Best Electric Vegetable Slicers, Dicers, Shredders, Choppers and Spiralizers

Are you looking for the best electric vegetable slicer, shredder, dicer or spiralizer? Unsure which model is right for you? Look no further. Our expert reviewers have reviewed all of the top electric veggie slicers and listed the best of the best here. Scroll to the bottom for our electric veggie slicer buying guide.

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Best Overall

Flyerstoy Professional Electric Slicer

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This BPA-free professional electric slicer by Flyerstoy is a great choice for anyone looking for an electric veggie slicer. While it’s not necessarily built to shred, it’s our top pick for slicing and dicing. This slicer comes with 4 blade cones that allow you to slice, grate, chop or shred. Wattage Output: 150 watts.

Best for Light Use

Presto 02910 Electric Slicer + Shredder

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If salad prep assistance is what you’re looking for, the Presto 02910 Electric Slicer + Shooter is a solid option at a reasonable price. This slicer shreds as well and, at only 2.6 pounds, it’s lightweight enough to hold it while it slices ingredients directly in the bowl. Wattage Output: 125 watts.

Best Slicer + Shooter

Presto 02970 Electric Slicer + Shredder

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Weighing in at almost 4 pounds, the Presto 02970 is not one of the lighter handheld veggie slicers. Though it is still a great option if you’re OK with a compact, heavier slicer that can also be used in non-handheld mode with the funnel guide. Large food chamber can fit whole potatoes. Includes 4 cone attachments. Wattage Output: 114 watts.

Best Attachment

HomeLike 8541989430 Attachment

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If you already own a KitchenAid stand mixer, you may want to consider the HomeLike 8541989430 Vegetable Slicer Attachment. This slicer attachment comes with 3 cone inserts; slicing, coarse shredder and fine shredder. It’s also important to note that this slicer attachment is not dishwasher safe.

Best Non-Electric

Briefton’s Non-Electric Spiralizer

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Though this is not an electric vegetable slicer, the power, versatility and functionality of the Brieftons 10-Blade Veggie Slicer + Spiralizer makes this one of the top overall picks for “veggie slicers”. It comes with 10 blades offering 4 different slice options, curly fry option and 5 different veggie pasta options.

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Electric Vegetable Slicer Overview

It’s the dream of every home chef to reduce prep time for each meal. Busy lives, balancing work, children’s school schedules, extra curricular activities, and chores can be exhausting. An electric vegetable slicer is great in that it can help reduce prep time, making meal prep enjoyable and not overwhelming.

Electronic veggie slicers make prep a breeze by slicing, chopping, mincing, cubing, and grinding ingredients for you, taking the knife cutting down to a minimum. They work on mainly fruit and vegetables, some even work on cheese, nuts, and meat as well. High powered motors ensure predictable performance with each use. Many slicers offer a variety of blades to provide different cuts for different meals to even cooking time.

Our list includes a range of options for electric vegetable slicer’s, with high powered motors, blade versatility options, bowl capacities, and cleanliness factors. No matter your kitchen needs, you should be able to find one that suits you below!

Here are the best electric vegetable slicers:

1. Best Overall: Flyerstoy Professional Salad Maker, Electric Slicer and Shredder, with One Touch Control + 4 Cone Attachments

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Flyerstoy Professional Electric Slicer Review

The Professional Salad Maker, Electric Slicer, with One Touch Control has a 150W powerful motor that can slice fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats, nuts, and even chocolate! It has one function operation by the touch of a single button.

There are four blade options, all built of stainless steel. The salad maker can slice, mince, grate, and chop, with several options for slice sizes.

There is no bowl capacity, you slice into your own bowl by using the plastic feeder and the unit “shoots” your veggies out.

This lightweight unit makes clean up a breeze! Not only are all of the blades dishwasher safe, but the unit itself is stain resistant and beautiful. You could easily store it on the counter, a closet, or a drawer. The blades have a storage holder for safe keeping.

