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Are you ready for Star Wars: the Clone Wars’ final season?

After buyouts, multiple streaming deals, studio switches, and many years in between, the fan favorite animated series Star Wars: the Clone Wars is finally set to premier its monumental final season exclusively on Disney Plus. For many longtime fans who haven’t freshened up on the Clone Wars in a while and for the many thousands of new fans who were brought in by the beloved franchise’s other numerous properties who are excited to jump straight first into this season, Disney has officially revealed the episodes you need to go back and watch in order to get all caught up instead of cramming every single previous Clone Wars episode!

What is Disney Hinting at with Project Luminous?

While fans spend hours and hours of time debating the controversial Skywalker saga and catching up on season one of the Mandalorian, the creative team at Disney is already cooking up their next major Star Wars adventures, the mysteriously named multi-media initiative known as Project Luminous. According to the team over at Screenrant​, this new phase in Disney’s expansion of the Star Wars universe with the creative minds over at Lucasfilm will set up the next several years of Star Wars stories, potentially something so big it will impact the full multi-media landscape ranging from the popular Star Wars comic series by Marvel, their award winning video games, and most definitely on their recently launched streaming service.

Star Wars: Fallen Order could be EA’s Redemption, but Keep your Fingers Crossed

There was a time, distant though it may be, when Electronic Arts was considered one of the most prominent game publishers of the day; a true pioneer of fun and exciting gaming content, with titles like Dead Space, Need for Speed, and Burnout. One of the things that most of those games had it common was their focus on single player content, and being complete package on the day of release. Both of those are hard to come by with EA games these days, and people have been mercilessly ridiculing the publisher for that very reason.

The Pre-Order Bonuses for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order have been Revealed

While we’ve known about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order since it was revealed back at E3 of 2018, we’ve only recently received a release date for it, that being November 15th of 2019. It’ll launch on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, though PC distribution will be handled solely through EA’s Origin Store. The game, being developed by Respawn Entertainment of Titanfall and Apex Legends renown, will be entirely single-player.

Building Your Own Lightsabers and Droids at Disneyland

Disney’s decisions in relation to Star Wars haven’t been universally popular. In fact, the franchise has never been in such a state of contrived flux as it is under their direction, but one of their most recent additions to the universe might be worth all the hassle the sequel trilogy brought about.

Star Wars Rumors: Episode IX To Do Away With Lightsabers

Star Wars has never been an especially deep movie franchise. The basic gist of good versus evil, but in space, has always been its driving force. Sure, the prequels added a lot more gray to the whole Jedi versus Sith business, showing that it was less about good and evil and more about one side versus another, regardless of who was allegedly ‘the good guys.’