Deal Review: Rachael Ray Jumbo XL ChillOut Insulated Thermal Tote, Blue (B0074ZTSU2)

A great deal on the Rachael Ray Jumbo XL ChillOut Insulated Thermal Tote, Blue is available now on Amazon for only $15.36!

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Extra large tote is perfect for grocery shopping, parties, camping, the beach and more!
Jumbo thermal tote is built-to-last from easy clean, 600 denier material with Triple-Tek foam insulation and Temperfoil lining that keeps food Hot or Cold for hours.


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Rachael Ray ChillOut Tote Review

Whether you’re the environmentally-conscious type or just have a habit of using recyclable bags, utilizing this sustainable way of transporting your items from place to place is a thing of the norm, and single-use bags, a thing of the past.

Grocery stores and various retail shops in most US states already have laws in place banning the sale of the single-use bags, citing environmental reasons and basic cleanliness of the city streets as many of them end up in gutters, sewers, and eventually the ocean. Though whether environmental objectives are a top priority to you or not there are many benefits in utilizing reusable bags. One being is its cost-effectiveness and money-saving ability.

Stores will nowadays tack on an extra charge if a customer wishes to receive a bag to carry their items out of the shop, and this can be avoided by simply bringing your own bags, reusable or not. In addition, in some instances, retailers will even give you a small credit on your shopping bill for doing so.

Aside from the shopping benefits of reusable bags, you can use them in a variety of other settings including beach days, camping, and picnics; and when these bags have an insulated lining in them, like the Rachael Ray Jumbo XL ChillOut Insulated Thermal Tote, it allows for the transporting of perishables that you just can’t do with single-use or even regular reusable bags.

Thanks to the TripleTek foam insulation, this basic Rachael Ray thermal tote will keep your cold food cold and your hot food hot. This will surely expand the menu of possible items you can bring for your meals.  Measuring 22″ H X 17″ W X 8″ D, it has a large 10-gallon capacity and leak-proof build so you can be sure all the necessary hot or cold items will fit and stay secure. The straps are strong enough to carry all the food items you wish to pack and can even convert to a horizontal carrying angle, which enables you, for example, to carry a fresh and hot pizza without having to take it out of its original box.

The Rachael Ray Jumbo XL ChillOut Insulated Thermal Tote is a great buy, especially at the deal price of only $15.36!  It folds easily to save space when it isn’t being used, and even has an exterior slip pocket on the front for more storage capability when it is being used.




Can insulated bags be washed?

Yes. Even though insulated bags, such as the Rachael Ray Jumbo XL ChillOut Insulated Thermal Tote contain additional materials other than the basic fabric you’d find on reusable insulated bags, they can be washed in a washing machine or by hand. However, be sure to let it air dry by hanging up it.


Do reusable bags help the environment?

Yes. Aside from the simple fact that less single-use plastic bags will end up where they shouldn’t be, like on city streets or in the ocean, if recycled enough times one reusable bag can help reduce the impact of improperly discarded waste that harms the environment, according to a 2014 US study.


How many times do you need to reuse a shopping bag for it to have an impact?

A Danish study conducted in 2018 concluded that for a reusable fabric shopping bag to have made a difference in regards to pollution it would need to be used 37 times. Paper bags only 3 times.


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