Deal Review: 20-Count Mini Life Assorted Succulent Plants by Shop Succulents

Amazon has a good deal on a 20-Count of Mini Life Assorted Succulent Plants by Shop Succulents for only $26.40!

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This collection includes stunning succulent assortments that come in a variety of quantities. These 2 inch succulents are perfect as favors for birthdays and events. All Shop Succulents packs include a plant reference guide (QR Code) in every package.


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4 out of 5 stars

20-Count Mini Life Assorted Succulent Plants by Shop Succulents Review

We all have a green thumb, just some people embrace it more than others. And when it comes to gardening the varying degrees to which it is embraced range from just a hobby to lifelong career choices such as agriculture, botany, landscaping and more.

You can find gardens everywhere from public parks to front lawns, backyards, and even on apartment balconies, and no home garden is complete without the inclusion of succulent plants.  Succulents are drought-resistant plants that look great and require minimal care, especially compared to other, more popular, garden choices like flowers. These plants only need small amounts of hydration since they retain much of the water that is fed to them, storing them in their stems and leaves.

The amount of sunlight they need can vary as well, but overall they just need an average amount of the sun’s rays. They do well in most temperatures but thrive best between the wide range of 50° and 85°.

This 20 pack of assorted succulents is a great buy if you are just getting started, or need to replace or add some color and variety to your garden. They do a fantastic job with sprucing up your home decor too!


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Brand: Shop Succulents