian Gerighty and Mass Entertainment, a duo that is most well-known for the game series “The Division.”

There Is Well And Truly A Functioning KFC Game Console: And It Keeps Your...

We would not blame anyone for thinking that the above statement is some sort of joke. However, we can absolutely assure that it is not. It may be hard to believe, but KFC has a game console now. Oh, and it keeps your chicken warm.

According to Kevin Feige, Streaming Is The Future Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Don’t worry about the headline to this article: there are still a ton of MCU movies in our future. Even so, it seems that those movies are actually secondary in Marvel’s bug upcoming plans, as much of the focus right now is actually on the rather high number of Marvel shows slated for Disney+, of which the first will be WandaVision coming next month. Marvel Boss Kevin Feige has spoken about the future of Marvel and its big plans for streaming.

PS5 Receives A New Update That Lets Players Know When They Are Playing PS4...

With our new next-generation consoles being capable of playing games from the previous generation, naturally, there is some room for confusion, especially when a game has both an old and new generation version. Thankfully for PlayStation users, a new update for the PS5 adds alerts if the console notices that you are, probably unintentionally, running the last-gen version of a game that has a PS5 version available to play. Through this update, Sony has addressed an issue that has been plaguing its users since the new console became available to them.

Which PS4 Games Can You Not Play On The PlayStation 5?

Thankfully, the PlayStation 5 supports backwards compatibility for the vast majority of PS4 games, offering improved load times, enhanced visuals, and higher FPS. Unfortunately, while there are many, many old titles that can be supported on the PS5, Sony has made it clear that there are a few that are not. Thankfully that number is small.

Nintendo Says That The Switch Is Only At Its Midpoint Lifecycle, and That They...

It may be a little hard to believe, but at this point, the Nintendo Switch launched almost four years ago. It’s been some time, and due to that, Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser believes the Switch has just now, finally, entered the midpoint of its life cycle.

Marvel Announces Another Disney+ Show, Called Marvel Studios Legends

The recent Disney Investor Day has confirmed that there's quite a large and noteworthy variety of Marvel shows planned to debut on Disney+ over the course of the next few years. However, apparently not every show actually made the cut for the presentation, as Marvel has revealed that a show titled Marvel Studio: Legends will premiere on Disney+ next month. This show was not mentioned at all during Disney Investor Day, though we’re not sure why.

Halo Infinite Will Have Microtransactions, But Not Loot Boxes

Ever since Star Wars Battlefront II launched with a multiplayer progression system heavily influenced by loot boxes, the gaming world has frowned on such systems without fail. The community doesn’t like the idea of a player’s progression being significantly affected by how much money they’re willing to pour into microtransactions. That being said, microtransactions do not necessarily equate to loot boxes, something a lot of people tend to forget. Halo Infinite will have microtransactions. However, it will not have loot boxes.

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II Is Getting A Mobile Release

Quite possibly one of the most popular Star Wars games of all time, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords has long been denied the mobile release that its predecessor received, much to the chagrin of its many, many fans. However, that state of affairs will soon be over, as this highly popular Star Wars game is finally getting a mobile release. First and foremost, it’s worth noting that this will be available on both iOS and Android devices, so whatever your preference, you won’t be hurting for the game.

A New Release Date For Halo Infinite Is Confirmed: Fall 2021

Anyone who was waiting for Halo Infinite before knows that it was delayed recently due to issues with COVID-19. At the time that this delay was announced, no specific release date was mentioned for it later down the line, though it was expected for that release to be sometime in 2021. But the uncertainty is gone now, as we have now been officially informed that Halo Infinite is now expected to release in Fall of 2021, developer 343 Industries confirmed this in a blog post. As part of 343’s year-end update, they confirmed the new release date, while also giving expectant fans a peek at some of the game's art, graphics, and customization features.

SaGa Frontier Remastered Announced, With Some Special Additions

The past few years have been a great time for fans of old games. Tons of titles have gotten reboots and remasters, bringing great joy to any gamer that was in love with nostalgia and the games of their childhood. Unfortunately, not every game gets a remaster, so some fans are left with dismay and disappointment. Fans of SaGa Frontier, a JRPG from Square Enix that was released for the PS1 in 1998, this was the case for them. But thankfully, that is no longer the situation for fans of that title, as a remaster has been announced, and it’s even better than it sounds at first.

Nintendo Switch Update 11.0.0 Adds Many New Features

Update 11.0.0 for the Nintendo Switch is here, and with it come a great many notable additions that change some of the ways the Switch is used, or at least what it can offer as far as user comfort and convenience is concerned. The most notable of these changes is the addition of a Nintendo Switch Online hub on the main page of home, but that’s far from the only thing worth mentioning. Don’t worry, we’ll cover all of it here. Switch Online Hub Button The new “Nintendo Switch Online” hub button appears on the home screen right next to the News tab. Its purpose is to essentially put all of the services offered by Nintendo Switch Online into one place for easy access. This includes a pretty big list of things, including smartphone apps, online games, current tournaments, an archive of NES and SNES titles arranged by year, your save data in the cloud, and member offers. Needless to say, it’s mostly there to improve convenience for all players. Cloud Data Furthermore, Cloud data will now be automatically downloaded on multiple systems if they are all attached to the same account. While this isn’t a huge deal for anyone that is only playing with one Switch, for those who are perhaps using a Switch and a Switch Lite together, the ability to have their saves immediately shared between both devices will probably be a huge boon for them.

