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Deal Review: Coleman Xtreme 50-Qt Wheeled Cooler (M1113260-F)

Amazon has a good deal on the Coleman Xtreme 50-Qt Wheeled Cooler (M1113260-F) for $23.62! Review: We are in a resurgence of outdoor activities, spanning over the last few years. Now, possibly more than ever, people are hiking, biking and camping, and the need to keep food and drinks cool is as prevalent as it ever has been...
28-Quart Coleman Cooler

Deal Review: 28-Quart Coleman Cooler (555280233)

REI as a good deal on the 28-Quart Coleman Cooler (555280233) for $14.73! Review: It works great when you need to keep personal beverages cold for your long trips, long hours shift at work, camping trips, boat trips, beach outings, car trips, picnics, poolside events, tailgating, games, etc. It has a perfect size and shape to meet your need. Its slender and tall design fits 2-litre bottles uprightly to avoid spillage...