Perky-Pet 50178 Hanging Tray Bird Feeder: Is It Worth It?

See what real customers have to say about the Perky-Pet 50178 Hanging Tray Bird Feeder and whether it’s a good buy or not.

Rated: 4.8/5 Stars

Price: $17.49

UPC: 717816911153

Perky Pet 50178 Hanging Tray Bird Feeder

The Perky-Pet 50178 Hanging Tray Bird Feeder is an excellent option for attracting a wide variety of birds to your backyard. With a spacious design, this feeder can accommodate large birds and ground feeders, providing them with access to their preferred food and making it easier for you to feed your feathered friends. The tray has a 1.6 lb. seed capacity and is suitable for bird seed, fruit, and other treats, making it a versatile feeding solution for a range of bird species.

The feeder’s sturdy wood frame and metal mesh bottom are built to withstand the weight of large birds and also serve to keep seed fresh and dry by draining water. The all mesh bottom ensures rainwater doesn’t collect and spoil the seed, keeping it fresh and appealing to birds.

Black Oil Sunflower Seed, Mixed Seed, and Nyjer (Thistle Seed) are some of the popular bird seed options. It’s recommended to clean the feeder before refilling it with fresh seed by removing old seed, soaking it in a light water/bleach solution, scrubbing it, and allowing it to air dry. Raking accumulated hulls and droppings and spreading mulch under the feeder will also help keep it hygienic.

Birds need fresh, clean water as much as they need seed, so it’s important to provide them with a water source. By adding a waterer, you can attract a larger variety of birds and ensure they have access to a clean water source to maintain their health and energy.

What People Are Saying About the Perky-Pet 50178 Hanging Tray Bird Feeder

The Perky-Pet 50178 Hanging Tray Bird Feeder is a well-loved bird feeder that has received positive feedback from customers. One of its key features is its mesh bottom that allows seeds to dry quickly after rain or dew, reducing seed loss. This has made it a popular choice for bird enthusiasts.

Customers have noted that the feeder attracts a variety of birds, including goldfinches, cardinals, blue jays, Downy and Red bellied woodpeckers, Nuthatches, and more. The feeder is also easy to clean and see the birds eating, thanks to its finely woven mesh screen.

However, some customers have pointed out that the cable can come loose where it is clamped to the screw, which might be due to squirrels who are too heavy. To mitigate this issue, customers have suggested clamping the cable down tighter into the clip using plyers.

Another customer has reported that the feeder is great for catching seeds that drop from an upside-down suet feeder, keeping the seeds off the ground and reducing waste. Additionally, the feeder is suitable for birds of different sizes, including doves, jays, and smaller birds.

One customer has noted that the feeder has not deterred squirrels, but that this was not unexpected given the price. Another customer reported that the cable disconnected from the wood after less than a month of use, but was able to staple it back together.

Despite these minor issues, customers have expressed their overall satisfaction with the Perky-Pet 50178 Hanging Tray Bird Feeder. They have found it to be a great value for the price and a perfect choice for bird watching. Happy customers have noted that the feeder is popular with birds, and they enjoy watching them feed and rest on it.

Is it worth the price?

The Perky-Pet 50178 Hanging Tray Bird Feeder is a well-received bird feeder that has been popular with customers for its mesh bottom, ease of use, and versatility. While there have been a few reported issues with the cable and squirrels, customers have found these to be minor and easily remedied. Overall, the Perky-Pet 50178 Hanging Tray Bird Feeder is a great choice for bird enthusiasts and is sure to provide hours of enjoyment.

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