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Vintage Costume Jewelry for Sale | Where to Buy

Are you looking for accessories that glitter and sparkle, making you look like an elegant star? Do you want to “wow” your friends and family with your fashion choices, without spending a fortune on expensive jewelry? It turns out that you can! Not only is costume jewelry a growing trend, but it is also a stylish and affordable way to accessorize. This might lead you to ask questions like: what is it, and why is it so cheap? Will people be able to tell that it’s not real? Why would I choose costume jewelry over “real” jewelry? Is it an economical option?

Seymour Mann Dolls for Sale | Where to Buy

What are Seymour Mann dolls? Seymour Mann dolls are dolls made by Seymour Mann Inc.—a New York-based company that specializes in home accents, dolls, and other collectibles. These dolls are among the most sought after dolls for children thanks to their intricate costuming, realistic doll face, imaginative hairdos, and many other superior features.

Nancy Travis Glamour Shots for Sale

Nancy Travis is an American actress best known for her role in Three Men and A Baby. She was also in So I Married an Axe Murderer, The Vanishing, Greedy, and her highest-rated film was Internal Affairs in 1990. In recent years she has stepped away from movies and taken an interest in television, appearing in various shows like Grey’s Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, The Ranch, Mr. Mercedes, and her fan-favorite, Last Man Standing.

1928 Twenty Dollar Gold Certificates for Sale | Where to Buy

It may look like a regular twenty-dollar bill, but this particular bill from 1928 represents a kind of currency we do not have anymore. The 1928 $20 gold certificate is a rare bill that is not in circulation anymore. It’s a collector’s item sold online and can be priced fairly high. With Andrew Jackson on it and some gold lettering, there are subtle differences that make the bill stand out from the regular $20 bill. Let’s learn a bit about this bill, and why it’s a hot item to collect.

Vintage Drawings for Sale | Where to Buy

If there is something that collectors cannot get enough of, it’s vintage drawings. With the incredible variety in art and prices, vintage drawings are fun and fairly easy to collect. The challenge comes when you’re looking for something specific, and not just any old vintage drawing will do. That’s where the internet comes in. You can search yard sales and Goodwill day and night, but in order to find a specific vintage drawing, you’ll have to do your research. Otherwise, pick an aesthetic and enjoy sifting through the internet’s endless amount of vintage drawings for sale. Vintage is fun because it encompasses so many styles and genres.

Vintage Ceramic Christmas Trees for Sale | Where to Buy

The Christmas season is coming up, and you want to decorate your house, but you don’t want modern decorations. No! You want the decorations you saw in your childhood. You want the wreaths, the garland, and most importantly, the ceramic Christmas tree placed on the mantel or dining room table. Did you think you were the only one who remembered? Of course not! This might surprise you, but there are thousands of people asking, “what was that glass Christmas tree thingy that grandma had on her dining room table?” You don’t have to wade through the internet. We’ve found the answers for you! Here’s everything you need to know about vintage ceramic Christmas trees.