Best Silicone Baby Bibs

Are you looking for the best designed, cutest silicone baby bibs? You've come to the right place. We've compiled a list of the top 5. See the best baby bibs made of silicone below.

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Best Designed

Happy Healthy Parent Bibs (Set of 2)

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The Happy Healthy Parent Silicone Baby Bibs are our #1 choice based on material, price, functionality and design. Features include seamless design, dishwasher safe material, waterproof design with buttons as opposed to Velcro. 4 colors options available: Lime Green / Turquoise, Orange / Gray, Pink / Purple and Red / Blue. These bibs are BPA & PVC free.

Cutest Design

Simka Rose Baby Bibs (Set of 2)

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Our #2 pick are these Simka Rose Baby Bibs. They are designed for girls and boys and they’re adorable! As you can imagine, they share a number of features with the Happy Healthy Parents bibs mentioned in this post; 100% food-grade, BPA, PVC waterproof, stain resistant silicone. What sets these apart are the cute sayings on each like “#HANGRY”, “Notorious B.I.B” and “Eaters Gonna Eat”.

Designed for Comfort

BabyBjörn Soft Bib (Set of 2)

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Coming in at #3, is the 2 pack of BabyBjörn Soft Bibs. BabyBjörn is a household name and I’m sure we all know that this brand typically offers superior quality. What sets this 2 pack of bibs apart from most that we’ve reviewed are features like extendable neckband up to 12″, ergonomic, easily adjustable neckband that’s comfortable on the neck and elegant design. We were considering adding this as our #1 pick but due to the limited color options, it landed at #3.

Best Bang for the Buck

Dream Loom Silicone Bibs (Set of 3)

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Coming in hot at #4 are the Dream Loom Silicone Bibs for Newborns, Infants and Toddlers. These are a 3 set for a lower cost than the other 2 sets we’ve reviewed. Though they are limited to just the green, blue and orange colors, these bibs offer all of the basic functionality of the higher-priced options.

Best Bib Feeding Set

PandaEar 7-Piece Feeding Set

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Last but not least, at #5 we have the 7 Piece PandaEar Baby, Toddler and Infant Feeding Set. This set offers 2 silicone bibs but it also includes 2 spoons, a sippy cup lid, a suction-bottomed bowl and divided plate. Best part is, the price is competitive with most of the other 2 sets we’ve mentioned.

Silicone Baby Bibs For Sale Today

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Silicone Baby Bib Overview

Feeding time doesn’t have to be such a challenge. New mothers can never have too many bibs. In the past, bibs have been messy and less than sanitary, they have needed constant washing and victims of wear and tear.

With baby bibs made of silicone material, there’s no need to stockpile cloth bibs anymore and wait for laundry to finish. Silicone bibs are easy because many are dishwasher safe and, those that aren’t, are easy to clean by hand with soap and water.

Most bibs for babies made of silicone also feature a catch-all style pocket ensuring that falling food no longer ends up on the floor. If you don’t have time to sort through the list to find the best bibs, don’t worry, we’ve done it for you. Below are our top picks for the cutest silicone baby bibs and what makes each one special and unique.

Here are the best & cutest waterproof silicone baby bibs:

1. Best Designed: Happy Healthy Parent Waterproof Soft Silicone Baby Bibs

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5 out of 5 stars

Happy Healthy Parent Bibs Review

Easy Clean with Big Roll Up Pocket. Set of 2 available in 4 colors: Lime Green & Turquoise, Orange & Gray, Pink & Purple or Red & Blue.

These super cute baby bibs, made from 100% non-absorbent, food grade silicone that resists staining, allows for easy cleaning, and they feature an extra large roll up pocket to help catch extra food that your baby misses. The bright colors are fun, and the material is soft and flexible. They are easy to wash with soapy water and are also dishwasher safe which makes cleaning super easy.

Additionally, when these bibs are purchased from Happy Healthy Parent, they offer a lifetime money-back guarantee.

