Top 5 Best Deals on Honda Generators for Sale

Looking for the best Honda generator? You've come to the right place. See the best Honda generators below and where to buy them.

Best on a Budget

Honda EU1000i

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For those looking for portable power but are within a budget, the Honda EU1000i may be the best option. While the Honda EU1000i doesn’t have the same oomph as some of the other generators we’ve written about, for your basic portable power needs, this lightweight generator is a great option. The Honda EU1000i weighs only 29 pounds and runs at a 53-59 dBA level so it’s one of the quieter options. It runs up to 8.3 hours on a single tank, depending on load.

Best 2,200-Watt

Honda EU2200i

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The Honda EU2200i Super Quiet 2,200-Watt Portable Inverter Generator is a great option for most uses including powering TVs, satellites, small refrigerators, coffee pots & more. This generator is portable and quiet and it runs from 4 to 9.6 hours per tank, dependent on the load. The A-weighted decibel on the EU2200i is listed as 48-57. Available in red and Camo.

Best 3,000-Watt

Honda EU3000IH1A

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For a 3,000-Watt generator, the Honda EU3000IH1A Handi is one of the better options on the market. Weighing in at only 78 pounds, it’s easily moveable with 2 handles (one extendable) and wheels. It’s powerful enough to run AC units up to 13,500 BTUs and the fuel-efficient eco-throttle system allows it to run for up to 7.7 hours, depending on the load.

Best 5,000 Watt

Honda EM5000S

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There’s no denying that the Honda EM5000S is a beast. Honda’s IGX series engines deliver superior performance. The Honda EM5000S allows you to choose between 120 and 240 Volts and runs for 8.1 to 11.2 hours, depending on load. If your portable energy requirements are higher than average, the Honda EM5000S is a great option to consider.

Best 7,000 Watt

Honda EU7000IS

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For those with portable energy needs well above average, like commercial use, the Honda EU7000IS might be the best option for you. This is one of the pricier Honda generators but it’s ideal for larger applications like powering outdoor events, home backup or supplemental RV power. It runs in the ‘super quiet’ range at only 52-58 dBA and operates in 120 or 240 Volts.

Power outages occur when they are least expected which create major headaches when trying to get anything done. Honda, which makes high-performance portable generators, is one of the leading brands in this industry. Providing the power you need for your electronic appliances and devices during the unexpected circumstances, as well as the need for everyday use, Honda has you covered. These generators are ideal for powering big or small homes, camping, or anywhere you temporarily need electric power.

Here is our list of the top Honda generators for sale by best price for the quality, value, features and options:

Honda EU1000i Super Quiet 1000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

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5 out of 5 stars

One of the most popular generators, this 1000 watt unit is perfect for fans, lights, TVs, and small electrical appliances. One of the best features of this generator is that it runs super quiet.  It is very light weight at 29 lbs, which allows you to take it anywhere you want.  It is also an inverter generator which provides stable power for refrigerators and computers.

Moreover, it is quite fuel efficient using just 0.6 gals for use up to 7 hours.

After reviewing a few different stores, it has been determined that Amazon typically has the best price for thie EU1000i Honda generator.

Be sure to compare at eBay first as we’ve seen pretty good deals on new and used Honda EU1000is at eBay. Click to check

Original Retail $809
UPC 00697111946299
Model EU1000i
Brand Honda
SKU EU1000i

Honda EU2200i 2200-Watt 120-Volt Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

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4.5 out of 5 stars

The Honda Super Quiet 2200-Watt is one of the best selling generators. It comes with an inverter that is perfect for powering sensitive and small electronic appliances.  The Eco-Throttle system and the latest inverter technology used in this generator ensures great fuel efficiency, stability, and high power. It also has a recoil system and can provide 1600 watt surge-free and continuous power.

After reviewing a few different stores, it has been determined that Amazon typically has the best price for the EU2200i Honda generator.

Though, we do recommend comparing pricing at eBay as we’ve seen sellers offering new and used ones for pretty good prices as well.

Original Retail $2000
UPC 00703610767430
Model EU2200i
Brand Honda
SKU EU2200i

Honda EU3000IH1A Handi 3000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator


4.5 out of 5 stars

If you are looking for a generator that can yield high power output then one this is for you. This Honda generator is 3000 watts with 120V.  One of the best things about this unit is that it is the lightest generator within its 3000 watts class.  In addition, this generator comes with wheels and a folding handle to provide true portability. With that compact design, this generator can be lifted easily.

After reviewing a few different stores, it has been determined that eBay typically has the best price for the EU3000i Honda Generator.

Original Retail $2600
UPC 00786102003551
Model EU3000IH1A
Brand Honda

Honda EM5000S 7000 Watt Electric Start Portable Generator

4 out of 5 stars

Honda EM5000S can provide 7000 IAVR watts, and 5000 watts AC Output which is ideal for Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Well pumps, Furnaces and much more given that it has one of the most powerful engines, the Honda IGX commercial engine, giving it an exceeded runtime for up to 11 hours.  It also has a recoil back-up and an electric start.

