Best Room Air Ionizers for Home & Office

Are you looking for the best Air Ionizer for your home, office, garage, restaurant, warehouse or car? Look no further. We've reviewed the best Ionizers and summarized them below.

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Highest Rated

Airthereal MA10K-PRODIGI Air Ionizer

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The 10,000mg per hour output of the Airthereal MA10K-PRODIGI Digital Ozone Generator makes this unit optimal for larger spaces like entire homes, offices, garages or warehouses. The MA10K-PRODIGI features a digital display and buttons. When purchased through a verified retailer, the Airthereal MA10K-PRODIGI comes with a 3 year warranty.

Best Overall

Airthereal MA10K-PRO Air Ionizer

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Coming in at #2 is Airthereal’s MA10K-PRO Ionizer. Like the MA10K-PRODIGI, the MA10K-PRO also has an output of 10,000mg per hour. The main difference between the two Airthereal units is the control function; while the MA10K-PRODIGI has a digital LCD display & buttons, the MA10K-PRO is controlled with a mechanical knob. The price on the MA10K-PRO is also substantially lower than the MA10K-PRODIGI.

Best High Capacity

Enerzen COMINHKG102506 Air Ionizer

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If you’re looking for a high-capacity ionizer at a very competitive price look no further than the Enerzen COMINHKG102506 Air Ionizer. This industrial ozone genrator features an output of a whopping 11,000mg per hour, 3 hour timer function and it comes with a 1 year factory warranty when purchased through a verified retailer.

Best Single Room

TREKOO Air Purifier Home Air Ionizer

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Great for smaller rooms up to 166 sq. feet, the TREKOO Air Purifier Home Air Ionizer is a great choice. It features a Nano-activated carbon filter which means there is no filter to change. It runs at a quiet 20dBA making it a great options for removing bad smells, even in the bedroom. Another great feature is the auto-sensing technology which allows the unit to switch to ‘sleep mode’ if there are no people or pets in the room.

Best Portable Mini

FULOXTECH FLT-CW001-White Air Ionizer

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Great for travel or extra small spaces like cars, RVs or small rooms, the FULOXTECH FLT-CW001-White Air Ionizer is the perfect portable Air Ionizer. The lower cost makes this a great option if you’re just looking to test an air ionizer before purchasing a larger unit. Keep in mind, this unit is a mini that features an output of only 2mg per hour. It has 2 modes – blue mode and green mode – allowing you to choose from a variety of run times.

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Air Ionizer Overview

What are Air Ionizers?

Air Ionizers are used to purify the air in your home. Through the positively or negatively charged ion particles in the air of your home, Air Ionizers create more negative ions in the air. These negative ions are highly charged and can be spread about the rooms of your home with fans within the home air ionizers themselves.

How do Air Ionizers work?

The negative-charged ions attract contaminants that may be floating around the air of your home, negatively affecting the air that you breath and possibly making you sick. These contaminants that home air ionizers attract and then eliminate are nasty particles such as mold spores, dust mites, and other particulates, microbes, and odors from the air. This gives your home a more pleasant smell and a healthier environment to be breathing in.

Who uses Air Ionizers?

Many people with allergies and severe respiratory conditions use home air ionizers to increase the quality of the air they breathe and, ultimately, their standard of life. But it doesn’t take a sensitive person to recognize the large amount of debris, dust, spores, motes, hair, and skin cells along with all the other air particulates that pollute the very air we are breathing every day, whether you’re awake or asleep. The next time a ray of sunshine is peeking through your window, take a look at just how poor your air quality is, you may be shocked.

Why would you use an Air Ionizer?

Using a home air ionizer is all about increasing indoor air quality. While room air conditioners cool your room, ceiling fans circulate the air in your room, vanilla candles change the scent in your home and HEPA Air Purifiers help purify the air in your room, there are few products on the market that increase indoor air quality like home air ionizers, with some ionizers featuring the ability to get rid of particles that are .01 microns in size!

This list of the best Ionizers aims to highlight some differences in design and price point to give you the best ionizer within your budget. The design of these home air ionizers all work on some basic principles:

  1. Air is charged with negative ions:

The ionizer creates negatively charged air ions with electricity that in turn attracts the particulates that may be floating around your house (dust, mold spores, bacteria, hair, etc.).

