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The Free February SNES and NES Games for Nintendo Switch Subscribers have been Revealed

Nintendo Switch has been getting free SNES and NES games added to its library for subscribers every month for quite some time, and now we finally know which free games are being added for February. There will be four in total, with the two NES games being Eliminator Boat Duel and Shadow of the Ninja. The two SNES games Smash Tennis and Pop’n TwinBee.

You Can Get A Full Year Of Nintendo Switch Online Free

Nintendo Switch Online includes all sorts of nice benefits, and those benefits got even better lately with the recent update to their retro games library. Now there are over 60 NES and SNES games available with Nintendo Switch Online, including popular classics like Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Super Mario World. Certainly not bad old school games to revisit at any rate. Normally you’d have to pay $20 USD for a full year of Nintendo Switch Online, which is, quite frankly, very affordable. That said, even though $20 USD is cheap, you know what’s even cheaper? Free. If you have Amazon Prime right now, you can get a full year of Nintendo Switch Online for Free.