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Illinois Privacy Law Lead to a Half Billion Dollar Facebook Settlement

Illinois Privacy Law Leads to a Half Billion Dollar Facebook Settlement

Think of this scenario- you go on your Facebook account to scroll through your friend’s posts and maybe a thousand cat videos, then you decide to upload a photo of you and your crew from last night’s party. You upload the photo, then suddenly Facebook automation pops up with suggestions on who to tag, specifically those who appear in the photo with you. Sounds easy right? Sounds familiar, right? Well because of this tagging ability, a whole privacy issue has spun into legal warfare between big tech and the law once again.
Facebook Starts Its Own Online Journalism Function ‘Facebook News’

Facebook Starts Its Own Online Journalism Function ‘Facebook News’

In the world of social media “fake news” and shared posts, it can be difficult to believe or understand half of the posts shared on social media. Facebook has decided to step into the ring of journalism by providing its own platform service, Facebook News, for “underserved communities with a small amount of local news providers.”
New report shows Facebook usage dropped 26 percent

New Report Shows Facebook Usage Dropped 26 Percent

Maybe it’s the security issues that Facebook has experienced in the past several years or people are just getting tired of arguing online, but the Media Outlook 2020 study by Activate Consulting states Facebook usage is declining.
Facebook releases investigation results involving Cambridge Analytica

Facebook Releases Investigation Results Involving Cambridge Analytica

In response to an incident involving third-party app developers and Cambridge Analytica getting millions of users data without their consent, Facebook launched an investigation into these app’s security breaches starting in March 2018.