BPA & PVC Free

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Colors Sets Available:

Lime Green Turquoise
Color: Lime Green Turquoise
Orange Gray
Color: Orange Gray
Pink Purple
Color: Pink Purple
Red Blue
Color: Red Blue

Original Retail $19
UPC 00820103118712
Brand Happy Healthy Parent

2. Cutest Design: Simka Rose Baby Bibs for Girls and Boys

Where to buy:

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Simka Rose Baby Bibs Review

The Simka Rose Baby Bibs for Girls and Boys are some of the cutest baby bibs we’ve seen. It’s a plus that they’re also made of silicone. There are 5 sets of 2 available with differing colors and sayings on each.

Like the Happy Healthy Parent Bibs mentioned above, these bibs also offer a button design as opposed to Velcro. They’re made from 100% BPA, PVC, lead, latex and mercury -free, food-grade silicone, they feature an extra-wide catch-all pocket at the bottom and they’re designed for comfort, as well as cuteness.

With multiple button latches, these bibs are designed to last for a long time and grow with your baby.

Color Set Options Available:

Black & Teal
Black & Teal
Blush & Grey
Blush & Grey
Navy & Lime
Navy & Lime
Peach & Mint
Peach & Mint
Pink & Plum
Pink & Plum


Original Retail $20
UPC 00850000638020
Brand Simka Rose

3. Designed for Comfort: BabyBjörn Soft Bib, 2-Pack

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4.5 out of 5 stars

BabyBjörn Soft Bib Review

The BabyBjörn Soft Bib in pink and green are a solid choice when looking for a silicone, waterproof, stain-resistant bib for your little one. These bibs feature BPA-free plastics and an adjustable non-chafing comfortable neckband. The neckband ranges from 7.5″-12″ meaning that this bib will last for a while, well into your child’s toddler years.

The BabyBjörn Soft Bib is easy to clean by hand and is dishwasher safe. It also features the deep pocket design so any falling food will remain in the bib and not on your floors. As you would come to expect from a BabyBjörn product, this bib is ergonomically deigned to ensure the best fit.

This set of 2 bibs is available in the pink and green combination.


Original Retail $20
UPC 00874594004306
Brand BabyBjorn
SKU 046102US

4. Best Bang for the Buck: Dream Loom Silicone Bibs for Newborns, Infants and Toddlers (Set of 3)

Where to buy:

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4 out of 5 stars

Dream Loom Silicone Bibs Review

While the Dream Loom Silicone Bibs for Newborns, Infants and Toddlers may not offer all of the bells and whistles as some of the other silicone bibs we’ve reviewed, they do offer good functionality, a cute design and safe use.

The Dream Loom silicone bibs feature 100% food grade silicone and they are dishwasher-safe and can also be washed by hand with soap and hot water. If you’re so inclined, while we haven’t tested it, it does say that they are safe to put in the washing machine as well.

The bibs also offer the basic functionality of the catch-all pocket making clean up after feeding time a bit easier. They are also waterproof and stain proof.

This bib set deserves a mention because the cheaper price per functional bib is significantly lower than other bibs we’ve reviewed.

Colors available are a set of green, blue and orange. They are neutral colors and can be used for both boys & girls.

Original Retail $14.27
UPC 00651354826749
Model 43224-20640
Brand Dream Loom
SKU 43224-20640

5. Best Bib Feeding Set: PandaEar Baby, Toddler and Infants Feeding Set (7 Pieces)

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4 out of 5 stars

PandaEar 7-Piece Feeding Set Review

Last but definitely not least is the 7 Piece PandaEar Baby, Toddler and Infants Feeding Set. This set offers the 2 silicone bibs but it also offers the 5 other items: 2 bendable soft spoons, 1 stretchable sippy cup lid, 1 small bowl with a suction bottom and 1 suction-bottomed divided plate.

As the other we’ve mentioned, the PandaEar items are made from 100% food-grade silicone which is non-toxic, it’s FDA-approved and also free from those pesky BPAs, PVCs and phthalates.

The set is completely dishwasher safe and is easy to rinse with soap and hot water. The set is also microwave safe.

Original Retail $20.95
UPC 613072300789
Model Feeding Set
Brand PandaEar
SKU Feeding Set

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