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PlayStation Buys EVO Championship Series Fighting Game Tournament

In a recent announcement made by Sony, it has been stated that PlayStation has acquired the rights to the Evolution Fighting Games Tournament, better known by its abbreviation, EVO. On the Sony Interactive Entertainment blog, Sony claims that EVO is to begin the next chapter of Esports for PlayStation and its many multiplayer titles. This acquisition also includes a partnership with esports venture RTS. The reveal will be a heavily online-focused event starting on August 6th and again on August 13th. Each event will last 3 days, ending on the 8th and the 15th respectively.

Deal Review: DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment

With the PlayStation 5 out, there’s not as much need for PlayStation 4 accessories and devices. However, there are still reasons to invest in such accessories. After all, the PlayStation 4 DualShock controller can in fact be used with the PlayStation 5, albeit with some caveats. You can only use the PS4 DualShock controller with PS4 games, even on your PS5. You can’t use the old controller to play PS5 exclusive games.