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The “Retail Apocalypse” is a term used to describe the transition between shoppers going to stores to now primarily shopping online causing retail shops to start closing down. As retail stores go out of business, online stores like Amazon, Walmart and Target are battling to gain more and more control of the the shift to online shopping. One way they’re doing this is by offering great deals on anything from electronics to home goods and beyond. At TheDealExperts, our goal is to let you know about the best deals available from these top stores.

While brick and mortar stores closing is not necessarily great news for the companies that used to have thriving brick & mortar locations, for the consumer, this does mean great deals are now available that otherwise may not have been.

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Pier 1’s Bankruptcy Makes Way For an Unclear Future

Bankruptcy is never fun, but filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy for a company is a different type of financial and emotional strain, one that the retail chain Pier 1 is about to learn all too well. On February 17th, it became official that Pier 1, a home furnishing retailer with it’s headquarters located in Fort Worth, Texas, issued a press release to Business Insider that they will be “pursuing a ‘orderly sale process’ by filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.”

GameStop Retailer will Close Down 200 Stores Soon

It seems that GameStop will soon go the way of Blockbuster: no one needs physical copies of their entertainment anymore. Digital purchases and downloads are simply more convenient and more efficient. GameStop has a slight advantage in the fact that they sell things you do need physical copies of, like controllers and consoles themselves. But there’s no denying that video games were the main source of income for GameStop, and they just aren’t making that money like they used to.

Another Casualty in the Retail Apocalypse: Retail Store Avenue Closes All Locations

The chain, with more than 222 stores across 33 states, adds to the nearly 8,000 store closures for 2019, surpassing 2018’s total store closures. According to Business Insider, the store will drop prices by 30-50 percent on all of its items. Avenue offered brands and clothing in women’s sizes 14-32.

Another Casualty in Retail Apocalypse: Walgreens to Close 200 Stores

As research analyst Coresight Research predicted Aug. 2 that more than 12,000 stores would close before 2019 ends, another retailer announced hundreds of store closures nationwide. According to an Aug. 6 SEC filing, Walgreens undertook plans to close 200 locations in the U.K. at the end of its second fiscal quarter.

Sears and Kmart Add 26 Store Closures to Growing List, More Closures May Come

As many stores reconsider their financial holdings and how to make a space in the e-commerce dominated market, several have chosen to close stores. After Walgreens announced 200 U.S. location store closures, Kmart and Sears will add 26 more to the growing list of 7,000-plus store closures for 2019.

Store Closures Could Reach More Than 12,000 In U.S. Before End Of 2019

As many retailers have shuttered their stores, filed for bankruptcy or reduced its retail footprint, analysts at Coresight Research predict that the store closure number could reach more than 12,000 before 2019 is over. As of Aug. 2, there’s been 27 percent more store closures in 2019 than in 2018, according to USA Today.

The Retail Apocalypse is Frightening, but Walmart, Target and eBay Continue to Thrive

The past few years haven’t been kind to many department stores. Retailers across the country are floundering, their stocks cratering as they fail to adapt to the times. Sears is essentially gone, J.C. Penney is well on its way to the same fate, and other department stores, like Macy’s and Kohl’s are barely any better off. And yet, through all of that, Walmart and Target are actually growing. The gap between retailers struggling with a buildup of inventory before the holidays and those that are thriving is widening every day.