Tag Pop Art 3-Pc. Hardside Spinner Luggage Set – ($̶3̶4̶0̶) $99.99 + Free Shipping!

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A bit about this item:

Travel in chic style with this three-piece luggage set from Tag, two roomy wheeled uprights plus a matching tote that are ready for any trip. A push-button handle system and wheels add maneuverability to the hardside protection.

  • Exterior Approx. Dimensions: (28″ spinner) 29.5″H x 11.5″D x 19″W , (20″ spinner) 20″H x 9.5″D x 14″W, (tote) 4.75″H x 14.5″D x 10.5″W
  • Interior: (uprights) split-case packing; legs at sides
  • Exterior: floral print; (tote) zip pocket at front
  • Handles: (uprights) push-button locking handle system and top carrying handle (tote) shoulder straps
  • Wheels: (uprights) four
  • Weight: (28″ upright) 8.9lbs. (20″ upright) 6.5lbs. (tote bag)1.5lbs.
  • Warranty: manufacturer’s three-year warranty


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4 out of 5 stars

Tag Pop Art 3-Pc. Hardside Spinner Luggage Set Review

Luggage sets are essential for traveling around the holidays, or if your job requires a lot of travel. It is of the utmost importance that your items and valuables are in a safe and easily recognizable container that you have placed your trust in. Too often luggage sets are cheap, they are identical to all the other luggage sets, and they are arduous to tote around with you. Here enters the Tag Pop Art 3-Pc Hardside Spinner Luggage Set. What makes this set stand up above the rest?

First is it’s push-button handle system. This system allows you to raise the handles, which are retractable to allow for easier storage and maneuverability, and allows you to collapse them with a simple press of the button. The retractable handles mean that you can raise them to allow you to drag them along behind you while you walk around, and the easy button system allows you to just press the button and retract the handle back into its original position, allowing for easy overhead storage and other storage places.

Next are its four wheels. While wheels on a travel luggage set is a staple, many of the most popular varieties on the market today only come with two wheels included. This can cause problems with balance when dragging it and setting it down and means that if one were to break you would be left with only one wheel, rendering it useless. This travel luggage set comes with four wheels, one on each corner, meaning that it has exceptional balance and you will have a much easier time dragging it around. On top of this, it also means that if one were to break you would still have a functional suitcase with three wheels able to roll and travel.

And, arguably the best feature, is its beautiful floral design. Have you ever had the issue of not being able to recognize your suitcase when it comes through at the airport? This luggage set completely erases that issue. With bright colors and a unique design, this travel set is unique and separate from any other suitcases that may have previously confused you. You will know instantly which ones are yours, which greatly cuts downtime that you would have spent sorting through others.

Now trips to the airport are faster and less stressful!

A unique and easily identifiable travel luggage set, the Tag Pop Art 3-Pc Hardside
Spinner Luggage Set is a wise investment that is sure to pay off.

Store: Macys

Brand: Tag