Original Retail $53.99
UPC 00648333537369
Model Professional
Brand Flyerstoy

2. Best for Light Use: Presto 02910 Salad Shooter, Electric Slicer & Shredder + 2 Cone Attachments

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Presto 02910 Electric Slicer + Shredder Review

The Presto 02910 Salad Shooter is a handheld slicer and shredder. It has a 125W power motor that is not suitable for dense root veggies but is perfect for use with softer fruits, vegetables, cheese, nuts, and chocolate.

There are two stainless steel blade options for slicing and shredding. These are easy to switch out.

This unit “shoots” your slices precisely where you want them, so there is no bowl capacity to consider. The plastic feeder takes in the food, you hold the Salad Shooter over where you want the food to land.

The Presto is ultra light weight making clean up and storage a breeze. All blade parts are dishwasher safe and the unit is easily wiped clean. It fits perfectly into a standard size drawer for safe storage.

The largest negative with this unit is it isn’t designed for preparing large meals, more for your light use slicing needs.

See Presto’s Video about the 02910 Salad Shooter


Original Retail $49.99
UPC 00075741029108
Model 2910
Brand Presto
SKU 2910

3. Best Slicer + Shooter: Presto 02970 Professional Salad Shooter, Electric Slicer & Shredder + 4 Cone Attachments

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Presto 02970 Electric Slicer + Shredder Review

The Presto 02970 Professional Salad Shooter has 114W of power in its compact design. The slicer is suitable for most vegetables, fruits, cheeses, nuts, chocolate, and can even make cracker or bread crumbs.

The stainless steel blades come in four different types of “cones” that can easily be switched for different types of slices. The slicing options include regular, thick, ripple, or shred.

This Salad Shooter is handheld so that you can easily hold it over any bowl size, shred cheese over any meal, or sit stationary for meal prep slicing.

The unit is medium weight but compact, with a large protruding feeder. All of the shredding cones are dishwasher safe and the unit can be wiped free of any spills. It’s compact design makes the unit itself easy to store, but it does not contain a case for the cones for safe storage.

A negative aspect to this slicer is the low wattage power. It would be difficult to slice through dense potatoes or dense root vegetables with the low speed.

See Presto’s Video about the 02970 Salad Shooter


Original Retail $69.99
UPC 00600175020416
Model 2970
Brand Presto
SKU 2970

4. Best Attachment: HomeLike 8541989430 Vegetable Slicer Shredder Attachment for the KitchenAid Mixer with 3 Cone Inserts

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4 out of 5 stars

HomeLike 8541989430 Attachment Review

The Slicer/Shredder Attachment for the KitchenAid Mixer is powered by the mixer itself. This unit is suitable for dicing, mincing, and shredding cuts. It can be used for veggies, fruits, and nuts. It is not suitable for cheese or meat.

This slicer attachment has three 360 degree stainless steel blades that are easily interchangeable. The options are slices, coarse shredding, or thin shredding.

This attaches to your KitchenAid brand mixer and so it is a stationary unit. You can use a bowl of any size to catch the slices.

The unit is lightweight and attaches easily to your mixer, but is not dishwasher safe. It does come with it’s own brush to clean the blades with. It is compact and could be easily stored in a drawer, but it does not have a blade storage system for safety.

This Slicer/Shredder Attachment would be problematic for anyone who does not own a KitchenAid brand mixer already, so this must be considered.

Original Retail $37.99
UPC 00192389594772
Model 8541989430
Brand HomeLike
SKU 8541989430

5. Best Non-Electric: Briefton’s 754169671075 10 Blade Spiralizer with Blade Caddy, Container, Lid & 4 Recipe Ebooks

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4 out of 5 stars

Briefton’s Non-Electric Spiralizer Review

Briefton’s 10 Blade Spiralizer is built for home cooks who don’t mind using a little muscle for a quick slice. This unit is powered by a hand crank that is easy to use with safety holds for the fruit or vegetable to stay in place. It is not suitable to slice cheese, meat, or nuts.

