Deal Review: Get A Free $10 Best Buy Gift Card With Purchase of Various $50 Merchant Gift Cards

Best Buy has a good promo on now when you purchase a $50 gift card from various merchants, you get a $10 Best Buy gift card free!

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Last Updated on April 17, 2022 by Mark P.

  1. Click “Add to offer” for one or more merchant gift cards to reach a total of at least $50.
  2. Click “Add to offer” for the Best Buy $10 Gift Card.
  3. Add them to cart.

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5 out of 5 stars

Companies use a slew of tactics to entice you to buy items from them.  But a smart and savvy shopper knows just how to play at that game, and if you’re reading this, you must be one yourself, looking for the best deals on the web.

Especially when they offer ‘free’ stuff like with this Best Buy deal here, you have to approach it in a smart way. Free usually isn’t free, unless you make it so.

For example, chances are you have a Netflix account, or if you’re using someone else’s account, then maybe you use Uber or eat at Chipotle. This is where you can really take full advantage of an offer like this. If you will anyways be spending money at a particular merchant then its a no brainer to purchase a gift card from them in order to get another free gift card.

Even if you won’t be using any of the gift cards offered such as Chipotle, Uber, StubHub, Netflix, Hulu and more, you can always buy one as a gift for someone and keep the free $10 Best Buy gift card for yourself.

Keep in mind though, you wouldn’t necessarily be taking full advantage and actually saving money if you wouldn’t be spending money at that particular merchant anyway. So remembering this tip will help you get the most out of a deal like this.

Store: Best Buy

Brand: Chipotle