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Illinois Privacy Law Lead to a Half Billion Dollar Facebook Settlement

Illinois Privacy Law Leads to a Half Billion Dollar Facebook Settlement

Think of this scenario- you go on your Facebook account to scroll through your friend’s posts and maybe a thousand cat videos, then you decide to upload a photo of you and your crew from last night’s party. You upload the photo, then suddenly Facebook automation pops up with suggestions on who to tag, specifically those who appear in the photo with you. Sounds easy right? Sounds familiar, right? Well because of this tagging ability, a whole privacy issue has spun into legal warfare between big tech and the law once again.
Meet the Self-Driving Toaster Car Coming to a Town Near You

Meet the Nuro Self-Driving ‘Toaster Car’ Coming to a Town Near You

Despite entering the year 2020 without jetpacks and hover cars, we do have some giant leaps in automation and technology to look forward to. One of those giant leaps comes in the form of self-driving vehicle designed to deliver groceries, which might be coming to a neighborhood near you in the near future.
The Next Gen Xbox Has Been Revealed - Xbox Series X and what we Know About it

The Next Gen Xbox Has Been Revealed: Xbox Series X and what we Know...

Originally known as Project Scarlett, Microsoft has finally revealed the true nature of their next generation console. Its name? Xbox Series X. People have been asking questions about it since the project was revealed, such as what kind of games it would have, what level the graphics would be at, and how powerful it would be. With the next generation finally being revealed by Microsoft, we finally have some insight into the answers to some of those questions. A lot of those details were revealed by the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer. With the next generation, it’s obvious that graphics are going to be a major factor, and Phil Spencer outright said as much. "We wanted to have a dramatic upgrade from the Xbox One base console. So when we do the math, we're over eight times the GPU power of the Xbox One, and two times what an Xbox One X is."
Coolest gadgets of 2019

3 Cool Tech Gadgets to Review Right Now

The tech market is booming these days, with new gadgets seemingly coming out each month. For the non-technophiles out there, it can be difficult to know what new tech is available and what the uses are. Some of these newest gadgets are already available to purchase in time for the holidays and would make excellent gift ideas for family and loved ones. Here are some of 2019’s newest and best gadgets.
Walmart Adds Siri Shortcut To Online Grocery Shopping App

Walmart Adds Siri Shortcut To Online Grocery Shopping App

Now, shoppers can create a voice order to add items to their cart through Siri. The Siri Shortcut for Online Grocery allows customers with iOS devices to ask digital voice assistant Siri to add items to their cart by saying “Add to Walmart.” The new feature works for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, HomePod or CarPlay.
Facebook Starts Its Own Online Journalism Function ‘Facebook News’

Facebook Starts Its Own Online Journalism Function ‘Facebook News’

In the world of social media “fake news” and shared posts, it can be difficult to believe or understand half of the posts shared on social media. Facebook has decided to step into the ring of journalism by providing its own platform service, Facebook News, for “underserved communities with a small amount of local news providers.”
New Tools with iOS 13

New Tools with iOS 13

Apple’s latest release of iOS 13 as seen mixed reviews, but there’s plenty of useful, new features users can implement in their daily lives. Here’s a list of some of the best features that come with iOS 13. 
Galaxy Fold Release Date

Fold will launch in coming weeks

The Galaxy Fold launched in South Korea Sept. 6, and Samsung will soon put the redesigned Galaxy Fold on the market in U.S. stores.
Galaxy Fold Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Fold to Hit Shelves Soon — Will Public Buy it?

While the phone was supposed to drop more than four months ago, Samsung postponed the world’s first foldable phone release date after several flaws from the initial media release were discovered. Twitter blew up with several reviewers who discovered similar flaws or removed what seemed like a disposable screen protector which was actually an integral part of the phone’s structure. Samsung refunded pre-orders of the device and pushed back the date indefinitely.
Verizon Expands 5G to 4 More U.S. Cities

Verizon Expands 5G to 4 More U.S. Cities

The list of cities with highspeed connectivity keeps growing. Verizon announced at the end of July that customers in Atlanta, Detroit, Indianapolis and Washington, D.C. can access 5G Ultra Wideband speeds.
For A Limited Time, The Wireless Logitech G533 Headset Has Dropped From $150 To Just $70

For A Limited Time, The Wireless Logitech G533 Gaming Headset Has Dropped From $150...

