Deal Review: 28-Quart Coleman Cooler (555280233)

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Make social gatherings like picnics, camping and tailgating that much more enjoyable with refreshing beverages and snacks. This 28 qt. Coleman cooler can hold 36 cans (more than a case of soda)



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4.5 out of 5 stars

Coleman 28 Quart Cooler Review

It works great when you need to keep personal beverages cold for your long trips, long hours shift at work, camping trips, boat trips, beach outings, car trips, picnics, poolside events, tailgating, games, etc. It has a perfect size and shape to meet your need. Its slender and tall design fits 2-litre bottles uprightly to avoid spillage.

The size is big enough to contain food and drinks for more than five people. Its size, durability and strength make it possible for people to sit on it comfortably. You can lift it with one hand and walk smartly through narrow walkways or entrances. Carrying it, you can fit through the doorway to a train cab. Reasonably, you can carry it and still handle other items. It will perfectly fit in your car trunk alongside your suitcase and other stuffs you need. The cooler is not too heavy even when it is full of ice and drinks, so it is not stressful moving with it.

The Coleman cooler works perfect and does a very good job at keeping things cold. You can travel with ice cream in your car for more than six hours and the cooler will keep the ice cream nice and cold. When you embark on a road trip, you don’t have to worry about stopping by at shops many times to get cold items for yourself because you have the cooler in your trunk already to satisfy you throughout the day; what a convenient trip!

After about 8 hours of keeping ice bags and/or cold packs in the cooler with your items, the ice barely melts. Even as ice melts in the cooler, the cooler has the capacity to keep the items cold. It can keep your drinks cold all day for two days in hot summer.

Usage of the cooler gives a pleasurable and sweet experience. The cooler is simple to fill and scoop from. It has two cup holders molded into the top of the lid; complete convenience unleashed. The single handle is very convenient compared to other types of coolers that have two-sided handles. One person can handle the cooler and often only needs one hand because the cooler doesn’t get really heavy.

The lid of the cooler doesn’t stay open, so you need someone to hold the handle of the cooler while you are taking stuff(s) out of it. The hinged lid gives easy access so you can get back to the fun faster. The cooler doesn’t have a drain spout or outlet to release water when the ice melts; you have to turn the cooler over to drain the water.

Purchasing the Coleman cooler is a nice decision to make when you need a cooler that can keep your food, drinks and beverages cold for various outings or journeys you desire to embark on. There are people that have purchased the product about ten years ago and they are still making use of it without any challenge. The product is a marvelous one that gives you quality and value for your money.

Store: REI

Brand: Coleman

UPC: 76501347159

SKU: 555280233