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5 out of 5 stars

DoorDash is an app designed to bring the convenience of a restaurant meal, to your home. We conceptually understand the concept of delivery food, but the process is generally full of a lot of waiting and guessing, and standing by the door, hoping to see a delivery person on the on their way with dinner. Thankfully, DoorDash is here to deliver a much better experience.

Using the app is simple: Download to your device, and create an account, either with Facebook or Gmail login, or sign in with your own credentials. You can also skip the sign in step, and instead choose to enter an address, and see available restaurants from there. The ordering process is simple: tap on the restaurant, choose the item and quantity, and include any special directions. This is, however, the point where signing up with DoorDash is required. Once sign in or login information is shared, you have the chance to choose your payment method, and proceed from there.

DoorDash then gives users a detailed description of their process, including where your food is, and when it is expected to arrive. No more calling a restaurant, wondering if the delivery person had left yet, no more ambiguity around tip; just food, on its way to your house. When placing your order, you’re given a clear option to tip a certain percentage to your “Dasher,” which is in addition to their base pay. Cash is unnecessary, which is great relief when your wallet is perhaps buried in a bag or coat pocket.

It’s nice to see services expand and grow which are supporting both local businesses, as well as employing people in the community. DoorDash has done a great job of evolving the process of delivery, by bringing it into the 21st Century, and handing it off at our front door. 5/5

Store: Doordash