Heavy Rain Developer Quantic Dream is Working on a New Star Wars Game, Allegedly

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Last Updated on December 26, 2021 by Mark P.

It’s always good news to hear about a new Star Wars game, at least for those who care about the franchise in the first place. It used to be that we got a new Star Wars game every year, but that was a long time ago. However, it seems that the old trend may be coming back. Granted, what we are about to talk about here is just a rumor, but still.

Recently, French YouTuber Gautoz posted a video where he claimed that Quantic Dream, the developer that worked on Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, is working on a new Star Wars game. Supposedly, that was picked up by VGC.

Not long after that, Tom Henderson from DualShockers posted an article online claiming that an independent source provided evidence that this rumored Star Wars game is real and has supposedly been in development for a year and a half. This information was corroborated by Kotaku, allegedly. We know that’s a lot of ‘allegedly’ and ‘supposedly,’ but hopefully, there’s a grain of truth to all of this somewhere.

As for the game itself, anyone who has played Quantic Dream’s other games (Heavy Rain or Detroit: Become Human) knows that they are very dependent on quick-time events. The Star Wars game they are supposedly making now will not be like that. The game will have a more traditional, action-based gameplay loop, which could possibly take place in an open-world environment, along with some multiplayer elements.

Studio Head David Cage announced back in 2019 that Quantic Dream would be ending its deal with PlayStation and focusing on multiplatform games afterward. Coincidentally, Lucasfilm Games recently announced that Electronic Arts will no longer be the sole developer of Star Wars titles, while also stating that Ubisoft was working on a new Star Wars game. Of course, it was also recently revealed that Aspyr was working on a remake of the legendary Knights of the Old Republic.

When you take into consideration all of those Star Wars games on the way, it stands to reason that there are probably plans for even more titles in the works across the gaming industry. That said, there has yet to actually be a public comment from Quantic Dream on this rumor, so everyone should be wary about taking said rumor at face value.

Without an official announcement, it’s just as likely that Quantic Dream isn’t working on a new Star Wars game, as it is that they are. Unfortunately, that also means there’s no possible way to know what this theoretical Star Wars game could possibly be about, though the same can be said for the game that Ubisoft is working on.

One way or another, it’s certainly good news that Star Wars games are making a resurgence. Outside of Fallen Order and Squadrons, the release of Star Wars games in recent years has been somewhat sporadic, especially compared to the old days before 2010.