2. Charged Ions get Heavy

Heavy Charged Ions collect the particulates and either fall to the ground or are collected on collections plates, which can be washed.

3. No Air Filters

Unlike other air filter technology, home air ionizers do not require costly air filters to be continually replaced. The device is all you need with the possibility of cleaning the collection plates if it comes with that option.

Here are the best air ionizers:

1. Highest Rated: Airthereal MA10K-PRODIGI Digital Air Ionizer Ozone Generator - 10,000mg/hr

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Airthereal MA10K-PRODIGI Air Ionizer Review

The Cadillac design for home air ionization and for increasing indoor air quality is the Airthereal MA10K-Prodigi. This home air ionizer is designed to be robust and even fireproof, making it a great high-capacity, industrial-strength option for ozone creation, negative ionization of the indoor environment and the purification of all types of indoor air pollutants and particulates.

Designed for industrial use, the honeycomb filter design of the ozone panels puts out a large amount of ozone at almost 10,000 mg per hour. The versatile design of the Airthereal MA10K-Prodigi home air ionizer makes it a great choice for home use and can be moved easily with the folding handle on top of the device.

This air ionizer also has a high capacity output rating and is very capable for use in large spaces like garages, offices, warehouse buildings, and entire homes. The 12/24 hours cycles on this home air ionizer also make it great for continual use and keep you free from having to adjust the settings continually throughout the day. Instead, set the 1/2 hour on and offsetting for 12 or 24 hours and be rest assured that the Airthereal MA10K-Prodigi home air ionizer is producing top quality negatively charged ions that are capturing even the most minuscule pollutants and particulates in your home or office setting.

The high tech design of this home air ionizer device also makes it incredibly easy to use. There are just 5 settings on the face of the device with easy to read and backlit LCD readings for the power output, on/off times and fan/ozone output strength.

Keep on eye on things even in low light with the backlit LCD screen technology. The LCD screen makes the Airthereal MA10K-Prodigi a an optimal choice for industrial use where the device may be placed in situations like garages or warehouse and not out in the open.

Warranty Info

Airthereal MA10K-PRODIGI promo video courtesy of Airthereal US:

Original Retail $149.99
UPC 00816616022448
Brand Airthereal

2. Best Overall: Airthereal MA10K-PRO Air Ionizer Ozone Generator 10000 mg/h

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Airthereal MA10K-PRO Air Ionizer Review

Airthereal is a household name in air purification and this product is the most cost-effective home air ionizer on the market. The MA10K-PRO Ozone Generator is a High Capacity air ionizer, meaning it produces over 10000 mg/h of ozone. Though this may be less than other products on the market, this is still a large amount of ozone output for an air ionizer, putting it in the high capacity category.

Just like other products, the technology is safe: the device has a timer and fan that gives an output of ionized air that is negatively charged into the home, farm or office where it is situated. These negatively charged ions that come out of the home air ionizer attract particulates which can cause humans respiratory, the worst being mold spores, severe dust motes and tiny particulates some smaller than the tip of a human hair.

The Airthereal MA10K-PRO also has a timer that can make it run for up to 120 minutes and a durable plastic handle that folds down and is form-fitted for carrying from place to place within your house, farm, office or warehouse. Just like other products, its high capacity output of ionized air makes it ideal for cleanups with fire damage and water damage that may cause smoke damage or mold spores to be growing.

The biggest and best difference that sets the Airthereal apart from other manufacturers is that the company stands behind its products thoroughly. Airthereal stands behind each home air ionizer with a 3-year warranty for the entire device and 5 years or 20,000 hours of use for the ozone producing plates within the ionizer. Given the recommendation of using this device 120 minutes twice a week, these guarantees are steadfast and make it an iron giant in the industry of home air purification and cleaning.

Original Retail $119.99
UPC 00816616022301
Model MA10K-PRO
Brand Airthereal

3. Best High Capacity: Enerzen COMINHKG102506 High Capacity Commercial Strength Ozone Generator 11,000mg

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Enerzen COMINHKG102506 Air Ionizer Review

With over 100,000 units sold, the Enerzen High Capacity Commercial Ozone Generator is part of a line of air quality indicators and devices by Enerzen with a high turnover. One benefit of this is that each batch is typically made within the last two months and has a great track record of being up to date and reliable. The large fan, stainless steel filter and 180 minute timer make this industrial-sized air ionizer an air purifier, deodorizer, and sterilizer, capable of being used on the biggest projects for your home and business.

