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Pre-Orders For Xbox Series X Are Available Now

The real question is where you can begin pre-ordering the Microsoft Xbox Series X: a number of different retailers are already showing stock, as well as the availability to pre-order. This includes Best Buy, which is no real surprise to anyone, but you can also find them at Sam’s Club. Listing for preorders went live on the usual retailer websites today, including Target, Walmart, Microsoft, and GameStop, but as quickly as the listings appeared, they were sold out. No big surprise there either, as everyone probably jumped on the opportunity to pre-order the new consoles as swiftly as possible.

Confirmed PlayStation Plus Free Games for September 2020

Which free games are available for PlayStation Plus in September 2020? As soon as September 1st comes around, subscribers will be able to get their hands on both Street Fighter V and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Admittedly, this duo is a significantly stronger offering of titles than PlayStation Plus usually offers, so they are definitely worth grabbing before they are gone on October 5th.

You Can Get Hulu For Cheaper If You Pay For A Yearly Subscription, But...

As of right now, Hulu subscribers that use the $6 per month plan, which includes ads, can save money by purchasing a yearly subscription at $60. Naturally, that year subscription will also include ads, so don’t go thinking you get out of that bit. All in all, it’s not great savings, simply taking the overall cost down by $12 over the course of the year, but paying $5 a month for Hulu is still better than paying $6. Simple math. Moreover, this new subscription price will ensure that Hulu remains particularly budget-friendly for the whole family, a title it’s had for some time now anyway.

PS5 Pre-Order Information: Everything You Need To Know

News about the PS5 has been pretty scattered and vague for the most part, so to make it easier for everyone who is invested, we’ve put together this article that covers the variety of things everyone needs to know about the PS5 right now. Pre-ordering the PS5 Despite alluding to it so many times, Sony only revealed the PlayStation 5 to the world for the very first time last month. Naturally, we learned about a huge array of games that will be released on the next generation, but Sony also provided a first look at the PS5 itself, as well as many first-party accessories that will go with it. Unfortunately, Sony still hasn't announced the price or release date for the console, so it is currently impossible to pre-order it.

How To Pre-Order Assassin’s Creed Valhalla For just $50 At Amazon Or Walmart

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is coming to a huge variety of platforms this holiday, including Xbox Series X, PS5, Xbox One, PS4, Stadia and PC. That’s a whole lot of platforms, but on top of that there’s also four versions of the game to choose from, so knowing how to pre-order what version you want and need could be a little tedious. This guide will help you through that tedium.
Steam Gaming

A Current Steam Bundle Could Net You Over 50 Games For Just $10

When it comes to video games, more for less is never a bad thing. Especially when it’s a whole lot more for a whole lot less. A steam bundle going on right now will let you purchase more than 50 games for just $10. As you might imagine, a deal like that isn’t for brand new games or even really recent ones: it’s a bundle of games from the old school Sega Genesis console. They’re retro titles, but that doesn’t make this any less of an impressive deal.

Xbox Games With Gold For May 2020 Have Been Revealed

Microsoft has recently revealed the four games that Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be able get for free in the month of May. Like months before it, the titles are pretty heavily focused on sports and racing, but there are two RPG titles as well. As always, the four titles are split between two Xbox One titles and two Xbox 360 titles. The first of these many games will be available on May 1st, though they will not all become available at the same time.
Playstation 4 PS4 Games

Another PS4 Sale Offers Excellent Discounts On Major Franchises, Such As Resident Evil And...

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to worsen: it really seems like we’ll be stuck in quarantine for several more weeks, which isn’t too welcome. That said, social distancing and confinement is a perfect time to need more new games to play, and thanks to another great sale on the PS4, new games are available for those who don’t have them, and at pretty good prices. The discounts are mostly for games developed by Japanese companies, such as Dark Souls, Megaman, Final Fantasy and much more.
XCOM Chimera Squad Game

XCOM Is Getting A Spin-Off Title, And It Is Coming Soon At A Great...

