Honda Generator Oil: Types to Use, Changing and Oil Alert System

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A generator is only as good as the stuff that you put into it. Without proper fuel and other pieces, a Honda generator will not perform to the best of its abilities. Even more concerning, it won’t last for as long as it should. What we’re here to focus on, Honda inverter generator oil, is essential to maintaining quality.

What type of oil should I be using for my Honda generator?

You should use 10W-30 motor oil for your Honda generator. Determining what type of oil to use largely comes down to viscosity, or how thick it is. 10W-30 motor oil

The first number, 10, refers to how thick it is in cold temperatures. W stands for winter (when it’s cold). The second number, 30, refers to how its composition in warmer temperatures. Regardless of the temperature, this type of oil works for whatever conditions you find yourself in.

Luckily, this is one of the most common types of oil. You can find it anywhere, though we emphasize purchasing name brands. A generator is an expensive machine. Because of this, we recommend high quality oil. With premium oil, the generator has its best chance to work at maximum efficiency for the longest amount of time.

Do you put a different type of oil in weaker or stronger generators?

Regardless of power provided by your generator, the type of oil remains the same. If you have the Honda EU1000i, Honda EU2000i, Honda EU3000, or any one of their other inverter generators, the story stays the same.

Amount of oil, however, will change since engine size changes. With a larger engine, you have a larger tank for oil. With a smaller engine, you need less oil—you get it.

One reason we love Honda is due to the resources they make available (for free) to their customers online. If you have a question about your specific generator, there is a manual with more information than you could ever need on the Honda website. Besides individual manuals, they provide recommendations for maintenance, general care and safety.

What else do I need to know about oil?

  1. You should check your oil level every time you use your generator
  2. Turning the fuel valve to OFF ensures that no oil gets into the engine
  3. Diluted oil could cause substantial damage to the engine
  4. Everything else you need to know can be found here

Changing the oil for a Honda generator

Everyone’s favorite task with any engine: changing the oil. We won’t go incredibly in-depth, but will give you the basics. If you want the deluxe version, check out this article.

If you can’t tell where the oil even goes in, that’s because it’s under a cover (which is really easy to remove). A critical element, you cannot change the oil if it is cold or hot, only warm. To accomplish this, briefly turn the generator on.

From here it’s pretty simple. Drain the oil. Add more oil. Put everything back together. Presto, oil changed.

‘Oil Alert’ system

We aren’t perfect, no one is. When it comes to using a generator, our mind can be in a million places. Whether you’re using it after a storm and you’re without power, or enjoying some quality time on a camping trip, things get complicated. Bottom line, you don’t have time to pay attention to every little detail.

To help protect your generator, Honda includes an Oil Alert system. When oil levels get critically low, this system triggers an indicator light and turns the engine off. In doing so, any damage to the engine or generator as a whole is prevented.

On generators of lesser quality, there are no shutoffs that prevent damage. Even if there is no immediate damage, it is detrimental to the long-term health of the machine. Honda is a few steps ahead, helping out as you spend your energy elsewhere.

Honda put out a great video via YouTube that discusses the oil change procedure.

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