This easily accessible and portable design comes in a powder blue industrial-grade aluminum casing with a black plastic folding handle. The durable handle makes moving this air ionizer an easy task. Few air ionizers for home use compare to the output of the Enerzer High Capacity Commercial Ozone Generator with its 11,000mg per hour output.

The only thing that this air ionizer lacks is the ability to capture heavy particulate matter. Instead, this design relies on the heavy particles to fall to the ground after they have been charged negatively by the ionizer. Once negatively-charged, the particles become heavier than air, forcing them to the ground.

This home air ionizer is also CE and RoHS -certified, meaning that it conforms with health, product safety, and environmental protection standards.

Keep in mind the price point is similar to other models that may have less output, but have catch plates that can be cleaned.

Original Retail $104.99
UPC 00617689415485
Model COMINHKG102506
Brand Enerzen

4. Best Single Room: TREKOO Air Purifier Home Air Ionizer Ozone Generator

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4 out of 5 stars

TREKOO Air Purifier Home Air Ionizer Review

A solid space-saving option at a mid-range price is the Trekoo Air Purifier for home air ionization. Like other ozone and home air ionizers, the Trekoo Air Purifier is adept at negatively charging ions in the air of your home, restaurant, office or restroom and capturing odor at its source.

The elimination of particulates and odor-causing pollutants that can also negatively affect respiratory health is the main claim of this device. With its auto-sensor, this room air ionizer can detect when pets or people are in the room and will turn on a 2-minute cycle every 4 minutes. When there is nobody detected in the room, the home air ionizer from TREKOO will switch to sleep mode which pauses functionality and puts the air ionization on standby. It then turns it back on after 2 hours.

The lightweight and flat design also makes the TREKOO Air Ionizer a great option to tuck away in the corner of a room, restaurant, office or restroom. Because it’s flat and has panels to mount, it can even be hung from the wall.

The TREKOO Air Purifier is compatible with power outputs from 100-240 volts and has an output of 10 volts.

Original Retail $59.99

5. Best Portable Mini: FULOXTECH FLT-CW001-White Mini Ozone Generator Ionizer

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4 out of 5 stars

FULOXTECH FLT-CW001-White Air Ionizer Review

The large and bulky home air ionizers are great for rooms or larger spaces. Though sometimes, all you want or need is a small portable ionizer to use in cars, RVs or closets.

The Fuloxtech Mini Ozone Generator is a portable home air ionizer that has the same basic principles of the high capacity home air ionizers but with limited capacity.

The small and sleek design is so portable, it can fit in the palm of your hand or in your pocket making it great for travel or use in limited spaces like office cubicles.

The Fuloxtech Mini Ozone Generator is also a home air ionizer with two settings called blue light mode and green light mode. Each setting will work and pause for different periods of time. The green light mode will operate the home air ionizer for 30 minutes, turn off for 55 minutes, then alternate between 5 minutes on and 55 minutes off. The blue light mode will operate the device for 30 minute intervals with a 20 minute pause in between.These options keep your device going without you having to hassle with turning it off and on.

The charge time on these portable home air ionizers is also superb with 7 days of use time and log standbys available off of just one charge from the USB cable.

This device is a premier option for the cost and portable option on the market of home air ionizers.

Original Retail $19.95
Model FLT-CW001-White
SKU FLT-CW001-White

Air Ionizer Buying Guide – What is an Air Ionizer and why you may need one

Everyone knows the popular saying “You are what you eat”. It’s meant to raise a concern about your health and what you’re putting into your body. Well, what about the air we breathe in? Shouldn’t this also be of some concern for the average person?

Luckily science has provided us with a solution to this common household issue. Air Ionizers can help to create a clean and fresh environment in your home. Free from any dust, dander, or any other airborne pollutants lowering the quality of the air you breathe.

How Does an Air Ionizer Work

A high amount of electricity is made to flow through a series of small needles inside your air ionizer. In effect, this creates electrons that spill out into the air surrounding your air ionizer. As those electrons move about, they’re attracted to all the dust, dander, and irritants. They form bonds with the ions inside those irritants, changing them into negatively charged ions. This allows the air pollutants to then attract each other, and form large enough compounds to be caught by your Air Ionizers filtration system.