With ten blade options, each made of Japanese 420J2 stainless steel, you can create slices that are spiral for veggie noodles, pappardelle, crinkle chips, and curly fry styles. This doesn’t provide a way to chop vegetables in traditional slices, so be wary of that.

There is no bowl for bowl capacity, so the capacity of slicing on this one is unlimited. The unit suction cups to the counter for stability and then you slice directly onto the counter, or a cutting board. There is a “catch box” included, with a lid to store the veggies for future use, but the capacity is small.

The storage system for the Spiralizer is impressive. Each blade has its own storage slot in a blade case, and the base can also store blades as well. The blades must be hand washed.

We can see a few negatives to using this system. First, it is not electric and must be hand cranked. The hand crank appears to be easy, but it will take manpower. Another point to consider is the lack of variety in cuts. This machine is built to turn veggies into noodles but not much else.

Briefton’s 10-Blade Spiralizer Demo from Briefton’s via YouTube


Original Retail $29.97
UPC 00754169671075
Model 754169671075
Brand Brieftons
SKU 754169671075

6. Additional Option: Cuisinart SSL-100 Prep Express Slicer, Shredder & Spiralizer + 4 Cutting Cones

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4 out of 5 stars

Cuisinart SSL-100 Express Slicer + Shredder Review

The Cuisinart SSL-100 Prep Express Slicer is powered by a 65 Watt motor and is suitable for slicing veggies and fruits. It cannot be used to slice nuts, meat, or cheese.

The four blades on this unit are stainless steel in a “cone” fashion. They are easily exchanged in the unit, providing four different types of cuts depending on how you place food into the tube. It can slice, dice, spiralize, crinkle, ribbon, thin or wide shred, and waffle cut providing versatility of slicing.

The Cuisinart SSL-100 does have its own 5 cup capacity prep bowl. It is a standalone unit making use of the prep bowl necessary. The large capacity of the bowl is adequate for large and small meal prep alike.

The unit is of medium weight making it best for counter storage. It is aesthetically pleasing, so storage on the counter will not clash with your kitchen’s decor. Three color options are available as well. The Cuisinart unit is easily wiped down but the blades are not dishwasher safe. A brush is provided to hand wash the blades. No storage case is included for safe blade storage.

The biggest negative we see is that this unit is not versatile for nuts, meats, or cheeses. The low power must also be taken into consideration before making a purchase.

See instruction and recipe booklet for Cuisinart.

Cuisinart SSL-100 Express Slicer + Shredder Demo Video from Cuisinart via YouTube

Original Retail $59.98
UPC 00086279126184
Model SSL-100
Brand Cuisinart

What to consider when buying an electric vegetable slicer, shredder, chopper or spiralizer

Confused about which electric veggie slicer is right for you? See our buying guide below. We’ve discussed a number of factors to consider when purchasing an electric vegetable slicer.

Motor Speed

The first point to consider is motor speed. You will want to make sure the motor is powerful enough to cut through dense root vegetables as well as more yielding foods, like tomatoes.

Blade Quality

The next point to ponder is the blades. A slicer should have blades with a good quality, ultra sharp steel. There is a large range of options among electric slicing brands, so which blades you will need versus which are a bonus feature will need to be decided. We must also consider how easy it is to store the blades for safety.

Bowl Capacity

Bowl capacity should be considered. If the capacity is too small for the meal size it will be inconvenient. If you are cooking for a large group regularly, you might need a large capacity bowl or the ability to use your own bowl for prep.

Ease of Use

We also must consider how easy it is to clean the slicer, the blades, and the bowl. If you have a dishwasher, the blades and bowl should be dishwasher safe for convenience. If you will be storing the unit, weight will factor in. If you plan to display your new slicer on the counter, you will want to choose one that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and fits into your kitchen decor.

