Deal Review: Sony PlayStation Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller

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Sony PlayStation DualShock Controller Review

There’s no game console in this world that doesn’t require a controller to use. Most of those consoles come with a controller when you first buy them, but eventually, those controllers may break or at least get somewhat damaged. On the other hand, maybe the single controller that came with the console isn’t enough for you, and you need a second one so you can play with your friends. Either way, buying a controller is something every gamer has to do eventually, and the DualShock 4 Wireless is the controller you would get if you are talking about a PlayStation 4.

It would make sense for anyone that is shopping for a PlayStation controller to already own one, which of course means there isn’t really all that much to discuss. But assuming that the customer may be looking for a second controller to go with a PlayStation they haven’t bought yet, we’ll still cover it a bit.

The DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 is designed to be comfortable in the hand and give gamers a greater sense of control. It’s the official controller option provided by Sony, meaning there’s absolutely no issue with compatibility between the controller itself and the console. This might not seem like much of a feature, but it’s worth noting that third-party controllers are more of a hassle to set up.

Other than that, the DualShock 4 can come in a variety of colors, including some special editions. This particular model is also wireless, like most modern controllers, so you can sit pretty far away from the PlayStation while still being able to play. However, this also means that the controller needs batteries or a rechargeable power pack, which are both sold separately. This is the only real con a wireless controller has over a wired one, which would be powered by its connection to the console.

All of that said, it’s your run of the mill controller, with all the aspects of one that you would expect. As said previously, the fact that it is the official controller from Sony means that it has all the bells and whistles they intended and is perfectly compatible, so if you aren’t that savvy regarding this kind of thing, you can’t go wrong buying this controller. It’s got everything you need with no shortcomings and no drawbacks, and it does all of that at a fairly good price.

DualShock wireless PlayStation 4 Controller Pricing

The DualShock wireless PlayStation 4 controller is priced at around 30 dollars and comes in a variety of colors to fit the aesthetic of any gamer. The price is down because the PlayStation 4 is, naturally, a bit old at this point, which means the controllers will soon be outdated. But that said, it is still the most modern controller for PlayStations right now, and it’s possible that the controller will be compatible with the PlayStation 5 in a few months as well, so this is still a very good price all things considered.

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