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A New Mario Themed Red and Blue Nintendo Switch is Now Available

Everyone remembers the scenario with the Nintendo Switch, in which it was nearly impossible to find the console at a fair price. Scalpers were at large, stock was coming in pretty slowly, and people were buying the things as fast as they appear on shelves. Thankfully the situation isn’t quite as bad anymore, though things aren’t perfect. That being said, if you still haven’t gotten your hands on a Nintendo Switch or you just want another one for whatever reason, there’s a new limited-edition Mario-themed Red and Blue Nintendo Switch that just came out for you to consider.

Mario, Of All Franchises, Is Getting A Battle Royale Game

Ever since PUBG hit the ground running, the battle royale genre has become immensely popular in the modern generation of gaming. Over the past few years, nearly everyone has tried to get it on the hype of battle royale games in one way or another, even if their games weren’t originally intended to work in such a fashion. And yet, that paradigm is going to continue: believe it or not, one of the recently announced Mario games from Nintendo is a battle royale game.

For Super Mario Bros 35th Anniversary, Nintendo is Allegedly Planning Mario Game Remasters

In order to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros, Nintendo is allegedly planning a number of things, one of which is the plan to “re-release most of Super Mario’s 35 year back catalogue.” In other words, they may be looking to remaster a whole lot of old Mario games, something that should be welcome news to the franchise’s many fans. Reports of a new Paper Mario game coming to the Switch in 2020 has also been confirmed, though exact details on that are pretty scarce.

You can Save $8 on Super Mario Maker 2

Quite frankly, Nintendo games don’t go on sale very often, so in the rare event that they do, you should always take advantage of it, even if the savings are small. $8 off of a $60 game isn’t the greatest discount you could ever see, but that’s still $8 you don’t have to spend. In the case of Super Mario Maker 2, there’s a deal going on at Amazon right now in which you can get it for $51.98; just over $8 of its usual price of $59.99. Considering how popular the game is, chances are its worth a buy for Mario fans, so getting even a little bit off is better than paying full price.

A New Super Mario Maker 2 Update adds a Play with Friends Mode

If there’s one thing that people may not have been expecting to come to Super Mario Maker 2, it’s probably a versus and co-op mode for online. And yet, here we are. The newest Super Mario Maker 2 update has added exactly those two things to the game. The update also includes a bunch of other nice features, such as voice chat through the Switch Online mobile app and the ability to choose courses uploaded to Course World along with those saved to Coursebot.