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Stroller is designed for child up to 50 lbs Multi-position tilt reclining seat 5-point harness with comfort pads 2-position sun canopy with peek-a-boo window 3-position adjustable foam handle Removable arm bar Roomy storage basket Parent cup holder Reversible stroller seat: forward- or rear-facing Stroller converts to carriage mode 6-3/8″ rear EVA wheels 5-5/8″ front EVA wheels.

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4 out of 5 stars

Urbini Omni Plus 3 in 1 Travel System Review

The Urbini Omni Plus 3 in 1 Travel system is the last stroller you’ll need to carry you from your child’s infancy into walking stages.

Shopping for strollers seems like it should be an easy task, but we assure you that it is NOT. There are countless pieces of information about what is good, and necessary, and what features you MUST have. These strollers can begin at hundreds of dollars, and push up into the thousands- who can manage that?

When we started looking at options, our team began with a blank sheet of paper. What are the most necessary items we need for a stroller? Ignoring the chaos of blog posts and parenting magazines, what are the features we would use the most? Ironically the first thing on our lists were the safety and comfort of the child, closely followed by a relatively lightweight body, and… a cup holder. Parents need their coffee, okay?

We began to look at different options, and stumbled upon the Urbinin Plus Travel System, and fell in love a little bit. Here’s why:


The Urbini Omni Plus has quite a few configurations which we really appreciated, including the ability to support a car seat, and flat lay bassinet carriage mode. It is so much safer for a child to lay flat when they sleep, as opposed to being propped up in a car seat, prone to their heads tipping forward.

When researching seats, we noticed that some pram-style strollers had just one feature at a time, and we wanted more. This seat can easily transform as the child grows, and it does include the ability to connect a car seat when necessary. We can easily use the carriage mode when taking the stroller for walks around the neighborhood, or just pack the frame in the car, and connect the car seat from its car base.

As children age, especially age out of the infant car seat, the Omni Plus can flip backwards and forwards, according to the child’s needs and development. When going through attachment phases, the child can face the parents as they stroll, saving backs and necks from carrying them, while still being close by.

As children want to explore the world, the seat can be flipped around, and they can experience all the life and color around them. The sun shade features a peekaboo feature so that you can check on your child without disturbing them, and the handles are adjustable by angle.


We loved the basket underneath, perfect for diaper bags or a small amount of storage. Theoretically this space could be larger, as it can be on other stroller models, but we were encouraged to enjoy our time out, and not spend energy wondering if we should bring just one more toy, or one more whatever. It was enough to meet our needs.

No Frills

We didn’t want a stroller with every possible bell and whistle. We were looking for a bump up from the most basic models, without spending unnecessary amounts of cash on features we never would need. This stroller have us what we needed, at a great price. Adjustable, versatile, lightweight at 44lbs, and rugged, EVA wheels.

Cup Holder

Our team joked about this being an important feature, but it’s really so important. Sleepless nights with newborns and chasing toddlers leave us perpetually dehydrated and under caffeinated. This cup holder sits to the side of the handle, allowing us to grip the stroller comfortably, but keep our iced coffees in reach. When you’re a parent, sometimes it’s the little things that matter.

All in all, we were genuinely impressed and happy with how this stroller met our needs. It’s simple enough to use, without the bells and whistles of features we don’t need right now. This may not be the best stroller for families with multiple children, or those looking to jog or run at high speeds, but when it comes to one child at a time, exploring or taking brisk strolls and valuing simplicity, this gets a win in our book. 4.5/5.

Urbini Stroller FAQs

How do you convert a Urbini stroller to a bassinet?

There is a lever on the back that you simply pull on and push down to convert the stroller into a bassinet. You can also flip the stroller around so that your baby faces you in the bassinet.

Is Urbini a good stroller?

Yes, while every product has its cons, this stroller has many unique features and is built well.

Is Urbini made by Evenflo?

No, however, both Urbini and Evenflo are produced by the same parent line, Goodbaby International.

How do you put a car seat in an Urbini stroller?

The base acts as a car seat and if you open the plastic flap that’s attached to the center of the car seat the buckles for strapping the seat to the car are included for a secure fit.

How do you take the wheels off an Urbini stroller?

To take the wheels off, there is a button that can be pressed with a screwdriver to pop the wheels out of their sockets.

How do I adjust the base on my Urbini cars eat?

There is a button at the base of the car seat to control how much or how little of the straps and buckles come out depending on the size of your car and baby sitting in the car seat. You can adjust the amount of slack that is leftover after the baby is secured in place for the most comfortable fit.

Is Evenflo a good brand?

Yes, Evenflo is a more budget-friendly option that is still safety ensured and lightweight in size.

Is Evenflo and Urbini the same?

They are not the same brand but instead brand siblings. They are both marketed under the company Goodbaby International that owns both brands.

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