A Guide to Conair Hair Dryers – How To Choose Which is the Best For You

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Conair Hair Dryers Overview

A hairdryer, or blow dryer, is a device that produces cold or hot air and is designed to dry human hair, and in doing so, help to style said hair. While hair dryers provide temporary styling, the effects are just that, temporary, as the hydrogen bonds created by using a dryer on damp hair are broken once they come into contact with humidity or water—i.e. showering, swimming, etc.

History Of Conair Hair Dryers

Hairdryers are far from a new beauty product, having been invented in the late 19th century. In a short amount of time, the value in this product was realized and further developed, becoming available for household and personal use by 1920. 

Fast forward about four decades to 1959, when a company founded in a Long Island, NY garage began selling hair rollers, followed shortly by hair dryers. 60 years later, the once small operation resembles more of an empire than anything else. That company? You guessed it, Conair. Not only does Conair produce beauty products, but their lineup features items ranging from cooking accessories to travel aides and pet grooming tools—and everything in between. 

Types Of Hair Dryers

There are two main characteristics of hair dryers: Ionic and Ceramic. Each feature has its pros and cons, but ultimately serve the same purpose—dry your hair and leave it better looking than when you started. What it comes down to is picking the right blow dryer for your hair type. The best hair dryers are able to incorporate the two technologies into one product.

Ionic hair dryers utilize negative ions, counteracting the positive ions present in water (wet hair). With this type of hair dryer, you will be removing moisture to produce a better-looking finish on your hair. The action of the negative ions also prevents the positive ions from sinking into your hair, which would normally leave you with frizzy hair. Speaking for the masses, it’s much more difficult to style frizzy hair, and even more difficult to maintain your style throughout the day if frizz overcomes your head.

A ceramic hair dryer takes a slightly different approach, helping to distribute heat evenly. The ceramic coating encloses what would normally be exposed metal pieces, thus regulating the heat output and preventing it from overheating. This advanced feature is a welcome addition to those who have used older models and unfortunately burnt or felt unchecked heat on their hair, an experience I’m sure no one wants to repeat. The desired hair drying is achieved by producing negative ions, just as ionic dryers do. This type of hairdryer, however, is better suited for those with fine or dry hair. Additionally, this type is less damaging to other types of hair, meaning that nearly everyone can use it.

Conair Hair Dryers

Below we take a look at a handful of hair dryers from Conair, all of which have different features and highlights. By examining the finer details of production, we hope that you gain a better understanding of how each product will serve your hair styling needs and knowledge of how and why these products work the way they do. Ultimately, we want you to be able to make an educated decision for your next hair dryer purchase, and we believe our guide will give you the tools to do so.

Some Great Conair Hair Dryer Options:

1. : Conair InfinitiPro 1875-Watt AC Motor Pro Hair Dryer

Where to buy:

Conair InfinitiPro 1875-Watt AC Motor Pro Hair Dryer Review

Thanks to a sleek Black and Rose Gold aesthetic, the INFINITIPRO by Conair is a hair dryer that you’ll love to use—and look at. Powered by 1875 watts and an AC motor, you can get the full-sized version for about $24. If you want the travel-sized version, that will cost $5 less.

The ceramic coating collaborates with infrared technology to reduce drying time, as well as hair damage. By reducing the time your hair comes in contact with heat, it also reduces exposure to anything that might have longer-lasting negative effects on your hair. Couple this with the ionic technology Conair has added in, your hair will be smoother and look livelier.

On the handle of your INFINITIPRO, there are three buttons that control the various settings on the hair dryer. You’ll have countless options so that you can find the setting (3 options) and speed (2 options) that works best with your morning routine. If heat is not your thing, you have a cold shot button as well.

Your purchase will also net you two separate attachments for further styling freedom. A concentrator can be attached for smooth and sleek styles. If you want to go the other direction, the diffuser will help you with more textured looks. Want to spice it up a little but you’re not sure how? There are loads of tutorials on YouTube that are easy to follow and understand.


