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The Fourth Season Of Netflix’s Castlevania Has Been Confirmed

Good shows are hard to come by, but Netflix usually manages to deliver on quite a few of them. That’s why it’s good news whenever one of those great shows gets renewed for another season. Castlevania is in that boat, with the excellent Netflix original being renewed for a fourth season. This announcement was made on Netflix’s official Twitter account, accompanied by a scene from season 3.

Netflix creates $100 million fund to support hourly workers during production shutdowns

If you still needed any evidence that proved the Coronavirus is out to ruin good entertainment, consider the fact that Netflix has gone out of its way to create a $100 million fund to support all of the people that are out of work, thanks to the virus shutting down film and TV production across the board.

Netflix Announces Cuphead Animated Series Based on Video Game

Netflix is adding another unique show to its repertoire; an animated TV series based on the critically acclaimed side-scrolling game Cuphead. Said game was based on the cartoon style of the thirties. Online provider Netflix has stated that the program will be called “The Cuphead Show” on Tuesday. The show, like the game, will feature titular character Cuphead and his brother Mugman. They’ve made a deal with the devil and have to do his bidding.

Amazon Begins to Advance Past Roku

Roku, once the leading company in regards to streaming devices, has just recently been overtaken by Amazon, and the gap between the two is already widening. Amazon announced that it reached 30 million active accounts on its Fire TV devices in January at the beginning of the year, and they announced recently that the number of active accounts has actually hit 34 million.