Deal Review: American Tourister Arona Premium Hardside Spinner 3pc Luggage Set (73075-1776)

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Make travel better with the Arona Hardside Spinner Luggage. Four multidirectional wheels let you move and pivot with ease while a 100% Polycarbonate shells protect your luggage and contents. Included is a Manufacturer’s 10-year limited warranty.


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3.5 out of 5 stars

American Tourister Arona Premium Hardside Spinner 3pc Luggage Set Review

We’ve come to pack in much of the same way. The same luggage, soft sides, appealing with the assumed promise of double space. That being said, we’ve been curious about the benefits of hard sided luggage, and decided to give the American Tourister Arona Spinner set a try.

We thought we’d be devotees to soft sided luggage forever, but once we switched over to hardside, there was no going back. Suddenly, the fabric sides we were used to seemed flimsy, and not as protective as we’d hope. As with many things, the best way to test something like this luggage trip out, is to hastily pack for a two week vacation, where there will be a few different climates, and no access to a washing machine. Of course we wished we were going on such an adventure in real life, this suited our needs for now.

Each piece of the American Tourister Arona set can support a hearty amount of clothes; when we thought we couldn’t zip the sides, we noticed a sturdy expandable fabric zipper, which allowed us another few inches of wiggle room. There may or may not have been a little pressure added to the hardback sides; a friend sitting down on the shell certainly helped. Still, our bags were packed, and ready for a trip… around the neighborhood.

This turned out to be a splendid idea, as our area was met with a variety of terrain, and some hills. We rolled the luggage over carpet, hardwood, and asphalt, before trying grass (less successful) and sidewalk. The 360 spinner wheels managed to keep up quite well, and we happily strolled along, until we got to the brick pavers on a neighboring historic street. This was a bit of a challenge, and the luggage didn’t especially like keeping all four wheels on the ground, though that’s understandable.

We pulled it my only two wheels, tilting the piece to the side, and were much happier with the result. In reality, it’s unlikely that we’ll need all four wheels on antique brick, but it’s nice to know there are options should we need them.

A favorite feature was the luggage protection, which snaps the zipper pulls into a built in side lock, without dangling pieces. IT features both a code and a key unlock, so we’ll never get stuck without one or the other, hopefully. It’s best recommended to use these locks once a bag is ready to be checked, or after it has been through security screenings, as unlocking can be a bit of a pain in a pinch. Regardless, we’re glad the locks are there.

Together, these three pieces combined will meet any traveler’s needs, from a small carry on for short trips, to long-haul vacations around the world. The hard back sided gave us the sturdiness and durability we were craving, perfect for some heavy globe trotting, wherever you may end up. 4/5


Store: Amazon

Brand: American Tourister

UPC: 049845218270

SKU: 73075-1776