Original Retail $40
UPC 00074108401526
Model InfinitiPro
Brand Conair
SKU 6345202

2. : Conair InfinitiPro Rainbow Ion Choice Hair Dryer

Where to buy:

Conair InfinitiPro Rainbow Ion Choice Hair Dryer Review

If you like having a full arsenal of custom settings at your disposal, this Infinitipro model can be used by every one of your friends, even if you all have different hairstyles or are going for different looks. Almost as exciting as the 1875 watts and your number of style choices is the design of this hairdryer, which features a Black handle and Rainbow Chrome head. This model will cost you $35, which equates to roughly a dollar for every hairstyle you can pull off with this hair dryer.

What separates this product from the competition is the ability to turn ion technology on and off. It’s as easy as flipping a switch on the handle and enables you to style yourself with smooth or sleek styles by putting it on or helps with more full styles when turned off. Aside from the ion option, there are three heat and two speed settings, as well as a cold option.

When you combine 1875 watts with an AC motor, you’re rewarded with faster drying times. Between this infusion of advanced technologies and a ceramic finish, the Infinitipro provides smooth and even heating. Don’t want to just use the basic hair dryer? Conair includes diffuser and concentrator attachments for those who like to get creative.

Original Retail $50
UPC 00074108373571
Model InfinitiPro Ion Choice
Brand Conair
SKU 6296509

3. : Conair 1875 Watt Worldwide Travel Hair Dryer

Where to buy:

Conair 1875 Watt Worldwide Travel Hair Dryer Review

When you’re on the go, a full-sized hair dryer is not always the most viable option for your hair routine. They’re big and take up space that could be used in so many different ways, especially when packing a suitcase or overnight bag. Rather than “waste” space with a full-sized hair dryer, having a travel-sized one allows you to fit more of whatever you need, reducing hard decisions that you don’t want to make about what’s getting cut out. Conair nails their version of a shrunk down dryer in the Worldwide Travel Hair Dryer.

Even after reducing size, Conair was able to keep up power levels, providing 1875 watts. For further size reduction, the handle folds in. Rather than trying to pack a traditionally shaped pistol hair dryer, this one reduces down to a nearly block-like object, giving you more flexibility as to where and how it fits. Instead of jacking the prices up to account for the extra versatility, Conair keeps the price affordable, offering it for $30.

When you’re away from your home, domestically or internationally, there is likely to be varying voltage where you plug in. To accommodate this, the Worldwide Traveler automatically detects the voltage of where it is plugged in and adjusts power accordingly. By combining ionic power with three heat settings, two speed, and a cold option, styling your hair on the road is a challenge you’ll be ready to take on.


Original Retail $30
UPC 00074108388407
Model Worldwide Travel Hair Dryer
Brand Conair

4. : Conair 1875 Watt Full Size Pro Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning

Where to buy:

Conair 1875 Watt Full Size Pro Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning Review

Most budget mindful products are a bit less expensive than the others available. With Conair, they focus so intently on providing quality items at reasonable costs that even their least expensive hair dryers are relatable in price and quality compared to their other offerings. Our choice for the best bang for your buck is the Conair 1875-Watt Full-Size Pro Hair Dryer.

Conair utilizes ionic and tourmaline ceramic technology in this hair dryer to create an easy, complete and efficient hair drying process. By infusing these technologies together, you’re rewarded with less frizz, more shine, and a whole lot of time saved.

Ever find yourself moving your body to accommodate the short length of your hair dryer’s power cord? If you’re thinking yes, you’ll be happy to know that this hair dryer has a 5-foot cord, long enough to let you get the job at hand done without any restrictions. Additionally, you get three heat, two speed and one cold setting with this product, as well as a concentrator attachment.