Fans of the legendary XCOM series have gone quite some time since the last major content for the franchise, the War of the Chosen expansion for XCOM 2, which is several years old. And yet, the Firaxis franchise is very suddenly getting a spin-off title. What is even more surprising is that it is right around the corner.
Nintendo Switch Game Sale

Lots of Games are on Sale for the Nintendo Switch Right Now

The world might reeling, but some things never change: spring is the time of video game sales, and the Nintendo Switch is no exception. GameStop is having a sale for both new and used games for the console, including many first-party titles like Breath of the Wild and Splatoon 2. Third-party titles like Octopath Traveler and Civilization VI are available as well. Nearly all titles are $39.99 at the most, and a vast number of them are even cheaper.
Online Meditation and Relaxation

John Hopkins University Offering Mindfulness Session Free to Community

A little anxious? A little stressed out? A little worried about a lot of things right now? Welcome to the same exact predicaments that every single American is going through right now. However, like all things, we all tend to deal with stress and anxiety differently. Luckily, some people are rising to the occasion to help their fellow man.
GOG Sale

A Huge Number of PC Games are on Sale at GOG for Spring

Spring is here; flowers, pollen, allergies bugs are all on the rise, which kind of brings down the joy of fresh new life and all that. But for us members of the gaming community, none of that really matters anyway, because the most important thing about spring is all the major savings on video games across all platforms. Something about spring just convinces game sellers to put massive discounts on everything, not that there’s anything to complain about.
GM Car Deals

GM is offering a deal you need to know about during this crisis

In the midst of this global health crisis which has now turned into a financial crisis for the foreseeable future, General Motors (GM) is offering a deal to consumers in order to stay afloat as well as increase aggregate demand, which is almost too good to pass up.
PC Gaming

A Huge Number of PC Games are on Sale at GOG for Spring

Spring is here; flowers, pollen, allergies, and most importantly, major savings on video games across all platforms. For instance, over 2,500 games are taking part in GOG’s Spring Sale, meaning now is the time to capitalize on all of your PC gaming desires. This sale will be running until March 30th, so you still have plenty of time to get your hands on games like Hollow Knight, Stellaris and XCOM 2.
Fanatical Spring Sale

3,200 PC Games are Available at a Discounted Price

With Fanatical’s Spring Sale finally going live, a downright massive assortment of PC games is available at a discounted price. These games can be purchased through PC Game Keys, the vast majority of which can be redeemed on Steam.
Shovel Knight - Specter of Torment is Currently Available at a Discount

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment is Currently Available at a Discount

With this prequel to the original Shovel Knight campaign reaching three years old as of March 3rd, Yacht Game Club is celebrating by offering...
NES & Super NES - February Game Updates - Nintendo Switch Onlinevideo

The Free February SNES and NES Games for Nintendo Switch Subscribers have been Revealed

Nintendo Switch has been getting free SNES and NES games added to its library for subscribers every month for quite some time, and now we finally know which free games are being added for February. There will be four in total, with the two NES games being Eliminator Boat Duel and Shadow of the Ninja. The two SNES games Smash Tennis and Pop’n TwinBee.
Nintendo Switch Pro or Joy-Con Controllers Deal

Get Nintendo Switch Pro or Joy-Con Controllers at a Discount Right Now

No one frowns on discounts, and discounts on expensive things are even better. The Nintendo Switch and its Joy Cons aren’t a bad setup, but for players that would prefer a more traditional controller with their console, there’s a great deal available to take advantage of right now. And considering that this is Nintendo, whose products are rarely ever discounted, this situation is one that any Switch player should be looking to take advantage of ASAP. Both the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and a its pair of default Joy Cons are available at Walmart at a $10 discount right now.
PS Plus Free Games of February 2020 Revealed

PS Plus Free Games of February 2020 Revealed

Much like their Microsoft competition, Sony makes some games available for free every month to PlayStation Plus subscribers. With February right around the corner,...

Xbox Games with Gold for February have been Announced

As is tradition by now, Xbox Live Gold members get free games every month, and we now know what those games for February will be. For Xbox One, players will have access to several games, including the multiplayer Fable Heroes, racing game TT Isle of Man, horror adventure game Call of Cthulhu and the original Xbox classic Star Wars Battlefront. Needless to say, this is a pretty hefty assortment of games with varied genres and appeal.