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Walmart Adds Siri Shortcut To Online Grocery Shopping App

Now, shoppers can create a voice order to add items to their cart through Siri. The Siri Shortcut for Online Grocery allows customers with iOS devices to ask digital voice assistant Siri to add items to their cart by saying “Add to Walmart.” The new feature works for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, HomePod or CarPlay.

Walmart Allows Alcoholic Beverage Grocery Pickup

Walmart, the Bentonville, Arkansas-based grocery chain announced online that customers could choose from a variety of wine and beers — in accordance with state and local regulations — and pick them up with no hassle.

8 Must-See Deals right now at Walmart

Walmart keeps rolling out the Black Friday specials early in hopes to get consumers excited about all of the deals. Consumers can surf online to find hot deals posted to its website Walmart.com. Additionally, Walmart’s offering two-day, free shipping on orders $35 and more.

Walgreens, Kroger Stop Sales of Vapes

On Oct. 7, Walmart and Kroger announced that they would no longer sell e-cigarette products. Recent concerns over vaping come after the CDC linked approximately 1,299 cases of lung injury associated with e-cigarette or vaping products in the U.S. Additionally, the CDC found that 26 deaths occurred across 21 states with patients reporting a history of using e-cigarettes or vaping products.

25% Off an Asus Laptop is a Great Way to Enter the PC Gaming...

Asus is in a weird place as far as its reputation is concerned; it’s known for making good computers, but not necessarily the best. Then again, they also aren’t the most expensive, so they have a pretty good ratio of bang to buck. That said, Asus is actually a pretty good budget means of getting into PC gaming, if you’re interested in that. And it’s even better when Walmart has an excellent deal available on one. Right now, Walmart is selling the ASUS TUF gaming laptop with a Ryzen 7 processor, GTX 1650 card, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD for just $750. Considering that the price of this laptop is usually $1000, you’re saving exactly 25% with this deal.

You Can Get A 12.9 Inch 1TB iPad Pro For $400 Off or 128GB...

The iPad Pro is an excellent device that can do pretty much everything you need; be it work or leisure, having a 12.9 inch iPad Pro with 1TB of data could certainly never be...

Handgun Ammunition no Longer Sold at Walmart, and Customers asked not to Bring Guns...

With many of the awful shootings lately taking place inside Walmart stores around the country, it’s not hard to guess why guns and ammo are big issues being discussed in relation to the retailer. It’s no secret that Walmart has long sold different firearms and ammo for them, and lots of people were displeased about this reality as the recent shootings took place in Walmart stores. Despite the fact that the shootings were not facilitated by guns and ammo acquired in the store at the time of the shootings themselves, people were displeased that Walmart was continuing to sell guns and ammo following the incidents, equating the decision to do so as not caring if they were contributing to the problem.

Both Target and Walmart are Offering Car-Seat Trade-in Deals this Month

As is tradition at this point, Target has once again launched a car seat trade-in program, which has always proven to be very popular. This time around, customers who trade in their old car seats will receive a coupon for 20% off of select items; namely, car seats, car seat bases, strollers, travel systems, or baby equipment for the home, such as rockers, bouncers, and high chairs. Walmart is offering a $30 gift card.

Walmart’s Best Toys of 2019 List Released

The list includes 48 toys — more than the company’s previous years lists — with a featured trend of gaming. Additionally, the list features mostly Walmart-exclusive toys. Anne Marie Kehoe, vice president of toys at Walmart, said Walmart’s goal is to make it as easy as possible for parents to find the perfect toys for their children.

Walmart and Tasty Collab for Easy Meal Planning, Recipe Shopping

Getting online to watch one-to-two minute videos posted to Buzzfeed’s ever-popular Tasty page on Facebook seems to be a past time of most who are looking for an easy way to eat at home. Walmart saw the potential in the brand’s popularity and started selling Tasty merchandise in March 2018. The inexpensive line offers 90 products. Now to further expand on their partnership, Walmart is collaborating with Tasty for easy, shoppable recipes. According to Walmart, customers can now get the entire ingredients lists from more than 4,000 recipes featured on Tasty right to an online grocery cart with one click.