Bowl Quality & Safety

When determining which vegetable slicer is right for you the quality of the material is important as well. You should check to see what the plastics are made of. Check whether it is BPA free and also whether or not is is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic. To read more about ABS plastic safety, see this article at


Each vegetable slicer offers a variety of unique features. Some are strictly vegetable spiralizers, others are vegetable choppers or are great to make vegetable pastas as well. Determine what you would be using you electric veggie for and then ensure that the option you’re reviewing offers all features that are suitable for your needs.

Electric Vegetable Slicer FAQs

Here are some of the more common questions asked about veggie slicers. We hope this helps you make the correct choice in determining which vegetable slicer to buy.

What is the best vegetable slicer?

A mandolin slicer is the best for slicing vegetables at home and can be purchased for under $30. If you want better control over the thickness of your vegetable slices, some mandolin slicers have adjustable settings. The KitchenAid also has a well-reviewed slicer/shredder attachment that can be put on your KitchenAid mixer.

What is the best electric vegetable chopper?

Black+Decker has a 1.5-cup electric food chopper that has nearly 5,000 positive reviews on Amazon and sells for less than $30. The Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Compact Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper has well over 8,000 positive reviews, making it one of Amazon’s bestsellers. Many users note that the Hamilton Beach chopper is versatile and powerful. With an 8-cup capacity, you can chop plenty of veggies for only $40.

What is a veggie slicer called?

The most common veggie slicer is called a mandoline. This is a hand slicer that works by running the vegetables across a sharp blade. Many mandoline slicers have a container to catch the slices in, although some do not have catch trays.

What is the best mandoline slicer to buy?

The Fullstar mandoline slicer doubles as a vegetable grater. It sells for about $30 and has almost a thousand positive reviews on Amazon. It is compact and practical. Because it includes a protective glove, you can rest assured that kitchen accidents will be minimal when using this slicer.

Is a mandoline slicer worth it?

Yes. Using a mandoline slicer can save you time in the kitchen. If a recipe calls for many sliced vegetable ingredients, a mandoline slicer can make food preparation easier.

Should I buy a mandoline slicer?

Yes. Mandoline slicers are available for less than $30. They are compact, so they won’t take up much cabinet or counter space. Especially if you cook a lot of recipes that use sliced vegetables, a mandoline slicer is a must.

What can I use instead of a mandoline slicer?

You can use a knife to hand-slice vegetables. However, this will take more time than a mandoline slicer.

How do you thin cut vegetables?

While you can thin cut vegetables by hand, it is much easier to use a mandoline slicer to get clean, consistent cuts. Many mandoline slicers have several settings, allowing you to choose the thickness you want for your vegetables.

Why are mandolins so dangerous?

When you use a mandoline slicer, you run the vegetables back and forth over a sharp blade. While this can be done quickly, you run the risk of slicing yourself in the process. A protective glove can help keep you from slicing your fingers on the mandoline.

What is a good vegetable chopper?

Good Housekeeping recommends the Swongar Pro Multiple Vegetable Chopper, which is a manual chopper. You can press vegetables through this chopper to slice and dice your vegetables.

Which is the best chopper?

There are great options at every price point for choppers. Manual choppers can be purchased for under $20. One of the bestselling electric vegetable choppers is the Hamilton Beach Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper. It has a 10-cup capacity, allowing you to chop lots of vegetables easily.

What is the best onion chopper?

The Swongar Pro Multiple Vegetable Chopper is good for onions. It can reduce onion vapors as you cut. It is small, portable, and affordable.

What is the best spiral vegetable slicer?

If you have a KitchenAid Mixer, the KitchenAid spiralizer attachment is the best spiral vegetable slicer. If you do not have a KitchenAid, the OXO Good Grips Spiralizer may work for you.

What is the best small manual food chopper?

The Swongar Pro Multiple Vegetable Chopper allows you to manually chop food, dropping it into a catch tray. It has a few different blade options, allowing you to slice and dice vegetables with ease.