Original Retail $30
UPC 00074108210920
Model Full Size Pro
Brand Conair
SKU 6665042

5. : Conair InfinityPro 1875 Watt Salon Performance AC Motor Styling Tool/Hair Dryer

Where to buy:

Conair InfinityPro 1875 Watt Salon Performance Hair Dryer Review

Yet another option from the INFINITIPRO line, this hair dryer contains 1875 watts and an AC motor, giving it salon-level performance. With five color options to choose from (Aqua, Burgundy, Orange, Purple and Soft Touch Black), the likelihood of being able to match your hair dryer with the rest of your hair care products is high. The INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR 1875-Watt Salon Performance Hair Dryer is the best of both world for value and quality.

Conair does what they do best here, infusing ionic and ceramic technology together in one product to create an unparalleled hair drying experience. To make things even better, the AC motor is expected to increase the hair dryer’s lifespan by more than three times. I don’t know about you, but buying one product in the time that someone else has to buy three sounds pretty good.

Want to get a little further away from your outlet than usual? Maybe you’re using the hair dryer as a microphone while you pregame or maybe you just need a little range—either way, the six-foot power cord lets you move freely. To help further fuel your freedom, concentrator and diffuser attachments are included. Going another step, there are three heat, two speed, and one cold settings.

Original Retail $25
UPC 00074108305497
Model 259NP
Brand Conair

Conair Hair Dryer Buying Guide

Now that you have read about some of Conair’s top offerings, you’re in a better headspace to purchase a hair dryer. Despite being better equipped, you are not fully equipped. Like any rational consumer knows, reading a few descriptions and reviews is hardly enough to have a complete and whole understanding of a product. To further help you make the best decision possible, we have also included a few questions you should ask yourself when evaluating your needs, and some helpful tips below.


When you think of how many watts something is, you probably jump to lightbulbs or something besides hair dryers. What you are not realizing is that wattage essentially translates to the power of your hair dryer. If you find yourself struggling to dry your hair in a reasonable time or constantly wonder why the process is so much quicker at your hair salon, it comes down to wattage. Most experts recommend your personal hair dryer being between 1500-2000 watts, with the higher number of watts being more powerful. For professionals, hair dryers are usually around 3500 watts, explaining why their drying process is much quicker in this setting. One helpful tidbit is that just because you have 2000 watts, you do not need to use all 2000, and instead can use a lower setting and ramp it up only when needed.


This factor tends to be less of a functionality question and more of a selfcare issue. If you have thick hair, you know how long it can take to dry, even with the help of a hair dryer. Even if your hair isn’t thick, drying it can take a while. To save your energy (and arms), you should consider the physical weight of the hair dryer when narrowing your choices. Since you’ll be holding it for extended periods of time, make your life easier and search for a lightweight option, unless of course you’re looking to consolidate your fitness and hair care routines into one.

Extras and Add-Ons

It’s highly unlikely that you wear your hair the same way every day, and if you do, you’re probably boring and should switch it up every once in a blue moon. Maybe that was a little harsh, but having a little fun styling your hair is an easy way to change up your look, and far less permanent than coloring your hair, giving yourself bangs or going with a bob. 

Hair dryers are built to utilize extra accessories and give you the ability to easily style your hair in multiple ways. Some top add-ons and features we love are a diffuser or concentrator, both of which are perfect for maintaining curly and straightened hair respectively. Like we mentioned in the wattage section, having just one heat setting is not always ideal and switching shouldn’t be just a luxury, but a necessity. While you’re looking for a hair dryer with multiple heat settings, you might discover models with a cold setting. It might be a bit counter-intuitive, but as your hair approaches dry status, finishing the job with cold is an easy way to avoid over-drying.

Go Shop!!!

We’ve done our best to help you along the complete buying process, but the rest is up to you. Go out and do what we as humans do best—spend money! Our credit card statements might disagree, but a little retail therapy, especially some that helps us look our best, never hurt anyone.

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