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Deal Review: Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch may not really be ‘new’ anymore, but it’s still the most recent console from Nintendo and it is still immensely popular. After all, there’s a ton of games you can only play on the Switch, as it has many exclusive series to offer. Like many consoles today, the Switch has a bigger, badder version that costs more money, and a slimmer, less expensive version. We’re going to talk about the Switch versus the Switch Lite.

Buy 32GB Nintendo Switch – Where To Buy One and How Much it Costs

Since the pandemic started, the Nintendo Switch has been one of the most sought-after gaming consoles. Whether that’s because of its versatility or its many exclusive titles and franchises, we can’t say. Either way, many people have been after one, and many people have raised many questions. Here, we’ll do all we can to provide answers to those many questions, from where you can get a Switch, to where you can get them cheaper, and what all they can do.

Nintendo Switch Is Still Rare, But The Lite Has Been Restocked To Some Extent

It’s not news at this point: the Nintendo Switch and its handheld-only variant, the Lite, have been running out of stock in physical retailers across the country. With everyone being contained to their homes these past few weeks, the console has been in high demand. Increased demand for this $300 console and its cousin is understandable, but lots of people have been unable to get their hands on one considering just how high that demand is.