Video games and everything that is required to play them are expensive. You have the console, the TV, the controllers, the games themselves, and assuming you play with friends or just like communicating with your team, you have headsets. The latter, however, can be a bit cheaper if you keep your eyes peeled for a good deal on a high quality headset. After all, budget options are usually cheap and ineffective, so you want something that does cost enough to be reliable, and right now Amazon is selling the wireless Logitech G553 headset for a great price: $70.

T-Mobile Drops Galaxy Fold

T-Mobile decided to drop the world’s first foldable phone after its disastrous debut. The Galaxy Fold, which after being tested by media reviewers had several issues, was delayed from its April 26 release date and will soon hit store shelves in September. Except T-Mobile has decided it won’t carry the phone.
Galaxy Unpacked Event Announces Note 10 in 2 sizes

Galaxy Unpacked Event Announces Note 10 in 2 Sizes – Now Available for Pre-Order

During its annual Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung announced its new Galaxy Note 10, giving hopeful Samsung devotees a new device to look forward to after the Galaxy Fold’s flop and comeback.
Verizon Launches new Unlimited Plans to ‘Fit’ Consumer Needsvideo

Verizon Launches new Unlimited Plans to ‘Fit’ Consumer Needs

Verizon announced Aug. 2 that it would launch a new “mix-and-match” Unlimited plans with a discounted rate of about $5. These “unlimited” plans come with certain features for each phone line. As Verizon moves into 5G services the new plans offer features for both 4G and 5G capable phones. Currently, Verizon has 5G launched in parts of Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, St. Paul, Denver, Providence, Indianiapolis and Washington, D.C.
For A Limited Time, There's An Amazing Deal On A 70 LG 4K 2160p TV

For A Limited Time, There’s An Amazing Deal On A 70″ LG 4K 2160p...

Your everyday, average American viewer spends about 5 hours a day watching TV. That of course end up being about 35 hours a week on average, which is a lot of time.  Whether or not you actually spend that much time in front of a screen yourself, the fact remains; why spend time in front of an aging, old TV when you could spend that time in front of a much clearer, more crystalline picture? But of course, those types of TVs are quite expensive, so you would probably prefer to get one when they are on sale; such as the 70 inch LG TV that is available at a staggering $360 below its retail price at Walmart.
Smart Apple Watch Series 3 Sale

Massive Sales on the Apple Watch 3 are Available at Best Buy

Everyone likes saving money, and the more you save the better. Best Buy currently is offering tons of discounts on Apple Watches, but there is one sale that better to take advantage of than any of the others. Sure, there may be many Apple Watch 3 series deals, but the discount on the Apple Watch Series 3 42mm GPS+ Cellular model is a whopping $175 off its usual price, so it is available at the great price of $234.
Apple’s third quarter earnings show third-consecutive slump in iPhone sales

Apple’s third quarter earnings show third-consecutive slump in iPhone sales

Apple’s third quarter results suggest the company saw revenue of $53.8 billion — about a 1 percent increase over last year’s third quarter results. Apple’s move into the fourth quarter shows goals of revenue increase from $61-$64 billion in revenue and a gross margin of 37.5-38.5 percent. According to the New York Times, Apple posted a 13 percent net-income earnings decrease from last year, suggesting iPhone sales the culprit behind the techno gadget company’s slide.
Galaxy Fold Release Date

Galaxy Fold Will Reportedly Launch in September

After some tinkering from the initial media debut of the Galaxy Fold, a delayed launch, and anticipation, Samsung states the world’s first foldable phone will be ready for store shelves in September.Samsung wrote in a release that earlier this year, the company announced Galaxy Fold—Samsung’s first foldable device, and the beginning of an entirely new mobile category. “Since then, we’ve made improvements to Galaxy Fold to ensure consumers have the best possible experience,” Samsung wrote.
49 Inch Samsung LED TV is Available at Best Buy for a Super Affordable $250

49 Inch Samsung LED TV is Available at Best Buy for a Super Affordable...

TVs are expensive, especially when they are nice. A good TV can cost you a lot of money, and most people have to save up money just to consider purchasing a reliable, bright screen worth playing or watching a game on. But if you don’t want the absolute best and priciest TV and also don’t want the absolute most budget friendly TV, you probably want something in the middle; a TV from a brand you can trust that is reliable and worthy of your hard-earned cash, but not the absolute bottom of the barrel.

You can Still Save $200 on the MacBook Air at Best Buy

Following the end of Best Buy’s three day summer sale, which ended last Sunday, the retailer has increased its discounts on many Apple laptops....