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First Quarterly Drop in US Postal Service Shipping Volume in Nine Years is a...

Back in February of 2017, USPS sent a warning regarding its one consistently successful product. In a government filing, USPS stated that the multi-year growth of its shipping and package operations could be threatened if the three customers most responsible for the business, those being FedEx, Amazon, and UPS, continued to expand their own shipping infrastructure, diverting business away from the United States Postal Service.

The Working Conditions of US Postal Workers Raise Concerns for Arizona Lawmakers

Following a scenario in which a US postal worker successfully cooked a steak on the dashboard of their vehicle during a ridiculously hot summer shift, an Arizona state representative is calling for an investigation into working conditions for US Postal Service workers. According to the mail carrier it only took two and a half hours to cook the steak in question; a testament to how hot it can get in those vehicles.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Admits the US Postal Service is Largely Responsible for Amazon’s...

In an interview on Monday, Jeff Bezos stated the US Postal Service was critical in getting Amazon off the ground, due to its provision of infrastructure that early Amazon needed to fulfill its purpose. Bezos has also stated his desire to create a similar infrastructure for space travel, since it will take hundreds of millions of dollars to get anything worthwhile underway. However, such comments could potentially anger President Trump, who has often criticized Amazon’s use of the postal service.