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The Future of Social Media Marketing: 11 Trends You Need to Know in 2022

Looking at the increasing importance of social media in consumer lives, business owners and marketers have started using these platforms to connect with their target audiences. Social media marketing has evolved from a trend to an inevitable marketing strategy today. However, there is a constant overload on these channels and a cut-throat competition for attention. Staying on top of the latest trends can help fuel your social media marketing strategy and help you stand out. Here are the top social media trends you should be aware of in 2021 and beyond.

Five YouTube Channels To Kick Your Finances Into Gear

If you don’t have time to read a book line by line and you just don’t really seem to pay attention to an entire podcast, the wonderful viral world of YouTube is packed to the brim with some of the best financial education and informative channels you can find from content creators around the world. Whether you’re going to be the next Wolf of Wall Street, an extreme financial minimalist, or you just want to educate yourself on some basic financial literacy, here are the top five channels we’ve selected to help you find something beneficial to add to your playlist.

The Defection of a Celebrity Streamer is Great News for Microsoft

Tyler Blevins, better known as “Ninja” to Amazon Twitch audiences, has defected to Microsoft Mixer; something that carries a lot more weight than one might think. Ninja has a huge following and a lot of influence in the streaming community, and him joining Mixer will greatly bolster Microsoft’s relatively fresh and fledgling streaming service.