A Great Deal is Available on Philips Norelco 5750 Electric Razor at Walmart

Every man needs to have a razor in their arsenal, even if you plan on keeping your beard for a while. You never know when you’ll need to shave, so having a good electric razor on hand is just good foresight. On the other hand, electric razors can be very expensive, especially if you are looking at high quality razors that you can trust. That’s why you would generally want to take advantage of discounts on quality razors when they crop up. At the moment, Walmart is offering one such discount on a very good razor, the Phillips Norelco Electric Shaver 5750. It’s $40 off, which is a pretty sweet discount for a pretty valuable razor.

Did Target Make a Big Mistake Causing it to Lag Behind Walmart and Amazon?

Ever since Amazon helped initiate the retail apocalypse, classic stores have been going bankrupt left and right. Many of those that haven’t are still on the verge of collapse. And yet, among the ruthless demise of a dozen retailers, both Target and Walmart managed to not only survive, but adapt and grow. As far as retail was concerned, those two were the only ones managing to compete with Amazon at all, even if they were still behind the e-commerce giant by a significant extent.

Walmart Employees are Troubled by the Retailer’s Decision to Continue Selling Firearms even after...

Following the deadly shootings over the weekend in El Paso and Dayton Ohio, a pair of Walmart employees have joined a number of gun control advocates, opposing Walmart’s sale of guns and ammunition. They have urged other employees to join in their protest.

Laptop Computers Go On Sale Just In Time For Back-To-School Shopping

Walking through any brick and mortar store, or browsing through any online store these days it's hard not to notice all the back-to-school sales that are currently going on. It is now one of those various times throughout the year that retailers put forth their best deals in an attempt to woo shoppers during this end-of-the-summer period when parents are shopping for the new school year for everything from clothing to school supplies.

Shoppers Threaten to Boycott Walmart if Stores do not Remove Guns and Ammo

Following a statement in which Walmart said it would not be making any changes to its policy of selling firearms and ammunition after the shootings in El Paso and Southhaven, the retailer has been facing increased pressure to do exactly that. Many people, including gun safety advocates and everyday shoppers, are very disgruntled with the store’s decision to remove violent video game displays and videos, but not actual guns and ammo.

Walmart Temporarily Removes Violent Video Game Displays but will still Sell Firearms

The tragic shootings of last weekend made a profound impact on the country, raising many questions, giving rise to many fears, and reigniting the controversy regarding video games and their link to acts of violence. While the research and statistics claim otherwise, many still cast the blame on video games when it comes to mass shootings; even when the shooters themselves claim completely different motives.

For A Limited Time, There’s An Amazing Deal On A 70″ LG 4K 2160p...

Your everyday, average American viewer spends about 5 hours a day watching TV. That of course end up being about 35 hours a week on average, which is a lot of time.  Whether or not you actually spend that much time in front of a screen yourself, the fact remains; why spend time in front of an aging, old TV when you could spend that time in front of a much clearer, more crystalline picture? But of course, those types of TVs are quite expensive, so you would probably prefer to get one when they are on sale; such as the 70 inch LG TV that is available at a staggering $360 below its retail price at Walmart.

The Retail Apocalypse is Frightening, but Walmart, Target and eBay Continue to Thrive

The past few years haven’t been kind to many department stores. Retailers across the country are floundering, their stocks cratering as they fail to adapt to the times. Sears is essentially gone, J.C. Penney is well on its way to the same fate, and other department stores, like Macy’s and Kohl’s are barely any better off. And yet, through all of that, Walmart and Target are actually growing. The gap between retailers struggling with a buildup of inventory before the holidays and those that are thriving is widening every day.

Walmart Restructures its Finance Teams as it Works to Integrate Jet.com

Ever since Amazon made online retail the ultimate battleground for modern stores, Walmart has been trying to merge its physical store and online operations. Right now, their finance executives are reshuffling as they merge Jet.com into their online services. The Bentonville company stated in a memo that they would merge the U.S. Finance group into the greater overall finance team. The combined U.S. segment team will be led by Michael Dastugue, the company’s U.S. Finance Chief. The Finance Chief for Sam’s Club, Steve Schmitt, will be the CFO for the e-commerce division.

Walmart Begins Using Virtual Reality to Train Employees

Walmart is the largest private employer in the United States, and they have started to use virtual reality headsets to test the aptitude of employees in middle managements positions. These VR headsets put potential candidates in real life situations to test them when it comes to things like calming irritated or angry shoppers or providing tours to brand new employees.