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EA Claims That Reports Regarding In-Game Ads on Their Console Titles are False

Thanks to a number of bad decisions made by Electronic Arts in the past few years, their reputation isn’t exactly the best. Despite owning a number of game franchises that are greatly beloved, EA has a tendency to shoehorn something in that harms the experience: usually, something to do with money. Many still remember the loot box crises of Battlefront II and Halo Infinite. However, even EA wouldn’t go so far as to literally put ads in their games, right? Or would they really force you to watch an ad between Battlefield matches, a la YouTube? Well, some concerns have arisen regarding this matter, following a report from Axios that stated that Simulmedia, the makers of the in-game ad platform known as PlayerWON, signed a deal with EA for exactly that: in-game ads...

EA Play Being Added to Xbox Game Pass for PC, Adding Over 60 New...

Most everyone knows about Game Pass these days: it’s the Microsoft subscription service that grants you access to a huge library of games, for a monthly fee. Since its inception, Game Pass has been very well received, since it is a very affordable way for gamers to experience a wide variety of titles without paying for each and every one of them. Needless to say, $15 for a month’s worth of access to a hundred games or more is a pretty good deal.

EA’s First Cross-Play Game, Need For Speed, Finally Makes Its Debut

June 9th is the day Need for Speed Heat received its final update. The fact that it is the last update for the title is one thing, but there’s another reason it is especially noteworthy: this update will make Need for Speed Heat the first cross-play compatible game in the repertoire of Electronic Arts. Now players of the title will be able to play together whether they are on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation.