Top Xbox Gaming Headsets – Best Sounding & Affordable

Looking for a new Xbox One headset? How do you know which is the best one? The best price, the best quality? Each Xbox One-compatible headset offers different features as well. See our reviews the best ones below.

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Xbox One Headset Overview

You have the console. You have the controller. You have the chair, the setup, the everything. The list goes on and on, and yet having a professional level headset is something amateur gamers go without. Spoiler alert: they shouldn’t.

Even if you’re opting to use something like Skull Candy or Bose earbuds, you’re leaving too much on the table. Please, please, PLEASE don’t try to say if it has a microphone and you’re getting the game audio directly into your ears it’s the same—it isn’t. Gaming headsets are engineered to provide audio specifically for video games meaning that you will hear the faintest of noises and be able to identify which direction they’re coming from.

Imagine this, you’re camping (we don’t judge here, but I strongly encourage you to reevaluate your gameplay), one kill away from a killstreak and someone sneaks up from the side killing you before you even know they are there. That’s your reality without a gaming headset. Rewind it back a few minutes to the same scenario. Instead of the untimely ending of your killstreak, you’ll hear your opponent coming, a little defense here, a little offense there and voila—killstreak alive and well. That’s your reality with a gaming headset.

Audio is far from the only benefit of a gaming headset. A close second is the microphone. Regardless of whether or not you’re using it to communicate with teammates during a competitive gaming session or shoot the breeze with your friends, having a proper microphone makes it easier to be heard and understood. For serious and casual gamers alike, the microphone on a gaming headset outperforms that of a regular pair of headphones thanks to more advanced technology and a design created specifically for this purpose.

Block out the bad, soak in the good—noise that is. Most gaming headsets will have some element of noise cancellation technology creating an environment of hyper-focused gameplay. By enclosing your ears entirely and incorporating noise cancellation from outside distractions, your sole focus will be on the game in front of you. As good as this may sound, having on blinders to the outside world will take away any ability you had to blame anyone or anything but yourself for poor gameplay.

Below we take a look at some of the top gaming headset choices for Xbox One gamers. Each pair will have its pros and cons, but the difference they’ll make in your gameplay is undisputable. Even though it’s simply unrealistic to cover every aspect of each product we cover, we’re going to do our best to provide a comprehensive look into what makes each headset special. If you want to become a next level gamer, keep reading to find out how elevate yourself above the competition.

Here are the best headsets for Xbox One:

1. Best Overall Value: RUNMUS Gaming Over-Ear Headset for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC with Surround Sound, Noise Canceling, Mic & LED Light (Black or Camo)

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4.5 out of 5 stars

K8 Review

Our favorite options are affordable and high-quality, two characteristics which the RUNMUS gaming headset has no problem checking off on the gamer checklist. Coming in two different color options, you’ll have your choice of a Red or Camo base with flashy LED lights. In comparison to other gaming headsets, the list price for this headset is on the lower end, running you just under $30. Despite the low price, the quality of this RUNMUS production stands up against higher priced competition.

If you’re a multi-console gamer, you’ll be happy to know that this headset can be used with the PS4, PSP, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, iOS devices and your PC. When all else fails, there are a variety of adapters that can be used with RUNMUS headsets. This feature comes into play most frequently for players using older systems, such as the PS3. Because of the wired connection, you can plug the headset into your controller for most systems and get to gaming right away.

Noise cancellation is a theme that runs rampant through this entire headset. Not only are the 50mm audio drivers noise cancelling, but so is the microphone so that when you are talking, your teammates will only hear you and not anything else in your background.

A unique combination of memory foam and bionic protein cushions provide long lasting comfort so that you can wear your headset for extended periods of time. Another favorable aspect of the cushioning is that it self-adjusts and you won’t quickly wear out the padding in any one certain area.

Original Retail $28.95
UPC 00822361369929
Model K8

2. Best Wireless: Turtle Beach Stealth 600x Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset for Xbox One

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Stealth 600 Review

Turtle Beach has been around for a long time and serves a wide (and massive) group of gamers by offering high quality gaming headsets, building a reputation as a premier provider. The sound experience that you get with the Stealth 600x headset is no different. Tied for the most expensive on our list, the list price on this wireless Xbox headset is just under $100. For this price you will have the chance to choose from a Black and Green or White and Green headset.

