Deal Review: George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill (GFO240GM)

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The George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill has room for over 15 servings of delicious meats, veggies, kabobs, desserts, and more! Plus, it’s right there in the name and it’s totally true—you can use this grill just as easily outdoors as you can indoors.


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4.5 out of 5 stars

George Foreman Grill Review

The George foreman indoor/outdoor grill is an electric grill suitable for indoor and outdoor cooking. It can grill meals like steaks, chicken, pork, burgers, hotdog, salmon and many more. It is a perfect option for people living in condominiums, porches or patios, and they are not allowed to have charcoal or gas grills. It is very useful for summer holidays and times when temperature is up to 95 degrees; you can use it outdoor. On the other hand, if you live where the weather can get harshly cold, the grill is small and light enough to be moved inside easily.

The grill is large and very suitable for family barbeques. It has a large cooking area for as much as 8 fat burgers at once. The power cord is heavy-duty and has enough space to reach an outside outlet without a drop cord. While using the grill, there are no flame-ups and the grill has excellent heat control ability.

The grill is a great cooking device. It is very simple to setup and use provided you follow the clearly stated instructions. It is possible to setup the grill within 5 minutes. The only tool you need is a screw driver just to attach the handle for the lid. The stand included allows for a slight wobble, but it is nothing to worry about. You can tighten that up by simply jamming a little piece of cardboard between the pole and the base. There’s an easy knob to adjust the heat. The grill takes a little longer than gas grills to cook.

The grill heats up and cools off very fast. It can be used with or without the stand. The surface of the grill has an okay size and the stand has a height just fine. The surface of the grill is non-sticky and it allows for smooth turnovers or transmissions. Food prepared on the grill tastes great. The meal tastes wonderful just like the other regular barbeques. The grill leaves marks on steaks and other food items you cook on it. The grease usually runs off into a convenient tray. The tray, below the lid, is easily removable and comes handy when you are cooking indoors.

This is a very healthy way to cook because there will be no excess fat to consume.

Cleaning the grill after use is very fast, easy and convenient. This is possible especially when you use some of the sponges designed specifically for George Foreman grills. The non-sticky surface of the grill aids in making the cleaning fast and simple. Washing the non-sticky surface is stress-free provided that you have removed the electric plug from the power source or connection; water is not a problem, no electric shock! The heating element underneath is sealed but then it is not necessary to immerse the electric plug-in connectors completely in water.

The George foreman indoor/outdoor grill is a great product. It is an option that gives you a valuable worth for your money.

Store: Walmart

Brand: George Foreman

UPC: 027043994707