Unlike other air purifiers, Air Ionizers are easy to clean, and their filtration systems are reusable. A simple cleaning with a wet rag can rejuvenate your air ionizer and get your breathing clean again.

Popular Uses and Features for Air Ionizers


Anyone with allergies can tell you how much they dread the coming allergy season. Allergies have become a big reason people have begun investing more in Air Ionizers. The negatively charged pollen is made easy to capture by filtration, and hence making it easier for you to breath.

Household Pets

Though we love our furry friends, they can also add to the laundry list of allergies in your home. Not to mention the often occasional unpleasant odor. An Ionizer can help to keep these offending odors away by refreshing the air in your home and removing them completely. As ozone is a byproduct of creating electrons, the ozone can help to neutralize odors as well. But, it’s important to keep in mind the amount of ozone being created by your Air Ionizer. Too much of the stuff can be harmful.

Healthy Air Quality

Many users have reported they feel more energized and inspired while using an ionizer. This is no mere coincidence. The negative ions produced as a result of you purifying the air around you is similar to other naturally occurring events. Negative ions are released in a similar fashion around waterfalls, ocean surf, or those few precious moments following a rainfall. Imagine what having the positive effects of a waterfall in your home could do for you.

Bacteria Naturalization

Some Air Ionizers come with a UV Light feature that destroys harmful bacteria on contact. That cool blue light does more than add some flair to the room. It’s playing gatekeeper by killing all the hitchhikers present on floating dust particles. Though not all air ionizers come equipped with UV Light, it is an added benefit to keeping the air in your home happy and healthy.

Top 5 Air Ionizer Brands


Established in 2017, AirThereal has offered a range of products aimed at keeping the air in your home clean. Their products have proven their durability as well as their effectiveness.


While Ivation is home to a host of useful products, their Air Ionizer is quite attractive. It’s sleep design and rosewood finish has made this relatively new company quite the competitor in the marketplace.


Oion might be the most recognizable brand on the market for Air Ionizers. Established in 2012, Oion has had 8 years to work on perfecting their technology. They offer products in a range of sizes and efficiencies. Their Enerzen brand of Air Ionizers has become a clear and decisive competitor.


Lasko started off making fans and has evolved gracefully with the growing technology in the field. Having been established in 1906, Lasko has been around much longer than any of its competitors. They’ve been producing small household appliances since the mid-20th century.


Though they may not be as old as Lasko, Conway is another household name when it comes to appliances. Established in 1989, they’re no freshman to producing quality home products at affordable prices. Conway is based in Korea and commands a fair amount of the market share there for Air Ionizers. Their commitment to reliable products and authority in the market is the main reason they’ve made it to the list of trusted brands.

Which Air Ionizer Is Right For You?

Various Air Ionizers can cover a host of ailments and issues. Make sure you have the appropriate size unit to cover the necessary space in your home, garage, kitchen, or workspace. You’ll be basking in fresh and clean air in no time.

Do air ionizers really work?

Yes, air ionizers can remove pollution from the air, pollen, pet dander, etc. They are especially great for people with allergies.

Are air ionizers harmful?

No, they are completely harmless to people. They emit negative ions that bring the air around you to a more stable level. They are often confused for ozone generators, which can be bad for your health. Air ionizers will only help your health rather than harm it.

What is the difference between an air purifier and ionizer?

Air ionizers are typically more cost effective in terms of initial price and filter change prices. However, air purifiers are HEPA approved and can be better at removing allergens from the air.

Do ionizers clean the air?

Yes, they remove pet hair, dander, pollen, allergens, and general pollution from the air.

Do air ionizers remove odor?

No, directly air ionizers do not remove odor from a room. However, since the air ionizer circulates and cleans the room, a side effect can be removal of stuck in place smells.

Is Clarifion a hoax?

No, not a scam at all. Many buyers rave about their Clarifion because the no change filter makes the system easy and convenient to use.

Is ionized air safe to breathe?

Yes, the negative ions have no bad effects on your health and ionizers do not emit ozone.

What does an ionizer do for the air?

An air ionizer emits negative ions to help balance pollution and allergens circulating in the air.

Do ionizers help with dust?

No, in fact some people with air ionizers have reported more dust on their walls and shelves because of the particles emitted to protect and clean the air in the first place.

Does ionized air smell?

Some people do think that ionized air smells different, while others smell no change around the system.