Deal Review: WeMo WiFi Light Switch (F7C030 – Refurb)

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The Wemo WiFi Light Switch Uses Your Existing Home WiFi Network To Provide Wireless Control Of Your Lights From Anywhere In The World. No Subscription Or Hub Is Required: Simply Install The Light Switch And Start Controlling Your Lights From Your Phone Or Tablet. Using The Free Wemo App, You Can Switch Your Lights On And Off And Set Worry-Free Schedules No Matter Where You Are. The Wemo Light Switch Also Functions Like A Normal Switch: Simply Press The Switch To Toggle Your Lights On Or Off.


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5 out of 5 stars

WeMo WiFi Light Switch Review

From Wemo, this Wi-Fi Enabled light switch is rapidly becoming one of our favorite gadgets around the house. Control your lighting at any point, from any location using the Wemo app, while also interacting in a physical capacity, allowing one user to turn on the light while physically in a room, and another to turn that same light off, when they’re out for the day, saving on electricity bills.

The remote access feature is also supremely useful for those who are traveling, allowing lights to be scheduled to turn on and off while they are away from home, building an illusion of life inside the house, and reducing the risk of burglary.

The Wemo light switch is also compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, and Google’s Assistant, enabling voice controls to change lighting environments. In addition to a technological step, this is also a huge benefit for those who many not be able to physically reach the switch to turn it on or off, and additionally those who find themselves with their hands full, like parents juggling grocery bags and screaming children.

The switch connects to existing WIFI networks, and seamlessly blends into whatever combination of smart technology already exists in your home, remaining unobtrusive, but useful. A perfect buy for those slowly adding smart tech to their home. It’s easy to see the usefulness, and even easier to enjoy never having to get up to turn off a light again. 5/5

Store: eBay

Brand: WeMo

UPC: 745883761357

SKU: F7C030-RM2