When you see that a headset is wireless, a fair and immediate concern is battery life. Nothing takes the wind out of your sails quite like having your headset die at a critical juncture, or even just when you’re in the middle of something. With the Stealth 600x’s, you’ll be getting a battery designed to last all day long, more specifically, 15 hours straight without charging.

As much as this next feature might be nice for you, it’s probably even better for those you’re gaming with. This headset comes with built-in mic monitoring so that you can hear the volume at which you’re speaking. This will help you avoid the feeling of having to shout in order to be heard, or speaking too quietly. Either way, you’ll be able to see if you should be speaking any quitter or louder.

For those with glasses, it has not always been easy to wear over-ear headphones due to the pressure of the earcups on your glasses which uncomfortably push against the side of your head. Given that a fair number of gamers wear glasses, Turtle Beach has wrapped their cushions in a pliable mesh fabric designed specifically to prevent glasses wearers from experiencing any discomfort.

Original Retail $99.95
UPC 00731855020157
Model Stealth 600
Brand Turtle Beach
SKU Stealth 600

3. Best w/Audio Controller: Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One Gaming Headset + Audio Controller for Xbox One

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4.5 out of 5 stars

TBS-2218-01 Review

No list highlighting anything related to gaming would be complete without multiple Turtle Beach products. The second of its brand in our guide is the Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One, a wired gaming headset. With a list price of around $80, there is only one-color choice—Black with Turtle Beach signature Green highlights.

Gaming with a microphone is not always everyone’s first choice, but this does not mean that you need to restrict yourself to one form of communication or the other. The Ear Force XO One allows you to do both courtesy of a removable microphone. Now, I know that gaming headsets have mute functions, but this is different. Rather than having to worry about if the microphone is muted, you can simply take it off to remove all doubt and avoid any obstruction that it might cause. This also doubles as a positive for those who wish to use the headset for movies, music, etc.

A good part of what controls your satisfaction with a headset is how well you can control it. Even if the headset is made out of solid gold and sound quality is crystal clear, not being in complete control of audio and other functions is a deal breaker. In this case, your purchase comes with a control panel that plugs directly into your Xbox One controller (and the headset gets plugged in here) so that you can easily adjust any settings related to sound.

Some products are released and survive for just a short period of time on the open market. For me, the sign of quality isn’t just the new lights and aesthetic features, but if the product has the ability to stick around. Well, the Ear Force XO One’s have been available since 2014 and in that time it has remained a stable rating in the best Xbox gaming headsets.

Original Retail $77.00
UPC 00012304420590
Model TBS-2218-01
Brand Turtle Beach
SKU TBS-2218-01

4. Best Surround Sound: HyperX KHX-HSCP-GM Cloud II Gaming Headset 7.1 Surround Sound with Memory Foam Ear Pads, Durable Aluminum Frame for PC, PS4, PS4 PRO, Xbox One, Xbox One S in Gun Metal

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4.5 out of 5 stars


HyperX may be most well known for their DRAM production and other memory and computer related products, but their technological prowess helps them to also produce top-notch gaming headphones. Our choice from HyperX is the Cloud II, a wired headset with a list price just under $100. The Cloud II headset comes in two color options, both with a Black base. The variation comes on the accents and stitching, of which you can choose from Gunmetal Gray or Red.

In the age of online consumerism, we usually don’t have the opportunity to try our purchases out beforehand and thus don’t know if they will be comfortable for us. To put any concerns consumers have to bed, HyperX builds their headsets with 100% memory foam pads and includes interchangeable leatherette and velour ear cushions. With a couple of choices and already high-quality materials, HyperX has done everything in their power to ensure a comfortable wearing experience.

Your Cloud II’s will be compatible with a variety of consoles besides Xbox One including PC, PS4, Mac, PC, mobile and VR. Given its wide variety of potential applications, it makes sense that the microphone is detachable so you can focus your experience on enjoying the audio produced by the 53mm sound drivers.