After reviewing a few different stores, it has been determined that eBay typically has the best price for the EM5000S Honda generator.

Original Retail $2430
UPC 00786102004244
Model EM5000S
Brand Honda

Honda Eu7000is 7000W Super Quiet Inverter Generator


4 out of 5 stars

This generator has 7000 watts and 120/240 V which is ideal for a home back-up power and big outdoor events. It is super quiet and fuel efficient too. On just 5.1 gals of fuel, it can run up to at least 18 hours. It is an inverter generator which comes with a convenient electrical start. This generator has excellent fuel efficiency and is very low maintenance.

After reviewing a few different stores, it has been determined that Amazon typically has the best price for the Eu7000is Honda generator.

Original Retail $4500
UPC 00786102004497
Model Eu7000is
Brand Honda
SKU Eu7000is


Where to buy Honda generators

There are a number of stores online and brick & mortar that sell Honda generators. If you’re looking for a Honda generator and want the best price, we recommend looking on eBay. If you’re not necessarily concerned about the price but want a reliable seller, our recommendation is Amazon or Home Depot. Amazon also typically offers very quick shipping so that’s our 2nd choice behind eBay.

Who sells Honda generators?

There are a variety of stores that sell Honda generators including some of the more popular home & garden and tool stores. Some of the more popular local destinations include Harbor Freight, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Home Depot, Grainger Supply and Northern Tool. Honda generators are sold online as well with stores like eBay, Amazon, Walmart offering various Honda generators for sale.

Does Home Depot sell Honda generators?

Yes. Home Depot does sell Honda generators. At any given time, it looks like Home Depot has about 10 Honda models on sale with pricing ranging from just over $800 for the EU1000i model to just over $2300 for the Honda EU3000i Handi model. These are sufficient for most uses. If you’re looking for a very large, higher-powered Honda generator, you may be interested in the Eu7000is which typically runs in the ballpark of $4,500. Click here to see all Honda generators currently sold by Home Depot.

How much is a small Honda generator?

A small Honda generator like the Honda EU1000i sells new for just over $800 while a used Honda EU1000i typically goes for anywhere from $450-$650, depending on condition, location and shipping costs.

How do I start the Honda eu2000i generator?

We recommend that you refer to your owner’s manual which can be found online here.

To start the Honda eu2000i generator, follow these steps:

  • Open fuel vent
  • Turn choke on
  • Turn ‘engine’ on
  • Turn eco-throttle off
  • Go ahead and pull
  • Per the video below, the the Honda eu2000i generator should start up after roughly 6-10 pulls.


What kind of gas does a Honda generator use?

Per the Honda website, you want to use unleaded gasoline with a pump octane rating of 86 or higher. “Honda engines are engineered and designed to run on unleaded fuel. This will reduce deposit build up on valves, spark arrestor, muffler and spark plugs. The fuel can contain up to 10% ethanol by volume. A blend of 15% of ethanol (E15) or greater can damage engine components and is not covered under warranty.”

Where are Honda generators manufactured?

Honda manufactures their generators in a few different countries including the US, Thailand, Japan, China, France and India.

What can a Honda 2000 generator power?

To see an exhaustive list of what the Honda 2000 generator can power, visit and review their wattage estimation guide.

What is a Honda inverter generator?

A Honda inverter generator is a a kind of generator built with Honda’s inverter technology. Per Honda’s website, some of the advantages of inverter generators are higher quality power output, lighter and smaller in size, better fuel efficiency, quieter running noise and parallel pairing capability, allowing you to pair the generator up with another same-sized generator, essentially allowing you to double your power capacity.

What kind of oil does a Honda generator use?

Per Camping World, the perfect fuel to use in a Honda generator is the Honda 10W-30 Generator Oil as it’s ‘specially formulated for Honda engines’.

Can a Honda 2000 generator run in the rain?

Per Honda’s website, they do not recommend that you use your Honda generator in the rain. It says “Keep the generator dry – Do not use the generator in wet conditions, such as rain or snow, or near a pool or sprinkler system.”

How much does a Honda generator cost?

Honda generator pricing varies greatly depending on model and condition. While you can get a smaller Honda EU1000i for just over $800 new, you may be able to find a working used Honda EU1000i for $450-$650. If you’re in the market for something more powerful, the Honda generator models EU3000iS and EU3000i Handi can run upwards of $2,000-$2,400 for a new generator. These are sufficient for most uses. If you’re looking for a larger, higher-powered Honda generator, the Eu7000is may be your best choice and typically runs in the ballpark of $4,500

As eBay tends to have some of the best prices on Honda generators, here is a list of some of the more popular search terms. Click the search term to display results on eBay.