Deal Review: American Tourister Arona Premium Hardside Spinner 3pc Luggage Set (73075-1776)

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Make travel better with the Arona Hardside Spinner Luggage. Four multidirectional wheels let you move and pivot with ease while a 100% Polycarbonate shells protect your luggage and contents. Included is a Manufacturer’s 10-year limited warranty.


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3.5 out of 5 stars

American Tourister Arona Premium Hardside Spinner 3pc Luggage Set Review

Picture this; An airport around the holidays, bustling and loud and crowded. After a long flight, you are waiting to get your bags sorted and claimed. You are tired, and just want to get to your family’s house. Then, you see your luggage come around, easily identifiable and undamaged. You pick up your luggage and are ready to leave the airport. No waiting for extended amounts of time to sort through all the suitcases to find yours, you found yours easily. Too good to be true? Not with the American Tourister Arona Premium Hardside Spinner 3pc Luggage Set.

This luggage set is a complete standout when it comes to durability, maneuverability, and style. The suitcases shells are made of 100 percent polycarbonate, giving them a hard and protective covering that absolutely ensures that it will protect your items and valuables. You can place your trust in the protectiveness of this case.

Next, the multi-directional wheels. This set comes with four wheels that can swivel and move in different directions. This enables you to roll the suitcase without any effort and focus on getting to where you need to go. The multidirectional abilities of the wheels mean that they can work around any obstacle that happens to be in your path, without any large amount of effort to avoid it.

Another added benefit is the unique textured design. This design feature means that your suitcase will not just be a boring smooth texture on top. It makes it unique, further allowing you to easily identify your luggage, and also makes it fashionable and stylish. No need to let your luggage ruin your style, this set elevates your entire look.

Overall, this luggage set is top of the line. Its four quality wheels ensure easy mobility, allowing you to hurry and get to your destinations without fighting your luggage to keep up with you. Its protective polycarbonate shell guarantees protection to your items and belongings during all the hustle and bustle of travel. Its fashionable textured design further helps you to differentiate your luggage from all the others, eliminating confusion and hassle, as well as helping to elevate your style. A worthy investment for busy travelers and occasional travelers alike.

Store: Amazon

Brand: American Tourister

UPC: 049845218270

SKU: 73075-1776