SiriusXM Radio Review: Listen Free Event – Just Tune In!

SiriusXM Radio is having a Listen Free Event going on now through June 4!


Simply tune in!

Available on inactive satellite radios. 



4 out of 5 stars

Sirius XM Radio changed the game by introducing satellite radio to the traditional radio broadcast scene. High quality content straight to your car or mobile device, whenever, wherever. With hundreds channels of music, pop, talk, sports and news, there is always something on that is sure to be of interest.

Sirius has quite a few ways to connect listeners to great content, through integrated car or boat systems, or through different packages which can play through phones, laptops, or other mobile devices.

Perhaps our only criticism stems from the wide variety of options available through Sirius XM; some packages work through existing hardware systems, like traditional radio, while other configurations vary, giving access to Sirius much like other current music streaming services. This ranges from an 8 dollar outside-the-car plan, to a $20 plan for cars, all of which seem to have some form of variation of content availability.

Regardless, you cannot underestimate the convenience of a high quality radio station already built in to an existing system, without the need to change channels or songs on a phone or other device when driving. Sirius meets a specific need, and we’re fans. 4 out of 5 stars.

Store: SiriusXM Radio

Brand: SiriusXM

UPC: 884720013140