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Deal Review: Seagate Game Drive For PS4: 2TB Portable HDD

The PlayStation 5 is right around the corner: but it’s still a few months off yet, and some people don’t plan on getting one right away, or anytime soon at all. That being the case, there’s still plenty of reason to invest in a hard drive for your PS4 if you need one. This particular model is an officially licensed hard drive from Seagate that has 2TB of storage available.

Crysis Remastered Is Coming To PS4, Xbox One, And PC This Summer

Due to negative feedback on the first gameplay reveal for Crysis Remastered, it was delayed beyond its initial release date. Instead of the initial date it was supposed to debut on, it will now be released on September 18th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Being a remaster instead of a brand-new game, it will retail for just $30 instead of the traditional $60.

Another PS4 Sale Offers Excellent Discounts On Major Franchises, Such As Resident Evil And...

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to worsen: it really seems like we’ll be stuck in quarantine for several more weeks, which isn’t too welcome. That said, social distancing and confinement is a perfect time to need more new games to play, and thanks to another great sale on the PS4, new games are available for those who don’t have them, and at pretty good prices. The discounts are mostly for games developed by Japanese companies, such as Dark Souls, Megaman, Final Fantasy and much more.