Best Smart TV Deals – Top TVs For Sale Without Breaking The Bank

Today, we’re more prone to binge-watching shows and the pandemic has made couch-time a big portion of our day. As our perceptions shift, we’ve grown accustomed to crystal-clear HD screens with vibrant colors. We need that eye-popping edge of your seat action from football or video games. Anything less has lost its potency. We’ve become more conscious of blue light and how it strains our eyes. Tv time has become bonding sessions with the family, now more important than ever. As TVs evolve, consumers win. People have more options than ever. TVs are becoming more niche. They’re more targeted toward specific needs and we prefer that. A gamer looks for different things than a casual Netflix viewer. A family of 4 might want something big but not too expensive while you’re retired father might want ultra-HD to watch the game and feel every bone-crushing hit. Best TV Brands This section is dedicated to the best TV manufacturers. There are obviously other companies that sell great TVs, but these are the best when it comes to overall performance, reviews from actual users, and customer service. LG While their phones might be a bit... underwhelming, LG’s TVs make up for it. Their OLED TVs contain millions of self-lit pixels meaning a smooth, sharp picture. Their impressive line-up has slim design TVs with “Perfect black” displays. Their website even has the latest 75” television set for less than $1,400. Samsung Samsung makes good TVs, with the flagship series a bit pricier than others. Samsung is the top producer of TVs worldwide and their top of the line TVs are beautifully built. It’s arguably the most recognizable brand, the Korean company has been making premium quality electronics for decades. Sony Sony has some of the top-rated TVs on the market. They’ve also incorporated OLED technology in conjunction with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support built into their flagship devices. Sony devices also have great sound even if they typically are more expensive than other TV companies. Vizio A great budget option for those looking for a good TV at a lower cost. You’ve probably seen them at Walmart or Target. While they don’t typically have the greatest sound and lose some flair when viewing at an angle, Vizio has remained competitive and creates a solid product. TCL Known for their award-winning televisions, speakers, and appliances; TCL is a budget TV producer from China. They’ve been in business since 1981 and sell top-rated TV’s all over the world. They sell a wide range of TV’s now with 8k capabilities. They are also the second-largest manufacturers of TVs globally.   They’ve partnered with ROKU to have it conveniently built into their TV sets and have in the past been named best of the year by PC Mag and the New York Times. Understanding TV Lingo Lingo There are certain terms that I’d like to go over with you. I want to give you a better understanding of what technical terms mean and what is better when making the final decision. OLED vs QLED These terms will come up a lot on your buying journey, so let’s make sure you understand how they differ. OLED means “Organic Light Emitting Diode” and unlike traditional LED it’s not backlit, each pixel is self-illuminating. It’s a fairly new technology. QLED (Quantum LED) is an upgrade to the traditional LED, the quantum dots giving it more brightness and contrast abilities. OLED has the best overall performance when it comes to darkness, refresh rate, viewing angle, and flexibility of display. They require less power and are easier on the eyes. Traditionally, OLED is more expensive. QLED wins when it comes to brightness. They use a tried and tested product that had more time to evolve. The prices were significantly cheaper for a while, but now they are becoming more competitive. Samsung is one of the few companies that sell QLED TVs. Most others are OLED for their top TV-sets. 4K vs UHD (Ultra High Definition) ON 4K TVs the pixels are 4,096 by 2,160 while the UHD display at 3,840 by 2,160. Many companies that say “4K display” are UHD and can get away with it because they are so close. It has about 4 times as many pixels as 1080p. Refresh rate – how many times per second an image refreshed on the display. 120 HZ means 120 times, it’ll have a much smoother look than 60 HZ. 120 HZ is a good refresh rate for gaming. Bezel – The bezel is the frame around the TV. A one-inch Bezel means there’s one inch of metal or plastic around the border of the screen.

It’s Official! Red Dead Online Will Become Standalone Game

Officially, Rockstar will be separating Red Dead Online from Red Dead Redemption 2, the game that it is the multiplayer component for. If you aren’t sure what that means, it’s basically this: on the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, you’ll be able to buy the online component of Red Dead Redemption 2 as its own standalone product. That of course means it won't be free to play either.

Some Xbox Series X Consoles Are Having Issues With Their Disk Drives

It’s never a good thing when hotly anticipated products have issues right around their release dates. Unfortunately, such is the situation for the Xbox Series X right now. Many players, having just gotten their hands on the brand-new console from Microsoft, have reported issues with the disk drive. Of course, this has been a point of much dissatisfaction: after all, one of the reasons the Xbox Series X is $200 more expensive than the Series S is because it has a disk drive while the S version does not. So needless to say, people who bought the Series X specifically for its disk drive are displeased with this problem if they have it.

Friday The 13th Video Game Servers Are Finally Shutting Down

If you’re a big fan of the Friday the 13th video game, unfortunately we have some bad news for you, whether you play it on Xbox One, PC or PlayStation. Publisher Gun Media has announced that, effective as of this month’s patch, dedicated servers will no longer be run or supported. That’s right, they’re shutting down. This change will have the game revert back to peer-to-peer matchmaking for quick play lobbies. While multiplayer servers are shutting down, you don’t have to worry about your progression and unlocks, as database servers will stay active so that both of those can still be accessed in quick play and private matches.