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Uniden R1 Extreme Long Range Radar Laser Detector 360 Degree, DSP, Voice Alert Silver ; Includes: [Radar Detector Case Power Cable Mounts Full Authorized Dealer USA Warranty] Uniden R1 The Uniden R1 has more than 12-times the capture distance of a police radar gun. In addition, you will enjoy the quiet comfort of your Uniden R1 as it silences false K-band alarms from automotive collision avoidance and lane departure systems employed in a growing number of vehicles. Product Details Xtreme performance Xtreme Long Range Laser Radar Detection Digital Signal Processor Ultra-bright Multi-colored OLED display Advanced K /KA Band Filter Radar Band Frequency Display Voice Notifications Spectre Elite Undetectable Suction Mount Included (single and double) Carrying Case Included Cigarette charger with MUTE key


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Uniden R1 Extreme Long Range Laser Radar Detector Review

Do you often find yourself wishing for a way to know when speed traps are coming up on your drive? Are you often too focused on your goal at the end of your trip to notice any hidden police patrol cars? If so, then you are probably also on the hunt for a long-range radar gun that will alert you to when these aggravating issues are coming up. Enter the Uniden R1 Extreme Long Range Laser Radar Detector, a small, compact device perfect for staying alert on the road.

This device is perfectly designed for drivers who want to conserve space while still having a radar detector in an accessible place, coming with two different suction cup attachments. These allow you to attach it to the corner of your windshield, without blocking your vision and allowing you to maintain focus on the road. These suction cups are easily removable, meaning that moving them to different places on your windshield will be a breeze.

Its voice alert feature means that any alert it needs to send out can be vocalized. This allows you to simply listen for incoming information and alerts, rather than having to regularly check its screen, which can cause you to lose focus and create unnecessary danger for you and other drivers on the road. It reads this information in a clear and understandable voice, letting you easily understand what you need to and adjust your drive accordingly.

It also comes with a bright and easy to see OLED display. If you were unable to use its voice reading feature, this device’s Ultra-Bright, Multi-colored OLED display ensures information will be easy to read and understand even when it is dark, allowing you access to the information you need without any eye strain or confusion. Many devices out on the market today have cheap screens that can be confusing when they display their information, rendering them almost useless.

Overall, the Uniden R1 Extreme Long Range Laser Radar Detector is a high-quality device that does a wonderful job of delivering all the information it collects, both digitally and vocally. Though it is a hefty investment, it is one that is well worth the expense, both in terms of usefulness and in quality.

Uniden R1 Radar Detector FAQs

If you are looking for a long-range radar detector, the Uniden R line of products (R1, R3, and R7) are some of the best you can find. Despite all being great products, they do offer a few differences. Here are a few things you may want to know:

What is the difference between Uniden R1 and R3?

These are very similar products, and the main difference comes down to the GPS. The Uniden R1 does not have the same GPS capabilities that the Uniden R3 does.

How do I set up my Uniden R1?

The easiest way to set up the R1 is by going through the manual. For most things, you will access them through the menu button the top of the R1.

Is the Uniden R7 worth it?

The Uniden R7 and R3 are both great products. If you feel like you need a larger screen and a second antenna, the R7 is going to be worth it. If you are satisfied with a slightly smaller screen and single antenna, stick with the R3.

Is the Uniden R3 the best radar detector?

The Uniden R3 is one of the best radar detectors on the market today. If you want a great balance between features and price, it’s top of the line. If you simply want all the features possible, it is slightly edged out by the R7.

How to update Uniden R1?

To update the firmware on the Uniden R1, simply visit their website and download the software. You will need to plug in your radar detector to your computer via USB to load the new firmware.

Can my Uniden R1 detect lidar?

While there are reports that the Uniden R1 can detect lidar, it is not a manufacturer feature of the product.

Can you change the display on a Uniden r1?

Yes, you can change the display on the Uniden R1. Simply go into the menu settings and you will be able to find options to change preferences such as alert filters, display color, and other enhancements.

Does the Uniden R1 detect red light cameras?

The Uniden R1 does not have a GPS alert feature. Because of this, it is not have a GPS red light camera alert. However, the R1 is able to detect any radar emitted.

Does Uniden Radar Detector R1 have 360 degrees?

The Uniden Radar Detector R1 is able to detect radar from 360 degrees at extremely long ranges. This makes it one of the best radar detectors on the market today. The only thing it lacks is a GPS feature.

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