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Best Flameless LED Candles

Set of 6 LED Lytes LLS6 Flameless LED Pillar Candles with Timer

Each candle is made from real wax and features a realistic dripped look with a flickering effect that gives a candle-like glow. With built-in timers in each candle, you can set them to come on for 5 hours every 24-hour cycle according to the time you turn them on. Create a relaxing space in your home by arranging this beautiful set together or separating them for different areas of your home.

Set of 3 Vinkor VK-1002 Flameless LED Flickering Birch Bark Candles with Remote

This beautiful faux birch wood candle set includes three different size pillars and a remote to control the candles from across the room. What makes these candles an excellent choice is they are 100% child and pet-safe. The flickering feature mimics a real candle to give the perfect glow. These candles are cool to the touch and each candle uses two AA batteries which will give you up to 150 hours of use. Set them and forget them with a built-in timer option for a completely hand-free candle-lit experience. Create stunning centerpieces, place them high up on hard the reach shelves, or use them for special occasions.

Set of 3 Laura Ashley RF-060819 Flameless LED Candles with Timer and Embedded String...

If you seek a battery-operated candle set that is noticeably different from the usual LED candle set, this set is an ideal choice. This gorgeous, tiered candle set features individual real wax pillar candles wrapped in silver wire fairy string lights, creating a mystical lighting effect that is truly enchanting. Adding to this candle set’s captivating ethereal fairylike style, is the softer glow provided by the candles’ genuine wax bodies—providing a realistic traditional candle look that is pleasing to the eye.

Set of 3 Aku Tonpa AT-01 Flameless LED Battery Operated Pillar Candles Made with...

If you seek the beauty of candles without the chemicals, dripping wax, smoke, and fire hazards, this 3-pack of  flameless candles is an ideal choice. Crafted with a paraffin wax outer shell, these elegant candle looks just like a traditional candle looks—smooth, timeless, and wax-like. The enormous benefit is that you can place these candles on bookshelves, in dens, and in places where real candles can’t go. With their elastic dancing flame casting a flickering light, these LED pillar style candles will illuminate your home or special event with a warm candle glow.

12 Homemory HMCLTLPNB Realistic and Bright Flickering Flameless LED Tea Light Candles

Placed in a frosted glass holder or votive holder, these battery-operated tea light candles provide a warm candlelight glow that doesn’t look fake or orange in color, The flameless bulbs flicker just like real candles do, without the hazards or fire risk. Enjoy 100 hours of gorgeous candlelight with each fresh battery. Use rows of these gorgeous candles to create a festive celebratory mood at weddings, parties and holiday celebrations.

24 Vont VNT-TC01 Tea Light Flameless LED Candles

These LED tealight candles possess everything real candles possess without the smoke, dripping mess, potential fire hazards or allergy-triggering scents. These battery-operated candles provide a lovely dancing flame emitting a warm, flickering luminous glow to beautifully illuminate your home.

Best Flameless LED Battery-Powered Candles – (LED Tea Lights & Pillar w/Remote)

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