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Deal Review: Nintendo Switch With Gray Joy-Cons

There isn’t much to say about the Nintendo Switch that hasn’t been said before, but if you have yet to buy one, we’ll cover what you need to know about the handheld console powerhouse in this brief but informative review. The Nintendo Switch is an innovative console that can play at home on a TV or on the road as a portable device. This is the main reason for its name, and also one of its major selling points. Instead of having to buy one or the other, buying a console that can be stationary or mobile means every bit of money you spend on the Switch can be worth it whether you are at home or on a trip.

A Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Is Available Right Now For The Lowest Price Ever

There’s nothing better than getting a normally expensive product for a whole lot cheaper. Keeping an eye out for deals is standard fare during the holiday season, since we’d all like to get gifts for others or ourselves for cheap. Well, if you’ve been thinking about getting a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, now is the best possible time to do it. That’s because you can get one at Walmart right now for the lowest price it’s ever been in the United States, $55.