Material Quality and Sound Quality are the highest rated features receiving 4.6 stars and 4.5 stars respectively.

Original Retail $99.99
UPC 00740617235678
Brand Kingston

5. Best on a Budget: Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mobile

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4 out of 5 stars

TBS 2555-01 Review

Our final highlighted headset is an inexpensive option courtesy of Turtle Beach, and is our pick for someone interested in trying out a gaming headset, but doesn’t want to go all in financially yet. The particular headset is a great option for buyers on a budget with a list price under $40. When you purchase the Recon 70’s, you’ll have the choice of two colorways: Black and Green or White and Green, both of which have become signature looks for Turtle Beach products.

High quality sound is brought to you in the form of over ear cups and 40mm audio drivers. When compared to some other headsets on our list this is on the lower side of things, it’s important to keep in mind that this is more than double the audio power of your standard earbuds.

Instead of having to fuss with on-ear controls, when the time comes to play solo or you just don’t want to talk with others, you can easily mute your microphone by flipping it upwards. To keep your ears comfortable, Turtle Beach has equipped the Recon 70’s with cushions wrapped in a synthetic leather.

Original Retail $39.95
UPC 00731855025558
Model TBS 2555-01
Brand Turtle Beach
SKU TBS 2555-01

Xbox Headset Buying Guide

Our product reviews don’t cover every angle of every headset, it’s just impossible. You’re going to need to do more research on your own, and not just an article or two. Go out there, get deep in the trenches, read a bunch of articles and ask other people what they like and why they like it. There are countless resources, especially with Twitch streamers and YouTube videos galore.

We know that you’re probably not going to put in more than a couple hours of research before buying your headset, but we’ve added a few questions and other finer points to consider to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

To connect, or not to connect?

A connection is necessary in order to use your headset while gaming and there are only two ways to do this, through a wired or wireless connection.


A wired connection plugs directly into your controller meaning that you’ll never have to worry about batteries running low or your headset dying. You simply plug it in and play. The only downside of this style is that the wire itself can sometimes get a bit annoying. Everyone with this type of headset has a story where they put their controller down and stand up, only to have their headset ripped off their head—not too fun.


Wireless connection is a constantly improving technology, getting better and better each year. Your headset connects to your controller and console using Bluetooth capabilities, putting you right into the game without any wires getting in the way. The downside comes from a lack of direct connection, and as a result, a battery that needs to regularly charged or replaced. An easy solution might be a charging station or rechargeable battery, but that would require you to remember that the battery is running low which is easier said than done.

Multi-console gamers

One console isn’t enough for most people these days. Gamers are gaming on more platforms than ever thanks to the steady presence of PlayStation and Xbox, as well as the rise of PC gaming and Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately for the versatile gamers of the world, some headsets are made to be compatible with only one console or brand of products. If you find yourself in this situation, you’re going to want to make sure that the headset you’re buying is compatible with all the systems you use.

Shape—Open or Closed design?

You shouldn’t be wearing your normal earbuds anymore, and even though your iPhone headphones can get the job done, you’re leaving a dynamic sound experience on the table by not wearing a full headset while gaming. Superior microphone aside, the sound quality of a top-tier headset is a cut above the rest.

For headsets, there’s two main styles of earcup, open and closed. Open is a bit more breathable, but do not have as strong of noise cancellation capabilities. Closed design provides the most noise cancellation, but thanks to the enclosed environment, your ears will be closed off and you might end up feeling a bit overheated. Your choice is a personal one, but there are clear pros and cons of each.

Don’t forget about the headband!

Too many people neglect their headband before purchase, focusing only on how much padding the earcups have, only to be disappointed when their comfort isn’t all-inclusive.  With companies pushing each other to get even more comfortable, a key feature is the additional padding, or lack there-of, on the headband. Even if you have the most comfortable earcups, when the crown of your head is resting on a plain piece of plastic, you won’t bet happy. Go the extra step and make sure that you’re getting a headset that’s comfortable all the way around.