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Abzu Free and The End is Nigh Free

New Free Games are Available on the Epic Games Store: Abzu and The End...

Two new games are now available on the Epic Games Store, those being Abzu and The End is Nigh. Both of these games will be available until Thursday, September 12th, which is just a few days away. After that date they’ll be replaced by Conarium, which will mark the first time the free game has been one single title in several weeks. Point being, if you haven’t nabbed the two current free games yet, you’ll want to hop on it as soon as you can, because you don’t have long.
The Free September 2019 Games for PS Plus have been Announced

The Free September 2019 Games for PlayStation Plus have been Announced

In the exact same vein as Xbox Live Gold subscribers, those who subscribe to PlayStation Plus receive free games every month. It’s generally a mixed bag as to what kind of games you get, but they’re usually announced just a few days in advance of the month itself, and we can rest easy this time, knowing that some pretty great games will be free for PlayStation Plus members this September.